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HER – An Erotic Story

She put away her cell phone, feeling warmly towards her wonderful handsome husband as his concerned words echoed in her head.  He knew her so well after ten years of marriage since they met and courted at college. It was a natural match between the quarterback of the football team and the head cheerleader, universally acclaimed as the most beautiful couple on campus. 

He was cerebral and orderly, qualities that served him well running a complex offensive scheme that led to several league championships. Pro ball seemed like a virtual lock until a blindside hit by a frustrated opponent took out his right knee, eventually leading to a joint replacement that enabled him to enjoy life fully but precluded entering the hyper-violent world of the NFL.  Helpful alumni paved his pathway into a job in investment banking that took good advantage of his mental skills and cool thinking to afford them a plush lifestyle in their early thirties.

BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica  HER – An Erotic Story



Neither was quite ready for kids, but there were several years left before the ticking of the biological clock would become too loud to ignore.

His lovely blonde wife had always been, frankly, a bit of a ditz.  Her brightness was never in question, as any subject that managed to catch her flighty interest would result in a solid A grade.  But that was not an easy task, to capture the lissome beauty’s focus that her frustrated boyfriend characterized with some justification as equivalent to that of a hyperactive gnat.  Finally, one time in their Junior year his frustration caused him to ask how her parents had dealt with her infamous difficulty with concentration. She blushed fiercely and muttered, 

“Well, their method worked better than anything else they tried, including stimulant drugs, but it’s not the sort of thing that can happen to a grownup, so it doesn’t matter.”

He let it rest until their next midterms, when she had to pull several consecutive all nighters to finish the work she had procrastinated all semester.  What took him over his edge was her answer when he pressed her on how she managed to stay awake for her exams after so little sleep the previous week. She replied rather defensively,

“I used Ritalin that I bought from a guy who works in the library and helps out students in trouble.”

The fact that his beloved girlfriend so casually admitted to buying and using illegal stimulants did not sit well with the rather conservative young man.  But he did not feel he had the right to question the judgment of another adult, since his libertarian beliefs about autonomy precluded him feeling entitled to judge others regarding their choices.  But his lovely ditz of a girlfriend was far too sensitive not to pick up on his real feelings. And like with her parents, the thought that she was letting him down made her feel terribly guilty and contrite.  This prompted her to mutter,

“Sometimes I wonder if Mom and Dad’s old method for helping me not to procrastinate might not be a better idea than taking illegal drugs…even though I hated it and found it terribly…embarrassing…”

He knew an invitation to inquire further when he heard one, and asked what she meant.  Her reply had a powerful effect on both of them that neither expected:

“Well, starting when I was small and right up until my last finals before graduation, if I failed to meet my goals my Mom would take me over my Dad’s lap and raise my skirt and take down my panties and hold my wrists to keep me from interfering.  Then my Dad would spank my bottom with his hand until I cried and was contrite.”

Her handsome boyfriend had found the female derriere to be that gender’s most fascinating body part since he could remember awakening to his erotic interest in girls.  The thought of his own girlfriend’s particularly gorgeous pair of firm round buttocks that he had kissed and caressed many times during their lovemaking being subject to that treatment made his erection spring to attention in a heartbeat. 

What he did not guess was the state of her sweet blonde-furred pussy (his second most favorite body part that they both so enjoyed him eating out every time they made love). For that organ had an equally powerful instantaneous engorgement and lubrication at the thought of her toned muscular cheerleader’s bottom being soundly spanked by this gorgeous man she loved so much.

It took all of her courage to meekly venture the statement that shocked them both while sending their relationship down a very unexpected pathway:

“I wonder…if…God this is hard to ask…maybe you might consider giving me the same treatment that worked so well when I was at home…if it’s not too weird…”

They both were flushing equally fiercely, mortified by how much this totally new kind of conversation turned them both on.  Each could barely meet the other’s eyes when he responded,

“I think I could do that for you…as long as you didn’t change your mind and report me for abuse…and we’d have to find a place where no one could hear and call the campus police.”

