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My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 12 – An Erotic Story

Tony and Tracy

I wore something a little more conservative to work on day 5 of my first week as Company slut. I was still showing plenty of cleavage, and I had on a sexy pair of fuck-me heels, but the dress I chose was not one of the very short ones. It was sexy though, but very classy. I thought I looked beautiful. It was the way I wanted Tony to see me – classy and sexy, not like the cheap slut I had been the previous night.

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 12 – An Erotic Story

Tony was my favourite of the Partners. He had always been a gentleman to me. I wanted to be his slut tonight, but I wanted him to woo me first. I wanted to be a challenge.  I hadn’t seen a lot of him during the week and I wondered if he regretted what we did in my office. Apart from sucking his cock, I had licked his arse, a first for me. I don’t know what came over me. He shed his gentleman persona then. I was pretty sure he would want Lisa the slut tonight, but that would come later. Before he got the slut, he would be presented with a vision of beauty and class.

It was Friday and Tony had suggested that he, Steve and I go out for a drink at a club that was not a long way from our house. Steve and I had been there many times. It was one of the places he loved taking me in very revealing clothes. On a few occasions he had left me on my own, pretending he wasn’t with me, and watched men hit on me. He loved it and it always resulted in a torrid fucking session when we got home.

It was a quiet day in the office. I received a few visits and inspections in the morning, but the Partners were all going out for long lunches and wouldn’t be returning. That was not unusual for a Friday. The afternoon would be quiet. I was happy with that as I wanted to be primed for Tony. Tony had gone home for the afternoon. I wondered what he was going to say to his wife about going out for the night on his own. They did everything together. 

Steve had also been out of the office all afternoon, so I agreed to meet he and Tony at the bar. When I walked in, I was completely dumbstruck. Tony’s lovely wife Tracy was there with the two of them – what the fuck! They were seated in a booth on the side wall of the bar where there was a central table and bench seats on both sides. Tony and Steve were on one side and Tracy was on the other. I was so glad I hadn’t worn one of my sluttier outfits.

I walked over to them wondering what was going on. ‘High Lisa’, said Tony, as he stood up and gave me a peck on the cheek. ‘Hello Lisa’ said Tracy. There was a bit of a sting in her tone. What was going on? I had so looked forward to Tony using me tonight. I had been so looking forward to having that massive cock inside me. How was that going to happen with his wife there? Why did Tracy have that look on her face? My head was spinning in disappointment and confusion.

There was a bottle of wine on ice on the table. ‘We bought a nice bottle of Chardonnay’ said Tony. ‘Steve told us that Chardonnay is your favourite Lisa’. ‘Thanks’ I said, thinking what a dull night this was going to be. I liked Tony’s company, but I had come here with high sexual expectations. 

Tony poured the wine and said, ‘Tracy wants to talk to you Lisa’. My mind went into overdrive. Surely Tony hadn’t said anything about what happened between us in the office. I felt nerves in the pit of my stomach. I was also a bit peed off at the thought that after doing something so nice for him, that he may have betrayed me to his wife. I was going to get very angry if I ended up being portrayed as the culprit.

Tony said to Steve, ‘let’s go to the bar and have a beer and let the girl’s have a private chat’. Tony and Tracy had obviously discussed this before they got there. Steve seemed to be in the know too. What was happening? It felt like a set-up.

Tracy looked at me with those beautiful clear blue eyes and said, ‘please listen to me Lisa and let me get this all out before you say anything, this is not easy for me’. It was obvious to me at that moment that Tony had said something. I couldn’t believe he would. What a position to put me in.

‘Tony and I have never kept any secrets Lisa. When he got home from the office the other day, he had a nervous look on his face. I could tell he wanted to say something to me. He told me what happened in your office Lisa (my mouth fell open – just what had he told her).

Please, just let me explain. He told me what happened and how it came about. He told me about the Partners making you the Company slut. (I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That was meant to be a secret). I have forgiven Tony and if I have done that, I guess I have to forgive you too. I can see how you were backed into a corner, not that I really understand you accepting it. 

I just can’t understand how any woman would be able to do what you have agreed to. I certainly can’t understand how Steve agreed to it. I mean, what man wants their wife to have sex with lots of other men if they love her? At least that’s what I thought when he told me.

Subsequently I have become more than a little intrigued. I can’t get pictures of you and the Partners having sex out of my mind. On one hand it goes against all my values, on the other I have found myself fantasising that it’s me (did I just hear what I thought I did). 

