Blog Sex Accessories Sex in the News  Panty-Dropping Deals this Amazon Prime Day

Panty-Dropping Deals this Amazon Prime Day

You said you weren’t going to order anything this Amazon Prime Day?

We determined that was a lie. 

Blog Sex Accessories Sex in the News  Panty-Dropping Deals this Amazon Prime Day

Along with that glow-in-the-dark unicorn toaster you’ve been eyeing, check out these awesome LELO Amazon Prime Day deals . Of course, Amazon Prime deals are only available to those who, you guessed it… are subscribed to Amazon Prime. But have no fear – if you’re an Amazon virgin, you can also sign up for your free trial to take advantage of these deals. And the deals typically last up to 36 hours, however, we recommend that you act quickly on hot commodities. And boy, do we have some hot commodities for you… 

You’ll find deals on all of the following that are guaranteed to drop your drawers.


(25%OFF, was $99 now is $74.25)

Girl, if you haven’t tried the SONA massager, it will clitorally blow your brains out. From one sister to another, I didn’t know I could feel the things this thing has made be feel. Have you ever felt sonic waves on the inside of your vagina ? 10/10 would recommend. Total game changer.


(25%OFF, was $84.90 now is $63.68)

The most discreet mini massager you’ve ever seen. Take it anywhere, take it everywhere. This lipstick look-alike won’t raise any eyebrows, besides your own of course.


(30%OFF, was $202 now is $141.75)

Most of us are guilty of mainly focusing our efforts on the clitoris, but what about other types of orgasms? This rabbit vibrator is sculpted to unlock your G-spot. If you’ve never had a G-spot orgasm , you’re in for a sweet, sweet surprise. 


(25%OFF, was $219 now is $164.25)

Let’s not forget about our men out there. The Hugo is a remote control prostate massager that increases the male climax. Ever had a hands-free orgasm? As nice as it is, it’s also pretty naughty. Caution: may cause huge loads.


(25%OFF, was $19.90 now is $14.93)

Still haven’t tried our HEX condom? Our world has changed, but condoms haven’t. It’s time to try this new revolutionary condom technology . To put it simply – it can endure a hard pounding while still feeling invisible. 


(50%OFF, was $399 now is $199)

It’s okay to be bougie. Especially if you’re investing in something that invests in your own happiness. Plus, a gold sex toy is a really good conversation starter. I leave mine right on the coffee table. If you like being in first place, you better go for gold.

Snag these deals from Amazon before they’re Ama-gone. Happy shopping!

(Promotions valid until July 21st while supplies lasts)

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