LELO Podcast: Love Revolution During the Pandemic

The second episode of our pleasure podcasts takes around the globe to discuss the effects of the ongoing pandemic of human relationships. How has the prolonged time spent together influenced couples? How has the dating scene changed? Or how to deal with the psychological impacts of lockdown? These and many more questions form the basis…

#StaySafe Blog Committed Relationship Dating Interview READER Q&As Sexual Health Single  Sex and Love During Covid 19—A Q&A with Dr. Zhana

Sex and Love During Covid 19—A Q&A with Dr. Zhana

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Zhana, professor of human sexuality in New York University and it’s time to answer some questions about sex and love in this very strange time of the Coronavirus pandemic and the life-saving requirements to physically distance from people. It’s a challenging time for pretty much everyone. It’s challenging for single…

#StaySafe Blog Committed Relationship Dating Fact-checked by Doctor Single  Get Ready for the Quarantine Agers

Get Ready for the Quarantine Agers

This article was scientifically fact-checked by Human Sexuality expert Dr. Laurie Mintz. We’re in an age of categories. Baby boomers. Millennials. Generation Y. Gen Z. Can we expect a surge of babies in nine months’ time, as a result of the sex* we imagine is happening right now, with all of us self-isolating in the…

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