#StayTheFuckHome Blog Contest EROTIC STORIES Erotica LELO NEWS  Wait No More—The #StayHome Erotica Contest Winners Are Here!

Wait No More—The #StayHome Erotica Contest Winners Are Here!

Not only were we shocked at how many entries we received for our #StayHome Erotica Contest (a LELO personal record), we were also shocked at how many fantasies our participants shared! It seems like a lot of you are getting busy with the help of a buzzy little pleasure maker, and the rest of you are dreaming about getting off to or with your neighbors. 

#StayTheFuckHome Blog Contest EROTIC STORIES Erotica LELO NEWS  Wait No More—The #StayHome Erotica Contest Winners Are Here!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a good erotica story is worth a thousand dirty thoughts.

We won’t keep you dreaming any longer. Meet our five diverse and delicious finalists!

First Place – Jacking In by Sabrina Kyle

Discover how winning author Sabrina Kyle paints the details of a very steamy skype sex session with her eager partner. It’s honest, raw, believable, and straight to business. Just how we like it.

Finalist – Between the Dark and Light by Quinton Jordebrek (Released Tomorrow)

Quinton Jordebrek tells the story of a man who meets his lover at a local bar, but it’s not your typical love story. The way he describes the unconventional relationship is as clever and witty as it is exhilarating. 

Finalist – Fantasies on the Frontline by Jim Mickey and Nora (Released Tomorrow)

Beep. She scanned another item. As mundane as this character’s dayjob is, it offers her an opportunity to explore her fantasies on the frontline. Has she been isolated too long? What will she checkout next? Jim Mickey and Nora caught our eye with their creative story.

Finalist – Window (Un)dressing by Jacob Jaspers (Released Tomorrow)

This wasn’t the only neighbor fantasy we received, but it was certainly one of our favorites. Jacob Jaspers takes us along the journey of his wonderful stroke of luck with the woman through his window one sunny and h-o-t morning.

Finalist – eMeeting at Midnight by Claire Woodruff (Released Tomorrow)

Mrs. Mower’s student accidentally leaves his webcam on, and his father, Mr. Sernon, catches her wearing her pajamas (or lack thereof) late one night. The sun won’t be the only thing rising soon according to author Claire Woodruff.

For our remaining entries…

Since we received so many amazing stories, we’ll be reaching out to many of you over the next few weeks to publish your stories. The competition was serious, which made it really difficult to to choose winners, so we want to show off as many of your erotic fantasies as possible!

If you enjoyed writing erotica as a way to cope with your horniness, maybe you’ll continue to enjoy writing erotica for Volonte! We are always accepting erotica stories for review at volonte@lelo.com (please note that this is a different email than for our contest submissions).

Keep your eyes peeled for future contests and, once again, thanks for making our imaginations run wild with your #StayHome stories!

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