You know Tony Lisa, you know what a gentleman he is. When I met him, I fell in love with him instantly. He was irresistible. He has always treated me as his princess. Tony treats me like a princess in the bedroom too. I love having sex with him. He is very soft and gentle. And as you now know he is very well endowed.

Every woman wants her man to lust after her. The incident with you has made me wonder if he truly does. When I thought about it, I realised that the frequency of sex between us has fallen away in recent years. My question now is whether he thinks I’m boring.

It might surprise you to know that I had an active sex life before I met Tony. I am no prude. Thoughts about some old exploits have come back into my head after my discussion with Tony. I have asked myself if I’m satisfied too. You might be surprised to hear that I fantasise and masturbate while Tony is at work sometimes. In my fantasies I am always a slut. 

I would like to hear your thoughts. What is going on with me Lisa’? 

I was gobsmacked. Perfect little Tracy fantasises about being a slut. Who would have thought? Certainly not me. I remembered thinking about how my tryst in the office with Tony may loosen him up. It seemed it had worked on Lisa too. I have always felt that there is a slut in every woman waiting to be set free. What woman doesn’t want to be seen as fuckable. It just takes the right circumstances. 

I explained my fantasies and how Steve had caught me with a dildo in my arse, pussy and mouth, imagining I was being used by three men. I could see Tracy’s eyes light up. She was interested. I told her how I got off on being used, being submissive and pleasing men. ‘It’s not for everybody, but I am loving every minute of it. A fire has been ignited in me, I have never felt more alive’ I said.

She then said, ‘I want to be a slut for Tony, can you help me’. Gorgeous little Tracy was not so prim and proper after all. ‘It’s so easy’ I said. ‘You don’t have to do anything outside your marriage, just be his slut in the bedroom. Dress up for him, act sexy, let him tie you up, let him spank you or whip you, let him fuck you up the arse, roleplay about being fucked by other men, let him cum in your mouth, use sex toys. Importantly, let him know you love it, that’s the key. He needs to know you like being a slut for him. Men love their wives to be filthy sluts in the bedroom’. 

Tracy then said, ‘I have come along to participate in whatever happens tonight. Tony wants that too’. I was not expecting that. She then looked at me and said, ‘Tony and I both trust you Lisa, I will do anything you tell me to, anything’. She said the ‘anything’ with a look of resolve in her eyes. The night was looking up. I caught Steve’s eye at the bar and waved the boys over.

‘How did it go’ said Tony nervously. ‘Couldn’t be better’ I responded. A look of relief came over his face. ‘I told Steve everything during the week, but I asked him not to tell you before tonight’ he said to me. The scene was now set for a raunchy night. 

Tracy then said, ‘I let Tony fuck me up the arse the other night. That has always been a no-no for me’. I looked at Tracy and said ‘well, how was it’. She smiled and said, ‘I loved it’. ‘How did it make you feel’ I asked. ‘Like a dirty slut’ she said, still smiling broadly. We all laughed.  

Everything was now on track. I told the boys that Tracy had agreed to do anything I tell her to. Tony smiled at his wife. He looked so happy. ‘I am going to call our waiter Pete over. I know him by the way. When he gets to the table Tracy, I want you to take your panties off and hand them to him’. Pete was a bit of a player. He fancied me. He was always making suggestive comments when Steve wasn’t around. I knew he would love to fuck me. I also knew he would play along with it.

I called Pete over and asked for another bottle of Chardonnay. Tracy hesitated and looked at Tony. Tony didn’t say a word. He just looked at his wife. I turned my head and whispered in Tracy’s ear, ‘this is not going to work if I have to talk you into everything. Either you are serious and do as your told, or it would be better to just agree that this was a bad idea.  I am ok either way. It is totally your decision’ I said. I made sure the others couldn’t hear.

Tracy lifted her hips and slid her knickers down her legs and over her stilettos. She handed them to Pete and said, ‘Lisa asked me to give these to you’. She blushed. It was a sexy red G-string. Pete didn’t let me down. He put them to his nose. ‘Beautiful, your friend is clearly quite aroused Lisa. Beautiful wet panties from a beautiful woman, thank you so much’ he said looking at Tracy. ‘I’ll get that Chardonnay’. The guys smiled, wondering what was coming next. Tracy looked ok, actually she looked quite proud of doing it. ‘Now lift your dress to your waist and put your bare arse on the seat’ I said. Tracy did it instantly. We were getting somewhere. 

I then said, ‘I want you to spread your legs and play with yourself. It is clear from what Pete said that you’re wet’. Tracy looked embarrassed by that last comment. She did exactly as I instructed her though. She was looking at the table. ‘Look at the boys, give them a seductive look’ I said. Not only did she do that, but she looked at Tony and said, ‘do you like your wife being a slut’. ‘I love it’ he said, ‘I love you, you turn me on so much’. It was working.