They pondered this practicality until he realized that he had a key to the classroom in the athletic department where game films were stored, since he often studied the videos late at night when no one else was around.  They agreed to head over there and indeed found the place to be quite deserted. The beautiful couple were both literally trembling with some potent mixture of excitement and fear as they let themselves in and turned on the lights after carefully drawing the blackout shades.  He looked around the room and decided on the proper venue for this experiment and instructed her,

“Why don’t you bend over the coach’s desk and hold onto the far edge so you will be less tempted to reach back to interfere with what we both know you need.”

His firm, calm voice turned her on even more as she meekly complied, finding herself in such a different emotional state from her usually insouciant cheerfulness.  She shuddered as he slowly raised her pleated uniform skirt to reveal her perfect ivory buttocks barely covered by her sexy black silk bikini style panties. He stroked her backside, making her moan and causing a telltale patch of moisture to blossom in their crotch as the fresh barnyard odor of her arousal pervaded the still night air of the room.  He spoke huskily,

“These will have to come down, don’t you think?  I mean, we want to be punishing you and not your underwear, right?”

She almost swooned with arousal before she pulled herself together enough to mutter,

“Whatever you think is best.  Mom and Dad said they always spanked me on the bare so they could be sure they were delivering just the right amount of…correction…and needed to see my skin to be certain not to cause me any harm…”

They both trembled as he slipped his index fingers under the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them to bunch seductively around her knees.  Then he stepped to her left and placed his left hand on the small of her back to hold her skirt in place if she should buck too enthusiastically during her punishment. 

At last he drew back his powerful quarterback’s right arm and delivered two quick spanks, one to the center of each perfect nether moon. Crisp pink handprints appeared on the flawless skin of each buttock as she gave two small, sweet alto cries of “aahh!”  He paused to trace the marks with gentle fingers, sensing the momentousness of the pathway down which they had just taken their first steps. It felt as though he were one of the ancient artists making handprints on cave walls that he saw in their Anthropology class, declaring to posterity ‘I was here!’

The pain had shocked her, just as it always had with her parents.  It had been over two years since her last spanking, and her Psych 101 course had mentioned the research showing that recent events registered more intensely on the mind than more distant ones.  Of course, her studly boyfriend was a good deal bigger and stronger than her Dad. And as her spanking proceeded, another rather radical difference between the two experiences emerged.

Every fierce collision between her man’s hard palm and her soft buttock flesh not only hurt like hell.  It also sent a jolt of erotic energy straight to her clit.

The couple had agreed on some guidelines during their rather awkward negotiation while walking hand in hand over to the dark and empty athletic building.  She would have a safe word (she chose Sassafras) to stop the proceedings if she felt she needed to. And they agreed that her parents’ standard dose of a hundred spanks to each buttock was a good place to start in her first adult experience with corporal punishment. 

As the spanking continued and the searing heat in her bottom cheeks steadily built, our heroine was a bundle of contradictions. A part of her was frightened at how much he was hurting her, and fearful that it might never end or that she’d pass out from the pain. An equally strong but more subversive side of her found the experience unGodly sexy, each spank stoking her genital fires at least as strongly as the blaze being lit in her derriere. 

She also loved the carefulness with which he was approaching his duty, stopping every ten blows to palpate her reddening nether cheeks and assess the damage they were taking. He made her feel so safe, even while he was inflicting unprecedented anguish to her naked backside.

And as if programmed, which the young couple were hardly equipped to do, as the count they were both keeping in their heads passed ninety she began to come, harder than she ever had in her life.  Her orgasmic spasms were more powerful than she’d ever known, making him have to exert some force with his left hand to hold her writhing body still enough that he could successfully aim his last ten strokes to each buttock.  The final spank fell in perfect coincidence with the terminal frissons of her passionate release, and all was silent in the still air of the room.

