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The Love Agenda is the Only Calendar You’ll Need All Year

Whether you follow the Chinese calendar, Gregorian calendar, or plan your entire year around summer vacation, we at LELO fittingly start the year off in Masturbation Month (aka May)! And if there’s anything this wild year has brought us, it’s a little too much time at home that has spurred some creative thinking. Our team has put together a 12-month Love Agenda that notes all the sexiest holidays to ignite your intimate exploration. 

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Blog Holidays LELO NEWS Sex Tips & Advice  The Love Agenda is the Only Calendar You’ll Need All Year

While Easter and Thanksgiving are set aside for family occasions, these are some holidays you might want to celebrate behind closed doors, because, well, sometimes we need holidays away from family too. It’s about time we build better relationships with our erogenous zones. There’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with Global Love Day!

This year, we’d like to make a toast to investing into our sexuality as much as we invest in caring for every other aspect of our health and wellness. As you’ll see in the Love Agenda, LELO has worked hard to make inclusivity a pillar of it’s values. We are constantly learning about how the way we portray ourselves can affect the way others view their own sexuality along with the sexuality of those around them. Basically what we’re saying is… everyone deserves pleasure, so why not celebrate it!

So starting this LELO New Year, embrace Masturbation Month by taking a little “me day” and trying something new. Reflect on your wonderful body and experiences that have led you down your sexual journey. You have so much more to go, so set some sex goals this year! Whether it be learning how to multiple orgasm, testing out some new sex toys, or exploring the backdoors, welcome every step of the process.

The following naughty calendar days simply act as opportunities to get you thinking, and hopefully trying, something new. Give back to that body that gives so much for you. And well, if one of these happens to land on your birthday, it might just be a sign that you should try it…


1: Global Love Day

7: No Pants Day

17: International Day Against Homophobia

28: International Masturbation Day


10: National Sex Day


7: International Kissing Day

14: National Nude Day

21: National Hand Job Day

26: All or Nothing Day

31: National Orgasm Day


21: International Sex Day

25: Kiss & Makeup Day


4: World Sexual Health Day

21: International Kinky Day

26: World Contraception Day


11: National Coming Out Day

21: International Fisting Day

31: Halloween


4: Sex Toy Day

19: International Men’s Day


1: World AIDs Day


8: Bubble Bath Day

15: International Fetish Day

21: National Hugging Day


5: National Shower with a Friend Day

13: International Condom Day

14: Valentine’s Day

15: Singles Awareness Day


1: World Compliment Day

8: International Women’s Day

14: Steak and Blow Job Day

20: International Day of Happiness


16: National 69 Day

21: National Anal Day

It’s going to be a busy year!

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