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Experimenting – An Erotic Story

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories ROMANTIC STORIES  Experimenting – An Erotic Story

It had been weeks since she first told him that she wanted to try something new. Late one night, after having finished making love, she turned to him and asked what he would think of her if she wanted to be tied up. 

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories ROMANTIC STORIES  Experimenting – An Erotic Story

His arousal grew instantly in that moment.

In the following weeks, as they would lie next to each other naked and fondling themselves, she would beg for him to tell her how rough he would be with her. As he spoke she imagined his hands tying her down with rope, exploring her as he wished. All the while, she would show no interest in resisting. The thoughts alone were enough to send her into a frenzy.

One afternoon he decided that imagining these acts no longer sufficed. He needed to fulfill her fantasy and bring the images they had been discussing to life. He gathered everything he thought he might need – a blindfold, soft rope, various sex toys they had, plus some new ones. After picking her up from work that afternoon, he set his plan in motion once they arrived home. 

“I have a surprise for you,” he says as they walk through the front door. Standing in the entryway of their condo he approaches her from behind and places a blindfold over her eyes.

“Ooo, I like surprises,” she playfully remarks. Unaware that this surprise will leave her sprawled on the floor naked, and covered in sweat and cum.

“I want you to kneel down on the floor and place your hands behind your back,” he instructs her.  She nervously complies with his request. 

From a nearby drawer he removes a bundle of soft black rope and loosely secures her hands behind her back.

“What kind of surprise is this, exactly?” She awaits his response while excitement swells inside her.  

Disregarding her inquiry, he softly tugs the hem of her blouse out from the skirt it is tucked into. Her movements halt and her breath hitches as he undoes each button and slides the garment down her arms to her bound wrists. 

He unhooks the front clasp of her bra and then steps back to admire her half naked body. Her chest steadily rises and falls with each trembling breath. He reaches out to hold and caress one of her breasts, realizing in this moment just how helpless and defenseless her current position has made her. She realizes it too and yearns for his flesh upon hers.

He takes her left arm and assists her up to her feet. As she is guided into their bedroom her anticipation intensifies, adrenaline courses through her. Once they near the bed he sends her crashing down on the mattress with a slight shove. For a moment she loses her breath. It calms shortly after, though her temperature rises as she feels the cool touch of silk sheets spread out beneath her. 

“All you have to do is behave, and I promise, you will get through this,” he whispers into her ear. He hunches over her, so close that she can pick up his masculine scent. She shutters, her heart pounding in her chest. 

His mouth opens and closes over one of her breasts. Her nipple hardens while clenched between his teeth. As he lets go, it glistens with his saliva.

Her hips move in a way to suggest something coming to life inside of her. Something in need of being released. 

He unzips the side of her skirt, and soon has her lying in nothing but a pink lace panty.  Using his shoulders, he pries apart her legs, and rests his head on her pelvis. With his eyes closed, he breathes in her aroma. 

She wriggles under his weight with desire, then sighs, relinquishing all control of her body.

Using a finger, he brushes aside the lace covering her pubic mound. With her panties stretched clear, he uses his other hand to smooth her wetness over her outer lips. He takes a quick sample, lapping his tongue over her clit and sending shivers throughout her body.

With a forceful tug he clutches her panties in his fist, pulling and tugging the undergarment away from her body. One last twist and the panties are reduced to a shredded mess on the floor.  His right hand clutches her left ankle. Abruptly, he raises her leg into the air and takes her cunt into his mouth.

Her back arches as his tongue enters her. Amidst the tussling, she manages to free her hands from behind her. She grips his head, holding him between her thighs. 

He heeds her gesture, remaining in place. His tongue flicks around her clit, every so often releasing the hardened bud to lap across the rest of her vulva. She pulls him in even closer. He presses his thumb inside of her pussy and brings her to climax. 

She loosens her hold of him just enough that he manages to back away from her. While admiring her in this post-orgasmic state, he hopes that he hasn’t worn her out too quickly. 

Her chest rises and her hips gyrate. Her entire body brought to life by his tongue. 

“That was a freebie. The others won’t be given so easily,” he says, circling the foot of the bed. She rolls to her stomach, doing her best to follow the sound of him removing his clothes. 

His cock bulges before her. 

Her attempt to pull herself up to her hands and knees is thwarted by his strong hand knocking her off balance. She comes to rest on her back. Her head hangs off the edge of the bed. 

“Open your mouth,” he commands.