He had never been so turned on in his life, and her adorable pussy was practically dripping with the liquid evidence of its own unambivalent approval of the proceedings.  On an impulse he dropped to his knees on the floor behind her and took her vulva into his mouth, making her cry out once again, this time in pure pleasure. Within minutes she was coming again, perhaps even harder as his strong hands held her plunging hips whose skin was practically radiating heat into his palms.  She begged,

“Fuck me, please, now!”  

He did not need to be asked twice, and soon his massive cock was released from his lowered pants and being stroked up and down her slit to gather its moisture.  As he entered her from behind, she gave her loudest cry yet to feel the wonderful dilation that it inflicted on her pelvic floor. Her inflamed buttocks burned against the coolness of his hips as he completely impaled her on each stroke, feeling delicious to both of them for the opposite reason.  His hand reached under to finger her clit while pistoning in and out of her, further stoking her fires of arousal.

She stopped counting her orgasms after half a dozen before he finally let loose and roared out his pleasure while jetting a copious spend into her welcoming erotic core. He lay on her sweaty back in his blessed release, both of them feeling vastly closer to each other than ever before.  He murmured,

“And let that be a lesson to you, young lady!”

And they both collapsed in spasmodic laughter.  But she did in fact do much better in her studies the next week and they agreed to a weekly tryst to repeat their didactic escapade, each scene further bonding them together.  Over the years they added all manner of variations to that first bare bottom hand spanking and by the time of this story had a dedicated erotic playroom with all manner of clever equipment to enhance their mutual enjoyment of their shared fascination with him punishing her adorable derriere.  About half of their sex was kinky, the other half being quite pleasurably vanilla enjoyment of each other’s well-maintained bodies.

But to be honest, they most enjoyed times like the current one.  She had fallen victim again to the same pattern that originally earned her first erotic spanking, procrastinating on filing her design business’ quarterly tax return and thereby incurring a stiff penalty.  As they discussed this unfortunate turn of events over the phone, they both could feel the excitement stirring in their groins at the prospect of her consequences for this oversight. And in all honesty, she had to admit rather blithely ignoring the reminder in her calendar, probably because she was feeling the need for a long session in their playroom.  She admitted this, and he retorted,

“Well, my very naughty girl, it looks like a rather severe penalty will need to be exacted from certain very vulnerable parts of your naked body just as soon as I get home.  You can head over there any time now, since I have an hour’s work left to do here. I would recommend self-administering a nice hot soapy enema, since the inside of your adorable derriere will be joining its outside in receiving severe attention since you’ve confessed to manipulating me into giving you what we both know you need.  Once you are all nice and tidy down there so that my attentions will be delivered to a pristine environment, you are to open the implement cabinet in the playroom. I invite you to contemplate which of our weapons of ass destruction will be applied to which of your most sensitive erogenous zones as you rue the error of your ways until I arrive home to take you in hand.”

God, she loved this man, and how expertly he knew to keep her on a sizzling hot razor’s edge of erotic anticipation even after more than a dozen years of outré sexual escapades. 

She hurried home to comply with his instructions, feeling so aroused as she administered her enema that she considered rubbing one out while the hot fluids were instilling, just to take the edge off.  Of course he would know if she did. And since he was quite possessive of her orgasms, that would mean a pussy spanking would be added to the menu of ordeals she was to endure before their evening was through. 

Her pubes had barely grown back since the last time she had maneuvered him into chastising her down there, and the process of spread eagling her on the playroom dungeon wall was so sexy. She loved that he had his insistences, such as needing to depilate her vulva before spanking it so that not a single hair could come between it and its just desserts.  After all, the punishment must fit the crime, and if her slutty cunt demanded she violate his orders not to stimulate herself, it should pay the price. Even the itchiness as her bush grew back in was a sexy reminder of her utter submission to him, just as her perpetually tender buttocks kept him erotically on her mind every time she sat down.  

