Erectile Dysfunction

Why Aren’t You Taking Your Medications? 

I went to a very progressive medical school, and one of the principles I learned was that it is not good enough to make the diagnosis and prescribe the right medications. You have to remove as many obstacles as possible that may be interfering with your patients taking the drug.  The most prevalent obstacles tend…

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2023 GOALS

It’s that time of year again, where everyone sets out with great intentions to do better in their lives. Whether it’s quitting smoking, losing some weight, or being more organized, we all do our best initially but sometimes fall short after a month or two. One of the biggest reasons a lot of us set…

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Are Penis Pumps the Solution for Erectile Dysfunction?

In a world where 30-somethings ogle over wrinkles, and lip fillers are used to eradicate a lack of self-confidence , there are actually more pressing medical issues that deserve a bit of attention. And today, we’re going to shine some light on erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects approximately 10 percent of men, per decade…

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