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My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 11 – An Erotic Story

Rick Shares Me

After my night as Brian’s whore, the third Partner from my law firm who had used me so far in the week, I woke up feeling very satisfied. I had really got off on the hooker thing. I loved the roleplaying and I loved the dress-up. I particularly loved my new blond hooker wig. I couldn’t wait to wear it again. It was such a turn-on being paid to give Brian a golden shower and I really got off on imagining I was being watched while Brian fucked me up the arse on the balcony of his hotel. I couldn’t believe how much the thought of being paid for sex excited me. I knew I could quite easily do it for real.

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 11 – An Erotic Story

The thought of doing some escorting was very appealing. I didn’t need the money. It was purely about the sexual high, about being nothing more to a man than a good fuck. How I had changed in a few short days. Or maybe I hadn’t changed. Maybe this was the real me. Could it be that my major sexual turn-on was just that, giving myself to men for their sexual pleasure?

Tonight, it was my boss Rick’s turn to use me. He was using me to satisfy him whenever and however he wanted at work, so I wondered just where he would take things outside the office. As my boss, and the author of my contract, he controlled me. I loved being called in to suck his cock with no notice. It satisfied all my submissive urges. He was powerful, hunky and had a great cock that I loved wrapping my lips around. He was my Master.

I asked him what he wanted me to wear tonight. ‘Brian told me about the wig. Wear that, and make sure you are as slutted up as you can be without being arrested for indecency. Tonight, we will find out just what sort of a slut you really are. Wear this’ he said. He handed me an anklet with the word slut on it. It was quite subtle. You would have to look carefully to see the word, but it was there, ‘slut’. I was labelled. I loved it. It satisfied all my desires. It felt risky and naughty. Right there and then I knew I just wanted to be the filthiest slut I could be. This was the real me!

I decided to wear the boldest dress Diana had given me. It was black and had a V neckline that plunged from my shoulders to just below my navel. It was see-through enough that you could just make out my nipples, but not in a manner that made it totally indecent. The sleeves were puffy and came down just below my wrists. The dress was short and clingy. It would have been pretty clear that I had no panties on, but in a subtle, classy way. It was perfect. I finished the look off with a sparkling black sequined collar to give the submissive look. I looked in the mirror. I looked hot. I looked absolutely fuckable. I went a bit heavier on the make-up too; somewhere between the sexy and whore look.

When I came downstairs Steve’s jaw dropped. He was speechless. It looked like my outfit had worked. As Steve was ogling me there was a knock at the door. I opened it and It was Rick. He looked at me and said ‘perfect, the classy whore look, I love it’. ‘Why thank you sir’ I responded with a smile. ‘Everybody will love it’. I looked at him hoping to get a bit more information. Everybody? He could see the look and said, ‘all in good time’.

Rick looked inside to where Steve was sitting and said, ‘I will take good care of your wife mate, and I’m sure she will take good care of me’. ‘Enjoy her’ said Steve. I loved the way I was just a piece of meat in the way they talked about me. I was their slut to use and share. It made me wet thinking about it. I walked to the car with Rick. He opened the passenger door for me. As I put one foot in the car he ran his hands between my arse checks and touched my slutplug. ‘Just checking’ he said. 

As we took off to wherever we were going, I looked at this handsome suited up boss of mine and said, ‘would sir like me to suck his cock’. I was now feeling very turned on. The everybody thing was a little disconcerting, but it went straight to my slut pussy. I was wet with anticipation. 

I found that I loved asking a man if he wanted me to suck his cock. With that simple question I was giving him all the power. I was letting him know that it was all about him, about his sexual satisfaction. I wanted the man to have the power. I wanted to please him, and what better way to do it than to suck his cock. I was pretty sure this wasn’t going to be the only cock I sucked tonight.

‘That would be lovely’ he responded. I didn’t let his cock out of my mouth for the entire drive, so I had no idea where we were going. I could tell he was close to cumming as he slowed the car down and seemed to enter a driveway. I went to look up. ‘Keep sucking slut’ he said.

He stooped the car and told me to get on my knees. He then pulled my dress over my arse and started stroking it. That was all it took. He came with my mouth wrapped around his cock. I made sure I didn’t spill a drop so nothing went on his suit. I also made sure his cock was totally clean and had stopped leaking cum before I lifted my head up. 

