Blog Masturbation Sex Related Days  What is Masturbation Month and How Are You Celebrating It?

What is Masturbation Month and How Are You Celebrating It?

From its inception in 1995, Masturbation Month has been adopted and practiced all over the world, ending on a particularly fitting crescendo on May 28th—Mastrubation Day.

While it has become a light-hearted celebration of all things self-pleasing, the holiday was actually created on a more serious note after American Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired in 1994 by President Clinton for suggesting that masturbation be added to sexual health and education curriculums.

Blog Masturbation Sex Related Days  What is Masturbation Month and How Are You Celebrating It?

How Can You Celebrate?

Want to honour Joycelyn Elders and celebrate self love, and not only that, but science? Here are some of our suggestions for making the most out of your Masturbation May.

Remind Yourself that Masturbation is Not Just Normal – It’s Awesome!

While there is a reported gap between the genders when it comes to masturbation, a lot of that has to do with societal norms and taboos, which we’re thankfully a lot more open about these days. Not only do people celebrate masturbation, like recognising Masturbation Month and writing some very catchy songs about the subject, but we should also start talking about the great benefits masturbation can have for our mood and health. For starters, it:

  • Leads to better sleep
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves sex

Plus, it’s free. Are you seriously not sold yet?

Polish Your Skills

You may have been practicing vigorously since your early teens, but when was the last time you checked on your technique? Whether you’ve got a clitoris or a penis , there are plenty of different ways to get yourself there! We’ve explored some of the more unusual ways to masturbate , but truly the only limit is your imagination. In honor of trying something new, cross a few activities off the following “fucket list”.

  • Masturbate using multiple toys . Stimulation isn’t always limited to one area of focus, so make sure you’re exploring your other erogenous zones that can heighten your overall pleasure.
  • Masturbate in the shower . Some research finds that cold water increases blood flow and may even release endorphins, but have no fear if you prefer things hot because orgasms release endorphins too. Caution: slippery when wet.
  • Explore edging . If this isn’t your first rodeo, you’ve most likely already explored some form of edging, or stopping right before you orgasm and continuing again to build up an even stronger finish. 
  • Explore multiple orgasms . Light the candles, throw on your favorite masturbation playlist, and take a moment to explore your body’s sexual limits. You know what gets you off best, so whatever that may be, keep pursuing it. Because, the more the merrier, right?
  • Masturbate in front of your partner . Mutual masturbation not only allows you to explore exhibitionism, it’s a great alternative to penetrative sex. It also acts as an opportunity to show your partner what you like, and that’s knowledge they’ll enjoy learning.

Treat Yourself

Why not take a look at a flashy new pleasure object to enhance your enjoyment of Masturbation Month? Whether you’re a seasoned pleasure pro and want to try something new like a masturbation cup or you’re shopping for your first vibrator – LELO has your back with something to suit everybody.

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