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Tantra for Singles: How Tantra Can Help You Reconnect With Your Body

As a tantra teacher, the most common question I’m asked is how to practice tantra if you are single. Tantra is often associated with relationships and sexuality in the West. Yet, tantra is much more than that. It is a spiritual and mystic practice that starts with the Self. That’s why you don’t need a partner to practice tantra, it’s about your relationship with yourself. In this article, I will introduce how to put tantra to work in a loving relationship of one.

What is Tantric Masturbation?

Tantric masturbation is the best way to experience tantric sex for singles. It is also called a self-pleasure ritual. Essentially, it’s an energetic practice that helps you reconnect with your body and sexuality. The end goal is neither orgasm nor ejaculation but rather the build-up of sexual energy. It will fuel your whole body with feel-good energy for the entire day!

So how do you achieve this? When you masturbate, practice getting as close as possible to the point of no return without actually reaching it. When you get right up to the brink of orgasm then prevent ejaculation or orgasm from occurring, you build up sexual energy that will be integrated into your body. It brings amazing benefits to your life and to your relationships.

How to Practice Tantra Solo

Tantra is a very personal experience where you reconnect with the whole aspect of yourself. It is believed that each human being exists not in isolation, but in interconnectedness with all other matter in the Universe. The way to discover this is to explore the inner existence of our very Self, through the exploration of our own body and consciousness. Conscious breathing, conscious use of the senses, and conscious movements are all tantric solo practices.

Which Tantric Techniques can be explored as a single person?

There are many tantric practices for singles but here are a few of my favourites:

Tantric Breathing

You may do 2-3 sets of 30 seconds for each of the exercises below.

Technique #1: Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a form of cleansing breathing. It invigorates you and gives you energy. Don’t practice Breath of fire if you’re pregnant, have high blood pressure, or if you struggle with vertigo.

  • Sit up straight and tall and breathe in and out through the nose.
  • Pull your belly in during the exhale and push it out during the inhale. Use your abdominal muscles to push the air out during the exhale.
  • Shorten each breath and pick up the pace. The breathing should be loud and quick. Equalize the inhale and the exhale in both strength and length.

Technique #2: Belly Breathing

Belly breathing is the most efficient and relaxed way of getting enough air into your lungs. It automatically slows your heart rate, helping you to relax and calm down. In tantra, belly breathing is very important for optimal ejaculation control and for reaching “the Big O”.

  • Lie down on your stomach on your bed or on another comfortable flat surface.
  • Pull your belly in during the exhale, and push it out during the inhale.
  • The breathing should be loud and slow. Inhale for a count of 3 and exhale for a count of 5.

Technique #3: Kickstart Breathing

With this tantric breathing, you access your body and its many sensations. It is ideal to get out of your head and back into your body when you’re feeling stuck.

  • Put your fingers against the front of your neck.
  • Find the small, hollow divot on your throat. 
  • When you find the right spot, constrict the back of your throat just a little so that when you inhale and exhale through your nose, you hear a light whispering sound.
  • Make sure to breathe through your nose, not your mouth. 
  • While inhaling, hold the tension in the back of your throat to make that whispering sound. And then exhale. Inhale for a count of 5, exhale for a count of 3.

Sounds and Movements

Technique #4: Tantric Sounds

The conscious use of sound is another way to practice tantra solo. All existence consists of vibrations and everything has its own unique sound and resonating frequency. When you make a sound, use your breath – or pranayama – in a controlled manner. Using sounds in solo tantra allows you to feel the healing effects of the pranayama. And during times with a sexual partner, making sounds sends signals of arousal and communicates that something feels good.

  • Find a safe place where you won’t disturb the neighbours and start making raw sounds. To help, you can imagine that you are an animal from the jungle and then imitate its sounds. 
  • Let the sounds flow naturally, exploring every vocalization that wants to arise.
  • Feel the vibrations of sounds in your body when you vocalize.

