Blog Orgasm Sex Tips & Advice  What Are and How Do Multiple Orgasms Work?

What Are and How Do Multiple Orgasms Work?

One caveat before we start talking about multiple orgasms — there is actually very little scientific research on this topic. I hate giving people information that’s not based on good, solid research, but I’ll do my best.

Blog Orgasm Sex Tips & Advice  What Are and How Do Multiple Orgasms Work?

Honestly, we’re all a bit confused about this. We can’t even decide on a definition. Some experts define it as multiple orgasms over the course of a single sex session, which may last a couple of hours or more. And others define it as multiple orgasms in a very short period of time, in a matter of minutes. The difference is that if you have a couple of hours, a person’s genital physical arousal, which increases as we get more aroused and peaks at orgasm, has enough time to drop all the way down to almost baseline then build up from scratch for the subsequent orgasm. Whereas if it’s over the course of a few minutes, the arousal dips only slightly after the first orgasm and then oscillates a little bit with each subsequent orgasm. And physically speaking these are two very distinct phenomena.

How many women are multi-orgasmic?

Some smaller studies of college students, nurses, and other groups of women find that about 40-50% report having multiple orgasms at least sometimes. However, we don’t have nationally representative studies to give us really relevant numbers. 

Can orgasms sometimes feel stronger and sometimes a little bit lighter?

Absolutely! All orgasms are a little bit different. And when it comes to multiple orgasms, people sometimes report that the first one might be the strongest and the other ones are a little less intense. Sometimes it’s the opposite pattern, with each subsequent orgasm getting stronger and stronger.

Why is it easier to reach multiple orgasms with a vibrator than during sex?

A lot of vagina-owners find it easier to orgasm with a vibrator in general. And when it comes to multiples, some people might need more intense stimulation after the first orgasm to get the second one. Only a vibrator may be able to provide that

HOW?!?! One leaves me so sensitive down there that I don’t know how to even try multiplying.

Post-orgasm hypersensitivity is a very common experience for clit-owners. In that case, if you want to attempt to have multiple orgasms, you might want to give the clit a chance to recover by not stimulating the area for a while or by providing more diffused pressure, like whole-hand pressure-type stimulation .

Should we use sex toys to have multiple orgasm during sex?

Well there are no guarantees, but I think you should definitely try because often the variety of stimulation is what leads to multiple orgasms over the course of a session. So try a typical vibrator like the Smart Wand , Soraya , Lily , and also the Sona 2 , the sonic-based ones. 

Which is the best way to stimulate multiple orgasms in my partner?

We are all built differently and need different things at different times. So the only universal advice I can give is to communicate with your partner about whether they want to keep going, ask them what they want in that moment, and then try as many different things as you two can think of. 

Is there a limit to how many orgasms you can have in a row? 

Well we all have different limits of course. But the highest number of recorded orgasms in a research lab setting was 134 in one hour for a woman and 6 ejaculatory orgasms in 3 minutes for a man.

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