Blog Sexual Health  Afterglow: The Spillover Effects of Sex On Your Job

Afterglow: The Spillover Effects of Sex On Your Job

You ever show up to work in a particularly good mood and one of your colleagues says, ‘someone got laid last night…’

Well, new evidence suggests that your sex life has a direct, positive influence on your work life. We all tend to bring our work home with us, so doesn’t it make sense that you bring your home life to work too?

An interesting new study followed 159 employed, married adults over the course of two weeks. The participants answered questions about their personal and professional lives three times a day over that period, and the researches used the information to track the relationship between the couples’ sexual activity and positive outcomes at work. The goal? To see if there was a direct correlation between sex and success.

Blog Sexual Health  Afterglow: The Spillover Effects of Sex On Your Job

What They Found

The day after they’d had sex, the participants all reported being in a more positive mood at work. What’s more, they also reported being more satisfied with their jobs after sex, in large part because of being in a more positive mood generally. This helped the participants being more engaged, and performing better professionally.

This was regardless of how happy the participants were with their marriage as a whole: sex unanimously improved their work life even if they weren’t happy more broadly.

But the study also found that work-related stress makes sex less likely. When participants reported coming home from work feeling too stressed by pressures at work to participate in family responsibilities or do other things they enjoy, they were also less likely to have sex that night. It’s part of a vicious circle.

This might all seem obvious, but research like this is important to empirically prove the benefits, both personal and professional, of a healthy sex life. There is clearly a complex relationship between our private and work lives, and how one can directly affect the other. 

It also highlights the destructive power of stress: stress makes you less likely to have sex , which makes you more likely to be stressed.

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