‘Look behind you’ he said. I looked around and there were two young men standing behind a pillar looking, trying to make sure we couldn’t see them. They were looking straight at my arse. ‘Don’t move’ he said. Rick then put his hand underneath me and started playing with my soaking wet pussy while the men watched. I looked around and could see that we were in a back corner of the carpark. Next thing I heard the door open. ‘Feel free to have a feel’ said Rick. He had waved them over.

I felt fingers at my pussy and open palms massaging my arse. I then felt fingers inside me. ‘She’s fucking hot, would you let us fuck her’ said one of the young men. There it was again. They were asking for the man’s permission to fuck me, not mine. I just loved it. ‘You can taste it, but if you want to fuck it you will have to be patient and wait until I’m back and then hope that I am in a benevolent mood. But I really have no idea what time that will be and there are no guarantees’ said Rick. I loved the way he talked about it. I loved how he made me an object. I was not consulted as to how I felt. 

I was actually glad he didn’t let them fuck me. I would not have resisted, but I didn’t know these guys and it was early. With a few drinks in me I might feel a bit looser later on, if they were still there that is. One of the guys said ‘please, why can’t we fuck her, we won’t take long’. He sounded very young. ‘I told you, later maybe. Now have a taste of that sweet pussy and be quick about it’ said Rick. 

I felt two hands on my arse cheeks open me up and a tongue plunge inside. I looked at Rick who had a big smile on his face. I felt a bit embarrassed at my predicament. The embarrassment was a turn-on though. I was so easy. I just allowed Rick to share me with these guys. ‘Ok, that’s enough, your turn now’ he said to the other young man. Rick sounded very authoritarian, just like a Master should. I loved thinking of him as my Master. When he told the other guy that his time was up, he shut the car door behind me and told me to sit on the seat and pull my dress down.

‘Well, that was a nice little bonus, a great start to the night. You did very well my gorgeous little whore. Looks like there won’t need to be any boundaries tonight’ said Rick. I had no idea what he had in store for me. That was the most exciting part. It was clear that he got off on sharing me, so I assumed that was exactly what was going to happen. It was what I wanted, to be an obedient slut for my Master. I felt so owned by him at that point.    

Rick and I pulled ourselves together. We took a lift from the carpark up to the top floor of the building. After we stepped out of the lift Rick was greeted with familiarity by an attendant who showed us to a private room. We had to walk through the restaurant to get there. I attracted plenty of attention. I loved that the men were mentally undressing me. 

I walked in and there were three men there. They were all well-dressed. They were older than Rick. Rick introduced me around. ‘These are my three most trusted mentors. I worked for them years ago. It is because of their guidance and support that I have ended up where I am today. I owe these guys so much’ he said. I put my hand out to each of them. ‘Nice to meet you all’ I said.

They looked to be around 60. ‘So nice to meet you Lisa’ said one of them. ‘We’ve heard so much about you’ said another. ‘Rick speaks very highly of you’ said the other. I looked at each of them as they spoke trying to work out where this was all going. Yes, they all took me in, but each of them was very polite. I couldn’t imagine anything untoward happening over dinner. That relaxed me a bit. We sat around and Rick talked to each of them about their joint interest, the law, and the waiters came in and out with drinks and food. 

I was not heavily involved in the conversation. I was mainly Rick’s adornment, an object. After the main meal one of the men, Peter, who was sitting next to me asked me to stand up. He did the same. He looked straight at my breasts. Where was this going? He put his arm around my waist and slid his other hand inside my dress and caressed my breast. He then put his lips to mine. I wasn’t sure what to do. Whilst the room was private, we had waiters coming in and out, and the other patrons were just outside. I looked at Rick and he nodded. I opened my mouth and Peter put his tongue hungrily inside. He now had one hand on my breast and the other under my dress feeling my bare arse. This, I had not expected. Not there anyway. It made me feel so submissive.

‘She’s gorgeous Rick’ he said. He then turned me around to face the table with my back to him. He pushed my chest down on the table and said, ‘we know what you are Lisa, so don’t go objecting’. He lifted my dress above my waist and exposed my bare plugged arse. I heard a zip come down from behind. Peter was about to fuck me, fuck me in front of everybody. I had not said a word since he first touched me. Nothing came out. Everybody must have noticed the shocked look on my face by now.

