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How Tantra & Tantric Sex Can Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction

It’s not a particularly nice phrase, ‘erectile dysfunction’. And it’s not a particularly nice thing to experience, the struggle to maintain an erection during sexual activity. But hey, look, it’s going to happen to all of us at some point: one in 10 men under 40 experience some form of it, and that number goes up to one in two for men between 40 and 70. The causes of erectile dysfunction might be tied to low self-esteem or other psychological problems, or they might be more clearly physical – the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, for example.
So, if erectile dysfunction will basically happen to all of us, we should be equipped with ways of dealing with it. In this piece I’ll explain how, if you suffer from this particular irritation, you might be able to help or even cure it through the wonderful practice of tantra and tantric sex.
“What’s tantra? What’s tantric sex?” you’re wondering. I’ve got you, don’t worry. Tantra is fantastic. In sexual terms, it’s about connecting with the energy of another person – a process that can create more intense, meditative, and meaningful sex.

Why do men suffer from erectile dysfunction?

People’s reasons for suffering from erectile dysfunction are as varied as the people themselves. The reasons can be physical – symptoms of ill health like heart disease, substance abuse and high cholesterol can all contribute – but they can also be entirely psychological. A man in perfect physical condition, who takes no drugs and has no history of heart problems, can have difficulty maintaining an erection because guess what? It’s really hard to control what’s going on in our brains.
First of all, if you experience erectile dysfunction or have a partner who struggles with it, don’t blame yourself. You’re a legend and blame is a dangerous thing that can perpetuate the problem, causing a rift between the two of you. In the blame game, everyone loses.
You may struggle to keep an erection going because you associate sex with trauma: you may have experienced sexual abuse, for example. You may have a general fear of failure, which seeps into your sex life and undermines your confidence in the bedroom. You may be absolutely incapable of quitting pornography, rendering you unable to get hard without the help of onscreen titillation.

Don’t let it get too bad

Because it’s a physical issue that can be so inextricably tied to our thought processes, it’s one of those annoying problems that may get worse the longer it goes unsolved. In other words, if you know you have been consistently unable to maintain an erection over the last six months, every time you come to have sex you might be even more worried, making it harder every time (if you’ll excuse the pun). This can go on and on, so it’s important to have some ideas up your sleeve as to how to get your love rocket back on track.

Don’t just rely on Viagra

Because sex is so important to so many people – and it’s kind of essential to the continuation of the human race, so that’s understandable – it is not exactly a struggle to find people proposing ways to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. I’m sure you’ve seen the pop-ups and the emails. The most iconic of these solutions, Viagra, can work (for an astonishingly long time in some cases) but isn’t really a long-term solution. For a start, you might suffer some of the many possible side effects, which include abnormal vision and dizziness. Or you might simply find that the tablets have diminishing returns as your body becomes desensitised to them.
This is why tantra and tantric sex are such good ideas. They don’t rely on chemicals. They give you a tool kit to help achieve a higher state of sexual consciousness. Using the techniques can make you feel infinitely more relaxed in the build-up to sex – and during it.
For a start, tantric massage – a massage that is not necessarily sexual but helps calm the body in what can be a sensual and arousing way – can help to remove blockages in the body caused by stress. The genital area is not immune from these blockages, and, where most massages don’t incorporate this part of the body, tantric massage does – it increases blood flow to the pelvic area, meaning that erections are in turn easier to achieve.

First time tantra?

If you are experimenting with a tantric massage for the first time, look up the various options involved. First of all, wear something easy-to-take-off or get completely naked – tantric massage tends to, but doesn’t have to, happen in the nude. Make the space comfortable with pillows and candles. Start by applying oil to the back and bottom, sliding your hands all over the back of the neck and over the shoulders. Don’t neglect the feet, an erogenous part of the body – apply more oil and knead the foot, rotating the toes and rubbing all over the ankle and heel.
You can then turn your attention to your partner’s chest and abdomen, sliding your hands up and down their frontal area. Work their nipples with the oil before gradually moving down to the pelvic area. If you are of the flexible body type, you could also try to work various yogic positions into the tantric session while maintaining eye contact with your partner. These can bring the two of you closer together, literally and metaphorically, and are designed to bring you to a state of calm.

Step it up and give it a go

After this you could progress to techniques like prostate massage or lingam massage, both of which are gentle but erotic methods to support erectile health. Depending how the evening goes, this could be the perfect springboard for some tantric love-making or you could call it a day there and pick up where you left off next time.
If all this sounds enticing to you – and why the hell wouldn’t it? – pick up the phone and book a session with one of Karma Tantric’s masseuses, who know exactly how to harness the power of tantra for your relaxation and pleasure. Click here to find out more about Tantric Sex.

Authentic Tantra Blog Fun & Mainstream Health & Wellbeing slider Tantric Sex Tips  How Tantra & Tantric Sex Can Help Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Brendan Fallow is normal guy that has taken it upon himself to venture into the world of tantra and tantric massage. His mission is to investigate these topics and provide a unique perspective to those of us who need the cold, hard facts about tantra. | Read More

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