That was part of why she’d set up this scene by ‘forgetting’ her taxes when her assistant would have taken care of them if asked: sometimes a girl just needed to have her ass spanked, and that’s all there was to it.  Why the fuck not, she brazenly thought as her right hand found her clit while the left toyed with her nipples as she sat on the commode while the cleansing waters instilled into her bottom. She shuddered her way through a tasty orgasm as the last drops found their way inside her back passage, and the die was cast. 

Not only was her bottom to be punished inside and out, but her crotch and breasts were to get their share of corrective attention as well. She loved how soothing it felt to have the warm freshly stirred shaving cream spread on her vulva and to experience his carefulness as he negotiated the straight razor to remove every last hair from the complex folds of her genital flower.  How cool the room air always felt once he’d shaved her, until things got a great deal hotter down there when he spanked it.

Having her breasts punished was also an ambivalent treat for our heroine. They were so very sensitive, especially the nipples, and he would be so cruel to them once she told him that she’d played with them while beating off.  He would probably make her come at least twice to end the phases of their spanking, once while he flogged their sensitive undersides and convexities, and again while he spanked her nipples with the same special little paddle he used on her pussy. It stung so much, but god did she come hard from the punishment combined with the WeVibe he would insert in her cunt to make her orgasms end each phase of her spanking.

That was another thing he had insisted on from their very first scene back in college: every chastisement of her body had to end in a climax for her. By this point that connection had become so hard wired that it was almost automatic for her to affiliate erogenous pain with ultimate sexual pleasure.

As she meditated on the contents of the implement cabinet as instructed, she also wondered how he would restrain her. She suspected since she had maneuvered him into giving her a total body spanking, it would be bent over their spanking horse, which looked like a fine furniture version of a saddle or saw horse. 

Her squirmings over the past decade had worn a slight depression in the four inch smooth hardwood dowel that was its cross piece over which her naked body would be bent. Her legs would be tied five feet apart by soft cords to the outside of the horse’s back legs.  If she hadn’t arranged to have her breasts punished by including them in her masturbation, she might have received her entire spanking bent over the horse with her wrists tied to its front legs.

But now, she was certain her hands would be made to grasp the gymnastics rings suspended from the ceiling and her wrists tied there so that she was bent forward from her trim waist at about a forty five degree angle.  This caused her breasts to fall forward away from her chest wall so that every millimeter of them would be available to be punished. God, it would hurt so, but each spank would send a lightning bolt of erotic electricity straight to her clit, and she would come so very hard.

And once her ass, thighs, breasts, and pussy had been spanked to orgasm, he would pull out that 8-inch monument of a phallus and lubricate it where she could watch him work the KY into its veiny massiveness.  It would be eased against her bottom hole, which would have been tenderized to help it fully appreciate this moment by having been spanked with a wicked switch depositing lines of fire down the length of her nether cleavage. 

She would yell a lot as he worked it inside her inflamed anal ring, but being stretched by his prepuce was so thrilling to her (in a terrifying way, even after all these years of taking him there). And then he would reach around and take each of her inflamed tits in a large strong hand and abuse it mercilessly as he ass-fucked her to endless orgasms until he approached his own roaring climax.  She loved the feel of his spend being pumped up the length of his cock into her back passage.

It made her feel oddly powerful as if she were milking his pleasure from him even in her totally passive state. And then he would rest atop her pain-sweat beaded back as he idly caressed her breasts and belly and thighs, owning her totally as his erection gradually shrank in her anus, leaving her feeling an odd sort of emptiness in a place not usually occupied.

Such were the thoughts of our heroine as she sat naked in lotus position awaiting her adored husband.  Her heart raced when she heard his key in the door and his measured familiar treat as he approached to give her another perfect gem of erotic intensity.  He spoke,

“Honey, I’m home!”

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