‘Very nice’ said Peter. ‘While she has been acting all demure over dinner she was sitting there with no panties on and a buttplug up her arse. What a dirty slut’. Peter put his hands on the inside of my thighs and spread my legs. ‘Look at the slut, she is wet through, her pussy is glistening’. How embarrassing. How thrilling. Rick had set me up perfectly.

Unceremoniously, Peter removed my buttplug. Seconds later I felt his cock slide into my arse. It slid in easily. I was wet. Of course, it had to be my arse. That put me firmly in my place. I was bent over a table in front of my boss and his associates being fucked up the arse by a much older man. It all happened so quickly. As Peter was fucking me a waiter came in and filled up our wine glasses. It could not have been more humiliating. What must he think of me as Peter thrust his cock into my arse while everybody sat there watching? I loved it. It made me look cheap.  

Peter fucked me until he came inside my arse, with Rick and the other two men watching, and the waiters coming and going. I felt my bowels being flooded with his warm semen. It felt so good. I came as he came. There was no pretence now. It was the most wonderfully humiliating thing that had ever been done to me. It satisfied my every submissive desire. Doing it in a public place without any warning in front of men I had just met made me feel like such a used slut.

‘Tell them what you are Lisa’ said Peter, his cock still inside my arse. By this stage I assumed they all knew about my contract. ‘Tell them Lisa’ he said. I gasped and out it came. ‘I am the Company slut and I am contracted to allow the Partners to use me in any way they want. I am their whore and they can share me around’. I now felt very turned on. The humiliation was overpowering. This was all so unexpected. Here I was in front of Rick’s mentors admitting what I did, what I was. 

‘Go and suck George’s cock’ said Rick. ‘Yes sir’ I responded. I went over to George and got down on my knees and unzipped him and pulled out his cock. George was bald and not particularly attractive, but that didn’t matter. He had a cock that needed to be taken care of. I did just that with my mouth. I was now enjoying the others watching, and my horror at the waiters coming in and out had turned to humiliating pleasure. I hoped they thought I was a whore, a cheap slut who was happy to be used by strange men in any way that pleased them. 

George pulled my dress away from my shoulders so that it dropped to my waist. He then fondled my breasts as I sucked him to orgasm. As he came, I opened my mouth to let some run back down over his cock and down my chin. I knew it added to the scene. I was playing right up to it now. After I had cleaned his cock with my mouth, the other man Keith, said ‘my turn’. 

‘How would sir like me’ I said seductively. ‘Get on your back on the table’ he said firmly. Keith was taller and bigger than the other two. He also looked more dominant. ‘Spread them’ he said. ‘Now play with yourself’. I ran my fingers over my pussy and clitoris, then inserted two fingers inside and pumped them slowly in an out. I looked up at Keith and said, ‘is that what sir wants’? He touched my ankle and said ‘nice, love it’. He had discovered my slut anklet. 

He pulled out his cock. It was huge. ‘Please fuck your slut with that’ I said, looking at his cock. Keith stepped forward and rammed it inside me. It felt fucking amazing. The two waiters then started massaging my tits. ‘Take your cocks out guys and let her look after you’ said Rick. 

So, there I was on my back on the table, legs spread, being given a damn good fucking by Keith, a cock in each hand, and a hand on each breast. I was so close to cumming. ‘Come on her’ said Rick. Both the waiters took their cocks in their hands and started masturbating, their cocks aimed at my chest. I came and then so did Keith. I could feel the force of his ejaculate as he came inside me which supercharged my orgasm. I then felt warm spurts of fluid hit my breasts as the waiters came too. After they came, I licked their cocks both clean for good measure. I cleaned the sperm off my chest with my fingers and licked them clean, just like a true slut should.

Rick had engaged in his passion of sharing me, and all the way through he sat back calmly and watched while I was used.  

I got up off the table and turned to Rick and asked him if I could go to the ladies and clean myself up. ‘You look just fine as you are’ he said. ‘I want you to walk back through that restaurant to the lift showing the bottom curves of your arse. I want you to look like a whore. Let’s have no pretence here’ he said. OMG! What if there was somebody in the restaurant that recognised me? I had the wig on. Nobody would know it was me. I positioned my dress just as Rick had instructed and he took my hand to walk me through the restaurant to the lift. 

Before we left Peter thanked Rick and said, ‘I can’t wait to use the slut again’. I was glad that they had enjoyed me enough to want to use me again. How I loved being shared and used. It satisfied all my wildest fantasies. As usual, not a word was said to me. I was just the merchandise. 

