Better Sex Blog Fact-checked by Doctor Masturbation Tips Sexual Health  All About Rabbit Vibes with Sex Therapist Casey Tanner

All About Rabbit Vibes with Sex Therapist Casey Tanner

Better Sex Blog Fact-checked by Doctor Masturbation Tips Sexual Health  All About Rabbit Vibes with Sex Therapist Casey Tanner

We’ll skip the fluff. Sex therapist Casey Tanner joined us to answer the most frequently asked questions about rabbit vibrators. Discover how they work and if they’d be a great fit for you.

Better Sex Blog Fact-checked by Doctor Masturbation Tips Sexual Health  All About Rabbit Vibes with Sex Therapist Casey Tanner

Q: What are they, and how do they work?

Rabbit vibrators get their name from their shape, as they typically have two arms extending from the body of the vibrator, mirroring the shape of bunny ears. These two arms don’t just look cute – they work to massage and pleasure both the clitoris and g-spot at the same time. The smaller, external arm reaches towards the clit, while the larger internal arm is poised for penetration. 

Rabbit vibes range in function depending on how high the quality of the toy is and what type of technology it uses. LELO’s Soraya Wave , my personal favorite, utilizes patented WaveMotionBetter Sex Blog Fact-checked by Doctor Masturbation Tips Sexual Health  All About Rabbit Vibes with Sex Therapist Casey Tanner technology to imitate a “come hither” motion that a partner might make with their fingers during penetration.

Q: Do rabbit vibrators “fit” any anatomy?

When browsing rabbit vibrators, you’ll find that the toys are built to satisfy and accommodate all body types. Just like every body is unique, vulvas vary from person to person . This is true in terms of the size of the clitoris, and in regards to the distance between the clitoris and the vagina. 

Because rabbit vibrators are built to stimulate both of these pleasure points, LELO’s vibes have flexible external arms that bend and flex to your comfort. Furthermore, every toy is made with ultra-smooth silicone that’s soft to the touch – not the rigid plastics that can feel uncomfortable and stiff. When you try your rabbit vibrator, you’ll find that you can also adjust the angle at which the vibe is positioned, such that both your g-spot and clit benefit from the toe-curling pleasure rabbit vibrators are meant to provide.

Q: What are the benefits of investing in a more expensive vibrator?

Ironically, investing in a more expensive vibrator can save you money in the long-term. Many who buy lower-cost vibrators find that they have to replace their toys after only a few months of use. Often, lower-cost toys are battery operated, requiring that you take apart and reassemble them each time they run out of power. This process (on repeat) often leads to lower product functionality, frustrating mid-sex battery changes, and the eventual breaking of cheaper products. While more of an upfront investment, luxury toys are built to last for a decade.

Selecting a high-end toy also means choosing high-end materials. Even toys that look exactly the same will affect your body differently depending on whether or not the materials are made for sensitive skin, the softness of the feel and the quality of the product. 

Remember, when you invest in a vibrator, you’re making a choice to invest in your body, your pleasure and potentially the pleasure of a partner. We often find ourselves willing to make this kind of investment in non-sexual areas of life, while we may struggle to justify purchases that relate to our pleasure. This is because society devalues this part of us, but it doesn’t mean we have to do the same.

Finally, regardless of which you choose, keeping your toy clean is essential in expanding its lifespan. While body-safe materials like silicon are less likely than other materials to be impacted by repeated use, it’s always safer to clean sex toys before and after each use. There are even cleaning sprays that can be applied directly to the toy and simply rinsed with water after five seconds.

Q: Can using vibrators make it harder to orgasm without them?

This is such a common misconception about vibrators! People often worry that incorporating a vibrator will make them “addicted” or unable to reach the same level of pleasure without one. In reality, it’s not possible to become addicted to your vibrator. When people struggle to orgasm without a vibrator, it’s typically for reasons not related to the toy itself. Instead, it may be because they have only ever masturbated in the same position, with the same intensity and with the same type of stimulation such that they now find it difficult to expand their sexual repertoire.

The fix is actually quite simple: Use whatever toy you like as often as you like, but mix it up every once in a while! If you tend to masturbate flat-on-back, try turning onto your stomach or pleasuring yourself sitting up. If you tend to focus all the pressure on your clit, see what it feels like to use the vibe for penetration. If you tend to prefer the highest speed and/or intensity, explore what happens to your body when you move with more slowness and intention.

Q: Will I enjoy partnered sex less after trying a vibrator?

So many people are afraid that they will have to use vibrators at the expense of enjoying partnered sex – not so! In fact, when asked about the impact of using vibrators, lovers said everything but. They shared that using vibrators has helped them increase their pleasure, understand more about what they like and explore new methods that they can then share with their partner. Many folks even love introducing their partners to their toys and finding ways to incorporate vibrators in partnered sex! 

If your partner expresses concern or insecurity about you masturbating with a vibrator, remind them (and yourself) about the importance of having time to connect with your body one-on-one.  Your vibrator will never replace your partner, but it certainly can enhance the sex you have together.

Ultimately, using a vibrator when you have a partner is just icing on the cake!

Q: Can you use a rabbit vibrator if you’ve never had sex before?

Certainly! While I’ll typically recommend beginning with a toy with fewer bells and whistles, there’s no anatomical reason why someone who has never had partnered sex can’t find just as much enjoyment in rabbit vibes as anyone else. If you have never been penetrated before, either by a partner or yourself, just remember to start slow and gentle. It’s also never a bad idea to incorporate lube to ensure a smooth ride, especially if you’re less familiar with the way your body self-lubricates.

Also, be patient with yourself! Rabbit vibes may have several different settings and there is no pressure to enjoy every single one night one. With enough exploration, you’ll find the speed, intensity and angle that’s right for you. Many people wish they’d had a chance to experience vibrators before having penetrative sex for that exact reason; it gives you a chance to learn your body before expecting anyone else to!

Q: Should I use lube with a rabbit vibrator?

When it comes to sex there are really no “shoulds”, but using a lube with any vibrator can help facilitate comfort and pleasure. Just like everyone is shaped uniquely, every vulva lubricates at its own pace and in different amounts. Some folks may find that they become wet easily and quickly, and may not need an additional lubricant. Some need more stimulation and specific contexts to reach the same level of witness. Others still find that becoming and remaining wet with a toy is easier with the help of their favorite lube. All are normal, appropriate ways to think about using lube with your vibrator.

When using lube with LELO’s toys, be sure to choose a water-based product that won’t degrade your vibrator’s soft silicone material.  

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