Blog Sexual Health  Men & Multiple Orgasms – What We Know

Men & Multiple Orgasms – What We Know

Can you ever get too much of a good thing? As far as a sexual climax is concerned, we’d have to join the chorus in a resounding HECK NO. However when it comes to enjoying multiple orgasms in a single sexual session , it’s the fairer sex that has the cake and eats it. For the fellas, it’s more like have your cake, eat some and then wait like an hour and then eat a bit more… and so on.

Blog Sexual Health  Men & Multiple Orgasms – What We Know

Hey, it’s just different for guys. As for females, sexual science and study has long known about the ability of many women to experience multiple orgasms , most familiarly covered in the 1966 book Human Sexual Response by Masters & Johnson, who noted that:

“The human female frequently is not content with one orgasmic experience during episodes of [clitoral stimulation]…Many well-adjusted women enjoy a minimum of three of four orgasmic experiences before they reach apparent satiation.”

Oh to be so lucky, right? Many have argued about men’s incapability to achieve multiple orgasms, and always cite the ‘refractory period’ that occurs right after they achieve orgasm. The length of this period varies from guy to guy and is mainly dependent on age, with younger guys needing less time to recover than older men.

However when we talk about men and multiple orgasms , what do we mean? Is it the ability to ejaculate more than once during a lovemaking session? The consensus, according to the experts, is no.

Surprising to many men is that ejaculation and orgasm are actually two different things. The ejaculation part is, well, the ejaculation of bodily fluids that follows orgasm. An orgasm, you see, precedes ejaculation; it’s the muscle contractions in your genital region that happen alongside the pleasurable feeling of orgasm.

So then to actually have multiple orgasms during a sexual session, one needs to master this muscle contraction. Of the small number of men who are reported to experience multiple orgasms, most say that it has happened by accident or as an unintended result. However of the men who claimed that they have harnessed the ability to multiorgasm, the researchers stated that;

“These men practiced coming to the brink of orgasm and inhibiting ejaculation until they could separate the sensation of orgasm and the experience of ejaculation. Both of these subjects used techniques such as the squeeze method in their initial practice.”

Like every worthwhile skill, the ability for a man to have multiple orgasms requires practice, and the ‘squeeze’ method the researchers speak of is one we’ve previously covered in depth on this very site: pelvic muscle control.

In order to get started as a multi-orgasmic pro, you’re going to have to start by mastering your muscles. Exercising the muscles of your pelvic floor is a must for so many reasons, and the ability to clench them right at the point of ejaculation might help you have the orgasmic sensations without the ejaculation and the refractory period that follows.

How do you exercise your pelvic muscles? Clench your muscles as you would if you wanted to stop peeing mid-flow. Clench and hold for a few reps throughout the day to get started with an exercise routine that has benefits far beyond pleasure.

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