It was thrilling walking to the lift. I looked around and saw the eyes on me. I could have completely stripped off there and then if the truth be known. As we got to the lift, I hiked my dress up to show more of my arse. The guy who had greeted us when we arrived was waiting there. He pressed the lift button, and when the door opened he put his hand on my arse as I stepped in. She’s so fucking hot’ he said to Rick. ‘Don’t worry I am sure she will suck your cock for you next time we come here. You would just love to do that, wouldn’t you Lisa’ he said. ‘If it would please sir it would be my pleasure’ I responded. With that Rick stepped into the lift and the doors closed behind us.

‘I wonder if those boys are still there’ said Rick, as the lift took us down to the carpark. It was only then that I remembered them. With what had happened in the restaurant I had totally forgotten all about them. The doors opened as we reached our floor. ‘Take your dress off Lisa, if those kids are still there let’s give them a thrill. And yes, I am going to let them fuck you. I am going to ask them to pay though. I am going to whore you out’ he said. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have to say anything really. Rick was free to do whatever he wanted with me. I so loved the whore thing too.

I took off my dress and handed it to Rick. I was now totally naked, except for my heels and collar. I felt sexy. I was very turned on at the thought of being Rick’s whore if the boys were still there. It was not my high-class escort fantasy, but something much dirtier. I wanted to be used for money. 

As we neared the car, I saw them. They were there waiting, but it was not just two. There was now a group of them. One of the boys who had licked my pussy earlier stepped forward and said to Rick, ‘I hope you don’t mind but I invited a few mates’. I looked around and there looked to be about eight of them. What would Rick do? Even he would not have been expecting this.

Then boys stood around me, looking me up and down. ‘Feel free to touch her, the slut loves to be humiliated’ said Rick. He had that right. I was now very turned on. All of a sudden I had hands all over me. They were massaging my tits, stroking my arse, and feeling my pussy. Fingers went inside me. I felt a finger at my anal entrance. It slipped in. One of them turned my head around and kissed me. I returned it. I wondered what was going to happen. Rick then piped up and said ‘ok boys, you can do whatever you want with her, but I want $100 from each of you. You need to pay to get the whore. I loved the way he was offering me to them, like I was his possession that he could do whatever he wanted with.

There was no protest at all from the boys. They all went for their wallets. $100, it must have seemed like a pretty good deal. $100 to do whatever they wanted with me. The money was handed over and Rick stood back. ‘She’s all yours’ he said. 

I was pushed down to my knees and I was surrounded by very erect young cocks. I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful young men’s cocks are. I wanted them in my mouth. I let them work out whose cock I was to suck and in what order. I decided there and then to totally give myself to them and let them use me in whatever manner they wished. I sucked cock after cock, as the others stroked my body. What a dirty fucking whore I was. I had not expected this and the whole thing satisfied all my desires. 

One of the boys stood me up and pushed me down over the bonnet of Rick’s car and I felt him enter me. It felt so good. I had cocks in my mouth and in my hands as they took turns fucking me. There were so many of them. I loved it. I felt like a true whore, a street whore. Nothing could have been dirtier. It was only my pussy they fucked. I don’t know how many of there were, but I took it all in my stride. 

Some of them came in my mouth, some in my whore cunt. Here I was in a public car park being gangbanged by a bunch of late teen boys. They couldn’t have been any older. It was magnificent. I didn’t want it to end. I just wanted more cock. I was an insatiable slut. I loved being whored out by my Master. I loved that he gave me no choice and gave me to these boys to use. 

After they finished with me Rick said ‘now let’s end this by putting on a little show Lisa’ he said. ‘You’ve had quite a bit to drink honey, you must be bursting for a piss’ he said. He was right, I was, but in front of all these boys? I had fantasised about pissing in front of a crowd. It was a real turn-on to me. But that was a fantasy. This was real.

‘What do you think guys’ said Rick. They all started cheering and then chanted ‘piss, piss, piss, piss’. I got down on my haunches, looked around at the boys and concentrated on the task at hand. I closed my eyes and out it came. It gushed out of me. I looked around at the boys as I did it. Seeing their faces turned me on. They were speechless as they watched the fountain flow and listened to the splashing noise on the concrete floor. The noise turned me on too. There was something about pissing that turned me on, and doing it with an audience lived up to my most outrageous fantasies. It was such a filthy thing to do. I couldn’t have felt dirtier. I lost all inhibitions as the piss flowed from my cunt. 

