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A Sleepless Night – An Erotic Story

Laying in the darkness, Deandra tossed & turned, plumped her pillows, checked her phone and huffing out a huge sigh, threw herself back down onto her back. Would she ever get to sleep?

What was the matter with her lately that sleep was eluding her? She had removed caffeine after 6pm, had warm baths in soft light, read at night rather than scrolling on her tablet, but still, despite yawning her way through the day she just could not fall asleep.

As she lay thinking about this, and yet trying not to ‘over-think’ it, her fingers had begun to stroke lazily on the opposite  forearm, much as she did as a child; the experts ,would call this classic self-soothing behaviour. As Deandra became aware of herself doing exactly this she began to move her hand up and toward her shoulder and neck, her action now firm more smoothing against her warm skin. Down her breast-bone she paused and let her hand travel east and under her full breast, cupping the soft flesh, her palms pressed against her rapidly hardening nipple. This feels soooo good.

Blog Erotica SEX TOY STORIES  A Sleepless Night – An Erotic Story

Her other hand joined in now as she cupped and kneaded each breast, her fingers tweaking her erect nipples bringing her delightful little sparks of excitement and desire. Her mind had now stopped thinking about the passing hours and instead was lost, given over to the pleasure seeking pressure of her hands and fingers as they pressed, stroked and teased her flesh.

Without thought, now her hands travelled down over her soft belly, smoothing a path toward her pubis,  over the hard bone beneath and on down. She moved her legs to widen and open herself up to the experience she was giving to herself, and she let a probing finger slide down, to forge a pathway toward her vulva. As the finger passed over her clitoris, she gasped, her pleasure receptors leaping  to attention. She dipped her fingers into the soft wet opening of her vagina and used this silky wetness to ease the flow as her fingers began to make circular movements around and around her swelling clitoris.

Her breathing was becoming rapid, she became aware that the hand still holding her breast was now grasping and folding hard against the soft flesh. Letting go, her hand now snaked out of the covers, in darkness her fingers found the edge of the mattress, then the drawer knob of her bedside cabinet, pulling it open and inside, feeling around in her secret toy-box, searching for just the right one for her needs.

Her fingers at last felt the smooth slightly clingy surface of her favourite toy, the one she always kept charged and took away with her on trips away. Now her fingers finding their way, practiced as they were, to the power button it sprang pulsating into to life. Now she moved her hand back under the duvet, pushing it off of herself her body now craved freedom, her legs spread wider as the toy delved down and vibrated against The little nub which unerringly gave her such immense carnal delight.

Her body lost itself to the rhythm of her masterbation as she took herself quickly to the edge. Here, she mentally paused, easing the pressure applied by her fingers as she held herself back, should she let herself fall over the edge, or move back and prolong her wait. No, she decided in a split second that would simply give in to it and as she applied the pressure again, unable to control the involuntary twitches of her body as it orgasmed beneath the buzzing of her toy.

Now, signing with lazy pleasure, her finger found the button, clicking it off, she let go, and pulled the duvet back over her rapidly cooling flesh, closing her eyes as satiated, sleep finally took her.

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