Stroking his swollen prick with his right hand, he watches eagerly as she spreads her lips slightly. He steps closer to her, observing as she instinctually readies herself to welcome him. He angles his cock towards her gaping mouth, slowly feeding himself to her. She lies still, taking his full length. Her only movement is a hand brought to touch his hips as he steadily fucks her mouth. 

He leans forward, supporting himself with one hand on her raised knee while lightly circling his other over the slick folds between her legs. All the while, continuing to steadily thrust in and out of her mouth. He senses himself nearing his limit and withdraws. The absence of his cock in her mouth, and his palm on her sex leave her on the cusp of another climax. 

A look of agony overcomes her face, and she reaches her hands between her thighs to finish herself. 

“No, my love. I promise to leave you plenty satisfied,” he scolds her teasingly while helping her to her knees.

He retrieves the rope that previously bound her wrists from off the bed, and with it, binds her forearms atop one another behind the small of her back. This time, he makes certain she will not escape as easily.

After instructing her to lie down on her back with her legs bent, she hears him working to open a case of some kind.

He stands before their dresser, examining a pouch of various toys – vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, and beads. In his hand he holds a spreader bar, which he fastens to each delicate ankle of hers before leaving the room. 

When he returns, carrying with him a bucket of ice, he pauses and admires her lying naked across their bed, blindfolded, arms bound behind her back. Ankles tacked apart by a cold stainless-steel bar. 

“Would you like to have a little fun?” 

She nods, affirming her willingness to participate.

“Let me know if there is anything you don’t like,” he says, running a hand up her calf. He sets the bucket of ice on the floor beside the bed and twists a vibrator down between the cubes. 

He lifts the spreader bar in the air above her. Desperately wanting use of both hands, he secures one end of rope to the center of the bar, loops its remaining length behind her neck, and ties the other end back to the bar. Now, her legs are suspended above her, and he has full access to her pussy.

 He sinks in between her thighs, tasting her again. Her sweet flavor washes over his taste buds as he swirls his tongue around her clit and pushes inside her.

And then, just as quick as he had taken her in his mouth, he was gone again. She writhes in desire and against the restraints holding her in place. Her body stills and tenses in response to a cool, pointed object tracing down from above her clit, moving between her labial folds, and now circling her asshole. 

Relax she hears him say as the steel bulb of an anal plug is slowly pressed inside of her ass. A moan escapes her mouth. He allows a moment for her to acclimate to the full sensation. And then, with no thought, she begs him to proceed.

She hears the sound of ice being shuffled around. Then, the frozen tip of a chilled vibrator glances across her nipples. With the press of a button, the toy whirs to life, and the breath is nearly entirely expelled from her chest. Her body convulses beneath the cold, humming touch of this vibrator. It is then replaced by the warmth of this tongue, sucking her stiffened nipple into his mouth as far as it will go. 

She melts. And wonders how much more she may have to endure before he allows her to cum once again. 

A gasp flies from her mouth, as he slips the cold vibrator between her lips and into her pussy.  He presses the humming toy deep inside of her, bringing her body to quake. Orgasm rips through her body. After her final passionate cry goes silent he removes the once cold device from between her legs – now warm and coated with her cum.

She remains in a daze, but aware, as he undoes the rope attached to the spreader bar. With a twist and a pull of the steel shaft, he maneuvers her so that she now lies on her stomach with her legs off the bed. 

He grins at the sight of the anal plug between her ass cheeks.

“Please,” she manages to form faintly between exhausted breaths.

“What’s that?” He leans in closely to her, sucking her ear lobe into his mouth behind his words.

“Please,” she says again. And then begs, “Fuck me.”

Without hesitation, he takes his aching cock and thrusts into her pussy. She cries out in pleasure, filled by his cock and the plug still in her asshole. He builds into a steady pace, supporting himself on her bound arms. Every so often he fully withdraws his prick before driving his full length back into her. Having already cum numerous times, she nears her peak quickly yet again. Sensing this, he grips her hips tightly and slams his body into hers. Cries of satisfaction fill their bedroom one more time and he recognizes that she has reached her limit.

He helps her slide from the bed down to the floor, positioning her on her knees. Taking her chin in one hand, he guides his wet cock across her cheek, tracing her jawline and prompting her to take him again in her mouth.

She holds steady, allowing him to pace how quick she will suck him to completion. He clenches every muscle he can to push as close to the brink as possible. The desire for release intensifies, and when he can no longer stave off his climax, he pulls his swollen cock from her mouth, and spills himself down her face, neck and torso. 

Once finished, he helps her to her feet, unties the rope and removes the spreader bar from her ankles. He walks her in front of the full-length mirror and removes the blindfold from her eyes. The couple admires the naked reflection of their post-coital bodies.

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