One of the slightly bolder boys knelt behind me and put his hand between my legs and felt my piss run through his fingers. ‘It’s so warm’, he said. That was an unexpected surprise and a real turn-on. Was there anything I wouldn’t do? Was there any form of humiliation that did not turn me on? ‘Look how open her cunt is’ said one of the boys. I looked down. My hole was gaping. I also saw semen on the ground below me. It had poured out of me as I pissed. No wonder the boys were enjoying it so much. It could not have been more humiliating. I was getting off on it. 

I ran my fingers over my clitoris. I quickly realised how close I was to cumming. I wanted to come in front of the boys and show them just what a slut I was. Rick had said earlier that tonight we would see just how much of a slut I really was. I came as the thought ripped through my brain. I was a complete slut with no limitations as to what I would do. This was me. This was what I wanted to be.

The boys cheered as I came. ‘Look at the slut, she’s cumming, said one of them. ‘She loves this’ said another. ‘Let’s all fuck her again’. ‘Would you like that’ he said. ‘Oh yes, please fuck me again’ I said looking at them. I desperately wanted it. I was ordered to get down on my elbows and knees in the spot where I had just pissed. They took turns fucking me from behind. 

They watched as I rubbed my tits in the piss on the concrete floor. It was an epic fucking and I loved every minute of it. I came twice as my cunt was pumped with more semen. Young boys, they had no trouble getting another erection and cumming again. I was so happy to be their slut.

This time they fucked and left without saying a word. They just left me there after the last of them came inside me. I felt like a worthless slut. How I loved being a worthless slut. It was something I got off on.

Rick picked me up and wiped me clean with my dress. Looks like I would be travelling home naked. 

When we got home, Rick walked me up the pathway still naked, oblivious to the fact that a neighbour might see me. I rang the front doorbell hoping Steve would answer it quickly. When he opened it he stood there with his mouth agog, seeing his boss and his naked wife. ‘Here, you can have your slut back Steve’ said Rick. ‘But before I go though, what are you going to do to thank me for whoring you out tonight’ he said to me. ‘Would you like me to suck your cock sir’ I said compliantly, unconcerned that Rick had just told my husband that he had whored me out. How it turned me on offering to suck a man’s cock. 

I blew Rick in front of my husband and took his load in my mouth. Just for effect I let some dribble out the side so Steve could see that his wife had just swallowed a load from his boss in front of him. I stood up, feeling very satisfied with my night’s work. I had been fucked by three men in a restaurant, and my Master had sold my body to a bunch of young men, boys to be more accurate. Now I had blown my boss in front of my husband after returning home naked.

Rick looked down at my pussy and said to Steve, ‘look at that gaping cunt, if I were you, I would fuck her up the arse after I leave. Her cunt will be too lose to give you any satisfaction. It has been fucked about 20 times tonight’ he said. With that he turned and left.

‘Would you like my arse darling’ I said to Steve. He had previously told me how the thought of me being gangbanged turned him on. Tonight was my second gangbang for the week. I knew he’d be very turned on. He pushed me on to the carpet roughly and said, ‘open your arsehole slut’. I put my hands behind me and onto my arsecheeks and spread myself. ‘Take me’ I said like a true whore. 

It didn’t take long before Steve came inside his slut wife’s arse. It felt magnificent as he flooded my insides. There was so much that I wondered if it would ever stop. ‘I’ve been fantasising all night about what was being done to you’ he said. ‘I was determined though to save it for you when you got home. I don’t think I have ever felt more aroused. Did you like the result of that arousal filling your arse’ he said. 

‘It was wonderful. I love how you reclaim me’ I said. ‘Now let’s have a glass of wine and you can tell me all about your night’ said Steve. He fucked my pussy as I related all of the events of the night. ‘I love having my cock inside that whore cunt that has satisfied so many men tonight’ he said. ‘You are such a dirty fucking slut Lisa’ he said, as I told him about the pissing episode. I came as he fucked me. I was not sure if it was the fucking or the thought of what I had done. 

His lasting erection told me that he approved. He loved his new slutwife. It was just as well as there was no turning back now. This is what I craved. I was addicted to it. I was a dirty fucking slut and a whore. That is what I wanted to be. The old Lisa was dead.

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