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How to Make Jerking Off Even Better

Masturbation: already pretty good. So goes the bumper sticker that should definitely be available in truck stops worldwide. Why? Because it’s absolutely true. Jerking off is a reminder that someone up there likes us, because it’s the most fun you can have while still remaining on the right side of the law.

But what if I told you that jerking off could actually be better than it already is? Now I know you likely think you’ve got this whole masturbation thing figured out, but there are a whole bunch of add-ons and alternate techniques that demand your attention, because they might just elevate what is already a pretty damn elevating experience.

Here are just some of the tips and tricks from the guys around the office about how they do it, and some of the things they do to make it even better. Take heed, and definitely try some of these out for yourself.

Blog Masturbation Tips Sex Tips & Advice  How to Make Jerking Off Even Better

  1. Go hands-free

A super-soft blanket or velvety quilt can feel pretty good when brushing up against your nethers, right? Take this sensation to its obvious end by laying on your stomach, bunching the soft fabric around your penis and moving your hips back and forth (running some of your favorite porn on your laptop helps in a big way) until you reach a hands-free orgasm. Note: save this move for laundry day so your bedding can go right to the wash afterwards.

  1. Take it to the limit – then stop & start again

Edging : it’s all the rage these days, so why not get on what can be considered a masturbatory trend. The practice of edging is to masturbate right until the point of orgasm, only to stop and resume after the sensation has subsided a bit. The people who do it swear that they enjoy much more powerful orgasms compared to simply masturbating to climax: bang and done. Will edging make you come harder? Find out for yourself!

  1. Use a vibrator

If you’ve got an S.O. who owns a vibrator, use this to your advantage when you’re flying solo: turn it on high and hold it between where your shaft and balls meet. Doing so will supply a powerful vibe throughout the entire area for a totally unique and pleasurable feeling.

Don’t have a partner with a vibrator?  No problem! There are a ton of vibrators for men on the market, which leads us to our next masturbation idea…

  1. Add in some prostate massage

There is no better time than now to start experimenting with the amazing pleasures of prostate massage . This little gland can provide mind-blowingly intense orgasms when it’s stimulated just so, and there are a whole bevvy of anal vibrators for men that have been designed specifically for the purpose of prostate pleasure. Get yourself a vibrating prostate massager and see all the fun you’ve been missing out on.

  1. Invest in some SexTech

Using a masturbation sleeve can take your jerking off game to a whole new level, and you owe it to yourself to find out what all the fuss is about (seriously, they’re fantastic). However if you really, truly want to treat yourself to some out-of-this-world pleasures, opt for the top of the line option and go for one of the new SexTech Masturbation Sleeves . They come with a whole raft of special features, not least among them sonic emitters that envelope your entire genital area in stimulating sensations. Think you can handle that?

  1. Give your balls some lovin’ too

Often overlooked during masturbation, your testicles and scrotum are a big pleasure center so don’t neglect them! Try a light tickle on the crease between your thigh and scrotum. Give your balls a light squeeze or tug on your ballsack while you masturbate to mix things up a bit.

  1. Level up your lube

For those of us that use lube, one finds oneself always opting for the same lotion year after year – switching it up a bit and instead using, say, an essential oil or a lubricant made for sex & lovemaking . It’s like going on a sexual holiday from the norm. Especially if you’re someone who never uses lube, then making things slick and slippery is a totally different kind of self-pleasure that you’ll want to add to your routine every now and then.

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