I then had a very naughty idea. While Tracy was continuing to play with herself, I subtly removed my slutplug. The guys were looking at Tracy. They didn’t notice. ‘Tracy, there is something else I would like you to do’. I produced my slutplug. ‘I want you to go to the bathroom and put this inside you. When you return you are to stand at the end of the table, facing away from us, lift your dress and show us. Use those pussy juices, that I’m sure have been flowing all over the seat, as lubrication’. I decided to up the ante a little and said, ‘have you got that slut’. ‘Yes Lisa’ she responded. There was no hesitation from Tracy this time. She took the buttplug and off she went.

She was gone for longer than I expected. When she came back she was glowing. She turned away from the table and lifted her dress. She then leant forward so we all got a clear view of the buttplug in her spectacular arse. She looked so hot. She quickly pulled her dress back down. She was a good sort, that’s for sure. I wanted to spank that arse. Not really appropriate in the bar, best I save it for later. Tracy looked at Tony and said, ‘I love it, I need one of these. Sorry I took so long but once I put it in, I was so turned on that I had to masturbate’. ‘That is sensational’ said Tony clearly in raptures about his new sexually outgoing wife. Tracy looked at me and said, ‘what next Lisa’. 

I then told Steve to stand up and let Tracy sit between he and Tony. ‘Take your cocks out boys’. I was sure they would be very erect after Tracy’s little arse display. ‘Take them in your hand Tracy’. Tracy smiled and did just that. ‘Now run your hand up and down the shaft’. The look on Tracy’s face as she masturbated the two men said it all. She was loving it, she was loving being told what to do. ‘I think you have a submissive little slut for a wife here Tony, what do you think about that’. ‘It is incredible Lisa, thank you’ he said.

‘Let’s get out of here and get an Uber back to our place’ I said. ‘We might just have some fun with this little minx’. I called the Uber and the wait was three minutes. ‘You’ll have to let those cocks go darling, we need to pay the bill and head outside’ I said. Tracy looked disappointed. She had them in a vice like grip and didn’t want to let them go. She was totally embracing this.

The Uber arrived and I sat in the front. Tracy sat between the boys in the back. I saw Tracy hitch her dress up and open her legs. She was on fire now. The beast had been unleashed. Tony and Steve couldn’t help themselves. They went straight for it. They each had two fingers inside her now very wet cunt. I looked around and watched. I was so turned on. 

As we pulled into our street, I put my fingers under my dress between my legs and rubbed my clitoris. I saw the driver glance sideways at me. I was tempted to do another cabbie blowjob, but I couldn’t wait to get Tracy and Tony inside. I had a date with that magnificent cock after all. That was what tonight was meant to be all about.

We bolted inside. Now I had to decide what came next. ‘Take off your clothes and lay across my lap you naughty little slut’ I said to Tracy. We all watched as Tracy stripped in front of us. She really did have one hell of a figure. 

‘Have you been a naughty girl’ I said. ‘Yes, I have’ she responded. ‘What do naughty girls deserve’ I asked. ‘They deserve a good spanking’ she said. ‘What is this thing in your arse’ I said, feigning horror. ‘It’s a buttplug’ she responded meekly. ‘You naughty girl’ I said. I removed the plug and delivered her a beautiful spanking that turned me on as much as it did Tracy, who moaned in delight throughout the entire experience. ‘Is this what you want from your husband’ I said. ‘Oh yes’ she responded breathlessly. ‘I want him to spank me whenever I am naughty, I love it so much. Feel how wet I am’. Now there was an invitation, an unexpected one. She was sopping wet. Her pussy felt so beautiful. I wanted to taste it.

I licked my fingers to savour the taste and said, ‘Tracy has told me about her fantasies’. I looked at Tony and Steve and said, ‘while she is still in the mood, I want you to have a threesome with her. I want you to make her your slut’.

‘Ok Tracy on your elbows and knees’. ‘Now which cock would you like in your mouth and which one do you want to fuck you’ I said. ‘I think my husband would like to see his slut of a wife get fucked by another man’ she said. ‘Fuck yeah’ said Tony. ‘I’m up for it’ said Steve. He had often commented on how beautiful Tracy was. Tony knelt in front of his wife and said, ‘suck it slut’. He was getting right off on this. I was impressed. Tracy went straight for it. Steve got in behind her and impaled her on his cock. It was such a turn on watching Tracy in action with the guys. Steve was fucking her hard and she was taking her husband’s cock deep in her mouth. I was impressed with her oral skills considering the size of her husband’s cock. She was moaning with that cock in her mouth.