Technique #5: Tantric Dance

Tantrikas love to dance. Dance is not just movement of the body – it’s an expression of your creative power too. It is the exposition of moods and emotions. It makes the unconscious conscious, and that is truly the whole point of tantra. In tantra, a healthy body-mind complex is vital, blending both the flexibility of the body and the calmness of the mind. Dance develops both of these key areas. So anywhere you find yourself, just dance and you are practicing tantra solo.

Tantric Yoga

Technique #6: Traditional Tantra Yoga

Tantra is first and foremost a yoga practice. Traditional tantra yoga combines standing positions and floor-based positions with breath retention. It invites you to build patience within each position and an intuitive understanding of your body and its limitations.

You can learn how to practice traditional tantra yoga on your own in this guide .

Technique #7: Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a powerful combination of yoga positions, mystic sounds, symbolic ritual gestures, and contractions of the body’s muscles. It awakens the Kundalini energy, which is the life-force energy (sexual energy) that resides dormant within us. You can check if there are any kundalini yoga classes in your city or online.

Tantric Meditation

Tantra is also meditation, practiced through a focus on symbolic words (Mantra) and symbolic shapes (Yantra).

Technique #8: Yantra

Yantras are geometric diagrams, composed mostly of triangles, squares, circles, and lotus leaves used for meditation. 

  • Draw any of the yantras below without adding color yet Authentic Tantra Blog Health & Wellbeing Tantric Sex Tips  Tantra for Singles: How Tantra Can Help You Reconnect With Your Body
  • Gaze upon the sacred geometric images to focus the mind and connect to the energy within it.
  • When you have finished meditating on it, fill it in with color and any additional elements you feel appropriate.
  • Analyze these additional elements you’ve drawn: how do you feel about this yantra? How have your emotional, mental, and physical states changed?

Technique #9: Mantra

A mantra is a syllable, word, or phrase that is repeated during meditation. Mantras can be spoken, chanted, whispered, or repeated in the mind. They are very important in tantra and tantric meditation. 

  • Think of a word or phrase you repeat during meditation: this is a mantra. 
  • Lie down or sit in a comfortable position and quietly repeat the mantra, once on the inhalation, once on the exhalation. Don’t fixate on it. Simply repeat.
  • When other thoughts or feelings enter your mind, try to simply notice them, and then return to silently reciting the mantra.

Benefits of Practicing Tantra Solo 

These tantric exercises for singles have many benefits.

  • Benefit 1: You will learn to better hear yourself and discover your authentic Self. You will hear the sound of your inner voice without all the distracting noise.
  • Benefit 2: You will break through any self-doubt, confusion, desperation, insecurity, guilt, limiting beliefs and resentment you may have.
  • Benefit 3: You will feel more connected with yourself, your intuition, and the universe. As a result, you will have a genuine connectedness to others. 
  • Benefit 4: You will work through sexual dysfunction and blocks of pleasure.
  • Benefit 5: You will cultivate physical, emotional, and mental intimacy with the Self and others.
  • Benefit 6: You will explore your shadows and harness them with love and consciousness.

Consider Using a Tantra Specialist

The original mission of tantra is to teach humans their true nature and eradicate the suffering caused by misunderstanding. The goal is to reach higher levels of consciousness while growing closer to your Soul, your nature, your truth, your source, your divinity, your Spirit. You can do that all by yourself, but if you are not comfortable going it alone, consider using a tantra specialist. Karma Tantric has many of them willing to help. To find out more, read: Choosing The Right Karma Tantric Massage Experience For You  to help you understand the different Karma Tantric experiences available.

Hakima Tantrika

Tantra Teacher & Cacao Expert

Authentic Tantra Blog Health & Wellbeing Tantric Sex Tips  Tantra for Singles: How Tantra Can Help You Reconnect With Your Body

My name is Hakima Tantrika and I’m a tantra teacher who has embodied the essence of tantra for the last 10 years. I am also a relationships coach working with clients all over the world who are exposed to narcissists and want to have healthier relationships. I have made it | Read More

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