I stripped off and masturbated. I was feeling so horny watching the show. I waited until Tracy came before joining in. I knew Tony would get a treat with his cock in his wife’s mouth as she came. ‘How would you like another slut to fuck boys’ I said. I got down on my elbows and knees next to Tracy and told Tony to fuck me. The boys rotated between Tracy and I a number of times, sharing us between one other. The thought was intoxicating. We were their sluts, our open cunts presented for their enjoyment.

Tony eventually settled on fucking me and Steve on Tracy. Tony’s monster cock felt magnificent inside me. It plunged my depths. They came inside our naughty little pussies. As Steve was coming Tracy erupted. ‘Yes, yes, yes, come in my husband’s slut wife’s cunt’ she screamed. I’m sure she was having an experience like never before, and she was putting on a show for her husband. I loved it.

Tracy and I were on our elbows and knees alongside one another still with cock inside our cunts. ‘Thank you Lisa, thank you so much Lisa’ she said breathlessly, clearly having another orgasm as the words left her mouth. She turned her head and kissed me. This was an interesting twist. I returned the kiss. She made no attempt to break it off. Girls just love girls.

I decided to take advantage of the situation. ‘Leave us for a minute will you guys’ I said. I told Tracy to lay on her back. I then climbed on top in a 69 position. She went straight for my cum filled pussy. I pushed so there would be some leakage. Tracy didn’t stop. I felt her tongue lick up and down taking as much of her husband’s cum as she could. I went at her pussy, her beautiful pussy, enjoying the taste of Tracy and my husbands cum. We did it until we both orgasmed. 

I got up and looked down at Tracy. She looked so beautiful. I knelt alongside her and kissed her lips. She opened her mouth welcomingly. We kissed for quite some time as the boys watched in rapture. ‘Tracy, you are the best wife a man could ever ask for’ said Tony.

We then all showered together, another very bold thing for Tracy to do, before returning to our bar, all naked. We had a drink and talked excitedly about the whole night. It had been a night that had gone down a path I could never have imagined. The plan was for Tony to simply come over and use me. I had ended up being the mistress for the night. Whilst I enjoyed it immensely, I had no doubt in my mind that being a used slut was more my speed. That is what turned me on the most.  

As we all talked together, I noticed that both men had become erect again. I know I was wet. Tony looked at Steve and said, ‘let me share my wife with you one more time’. ‘I would love that’ he said. Steve then followed, saying, ‘let me share my wife with you too’. I was to get Tony’s cock again. ‘Both get on your knees and elbows’ said Tony. He had become very assertive. ‘Let’s finish the night by fucking these sluts up the arse’ he said. OMG, I was going to have Tony put that monster up my arse. Tracy didn’t flinch. She went straight to her elbows and knees.

I felt lubrication applied to my anal opening. Thank goodness. Tony then worked a few fingers inside me and opened me. He removed them and I felt the head of his cock at my arsehole. He pushed gently. I could feel some pain. Once the head went all the way in it became easy. Tony gave me the best anal fucking I had ever had. Steve did the same for Tracy. I was so turned on hearing Tracy scream out ‘yes Steve, fuck me up the arse, cum in my arse, fuck my husband’s slut of a wife up her arse’. She had come a long way. It was obviously always there, it just needed a little nudge from somebody. That somebody turned out to be me. 

Tracy’s dirty talk got Tony off too and I felt his semen flood inside me. How I loved a man cumming in my arse. It satisfied all my fantasies. It made me feel like a used slut. That is what I got off on. I had an orgasm as he did. I always did.

It was now late, and Tony said, ‘I think we should go home darling’. Tracy turned to me and said, ‘thank you so much Lisa, I can never repay you for what you have done’. I kissed her and jokingly said ‘I’m sure I can think of a way’. I squeezed her arse and she smiled. 

Tracy turned to Tony and said, ‘well darling, I think we need to get me a buttplug of my own, and anything else we may need from the sex shop, so I can be your slut whenever you want me to. Would you like that? ‘You have no idea how much’ he responded. He looked so happy, like the cat that swallowed the cream. He was going to get the wife he wanted. And Tracy was going to get a husband who always lusted after her. The night had been a life changing experience for them both. 

I had no commitments for the weekend. I would use the time to relax and recover from the biggest week of my life. I was a well-fucked and well-used slut wife. Where would my life go from here? 

Next Chapter Coming Soon…

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