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My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 14 – An Erotic Story

My Father In Law

I was sitting at my desk one Wednesday morning, only a few weeks after the incident with Nathan, when my boss Rick called me into his office. ‘I have a visitor coming in shortly and I would like you to use your charms on him, if you know what I mean’, he said. I knew exactly what he meant. 

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 14 – An Erotic Story

Although the Nathan thing had rocked me a bit, nothing had changed. I was still being used by the Partners, and Steve was still whoring me out. The only difference was that he had changed my profile and I had gone from a buck’s party slut to an exclusive escort, an upmarket whore. 

I liked the change. There is something about sophisticated, professional, well-spoken men with filthy minds. All they want is for a sexy woman to be their whore in the bedroom, a slut to indulge their every whim and fantasy. That was what they got with me. I really enjoyed seeing the pleasure I gave them by letting them treat me like their slut. They were all married. If only their wives would be that for them, they would have loyal, satisfied husbands. They all told me how their wives wouldn’t do the things they wanted, that they thought it was somehow below them. It seemed to me that so many women had no understanding of basic male biology and psychology.

They loved having me indulge their filthiest fantasies. Anal sex was a favourite, as was having me suck their cocks. It was not unusual for them to want a golden shower after I offered it to them. They all loved dirty talk too. Having treated me like a lady over a few drinks before sex, they took no time in treating me like a slut in the bedroom. They loved calling me a slut and loved it even more when I told them what a filthy slut I was. ‘Fuck your slut up the arse’ was a favourite. That never failed to secure an erection. A few of them liked to tie me up and spank me. I enjoyed that as much as they did. There is something about being tied up and vulnerable, giving control to the man, not knowing what to expect.

The appointments were more satisfying than the buck’s parties had been. I loved being a classy whore. I really enjoyed Rick giving me to his clients to use too. It appealed to the whore in me. Being used for the pleasure of a man had become my biggest turn-on, particularly when I had no say in it. I loved being used to win new clients and keep important ones. 

‘Go to the bathroom and freshen up Lisa’, he said, ‘when you get back, my visitor will be in the office with me. Take everything off before you come in, except for your heels of course. Put your slut collar on’.

As I walked into Rick’s office my jaw dropped. There sitting on the couch alongside Rick was my father in law Richard. My arms went everywhere as I tried to cover myself up. The problem was that I would have needed four arms. ‘Don’t bother Lisa, I’ve seen it all before’ said Richard. WTF!

Rick then piped in and said, ‘Richard was at Ted’s little gathering a while back when you and Diana were the entertainment for the evening Lisa’. ‘You’ve got a great pussy Lisa’ said Richard, ‘even when it is full of other men’s semen’. Fuck, Richard had seen me in action at Ted’s, not only that, he had fucked me. My father in law had fucked me. 

‘You suck cock well too’ he then said. I had sucked my father in law’s cock, and he had fucked me. I had been blindfolded, not knowing who I was sucking and being fucked by. I loved that. It made me feel like a sex slave. But there was a clear downside that now struck me. I had no way of knowing if I was being used by somebody that knew me.

What would Steve say? Did he know? Richard must have read my mind and said, ‘don’t worry, Steven’ (he always called him Steven) knows nothing, it is our little secret’. 

‘I have always thought you were an outstanding looking woman Lisa’ he said. ‘I would have never guessed that you were such a slut though. Who would have thought? Nothing wrong with that honey’, he said in a familiar manner, ‘the best women all are’. ‘Ever since Ted’s function I have been thinking about you and how to tell you I knew. I spoke to Ted and he explained your role at the Company. I eventually plucked up the courage and spoke to Rick and here I am’.

The truth was that I had always thought Richard was a very hot guy. We had a great relationship and even engaged in a bit of harmless flirting from time to time. Steve was a good-looking man, but he had nothing on his father. Richard was the most sophisticated, handsome older gentleman I had ever laid eyes on in my life. He was also tall and well built. On top of all that he spoke so beautifully. In fact, since the slut thing took over my life, I had imagined it was Richard fucking me on more than one occasion while I was being done by Steve. There was a resemblance, so it wasn’t difficult. 

Richard had his own legal practice and knew most of the Partners where Steve and I worked. I never thought he might be one of Ted’s clan. I knew they were all lawyers though. I had been caught out. 

‘I don’t know what to say’ I said, ‘I’m so sorry if I have let you down Richard’. ‘It is fine Lisa, I am glad it happened’ he said. ‘it is not as if I could have ever propositioned you. You are married to my son after all. Now everything is different’ he said with a huge smile. 

He looked at me and said, ‘I want you to put your elbows on the desk with your face down Lisa’. I had a fair idea where this was going. Surely, I should protest and put an end to this stupidity right here and now. I was his daughter in law. This was all wrong. Then the words finally left my lips – ‘yes sir’. I couldn’t say no. I wanted him to touch me. I had just crossed a line. What had I become?

‘You deserve a good spanking’ he said. I wanted a spanking. ‘You have been a very naughty girl Lisa, letting all those strange men fuck you’. He spanked me hard. I just about had an orgasm as the palm of his hand connected with my butt cheek. I was so aroused. ‘Why did you let those men all fuck you’ he said. ‘I don’t know sir’ I responded.  There goes that sir thing again. 

Tears were falling from my eyes as Richard kept spanking me and putting me on the spot about my behaviour. I said nothing, the tears still flowing. I just didn’t know what to say. ‘Tell me Lisa how you could just lie on your back and let man after man fuck you’ Richard said assertively. 

I burst out crying and said, ‘it is because I am a slut, I’m a slut who can’t get enough cock, I’m a submissive slut who lives to please men, that’s what gets me off. Are you happy now’ I cried sobbing? 

Richard stopped the spanking and massaged my naked bottom. It felt beautiful. He was just playing me, testing my submissiveness. ‘It’s alright little girl’ he said softly. He then ran his fingers between my legs. You’re very wet my angel’ he said. I so wanted him to fuck me there, bent over Rick’s desk. 

Richard stood back and dropped his trousers and underwear to his ankles. ‘Turn around Lisa’ he said. I turned around to see the largest, most impressive erect cock I had ever seen in my life. He even put Tony to shame. He looked me in the eye and said, ‘would this make you feel better’?

Fuck yeah! I went straight to my knees and went to work on Richard’s cock. I held it and ran my hand up and down the shaft, my eyes transfixed on this most magnificent of cocks. I couldn’t stop feeling it and looking at it. I was mesmerised by my father in law’s cock. ‘Suck it like a good girl (shades of things to come)’ he said, ‘you’ve had enough time to admire it’. 

I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and moved my open mouth down the shaft. He was so big. I sucked his wonderful cock, taking as much in my mouth as I could. It tasted wonderful. The aroma was intoxicating too. I loved the smell of cock. ‘Deeper’ he said. As I got used to the size of him, I got more of his cock in my mouth. I could feel the head of it at the back of my throat. ‘You will get it all with practice, just like Margaret does’ he said. At that moment my respect for my mother in law went through the roof.

Eventually Richard exploded in my mouth, holding my head there so I had to take all his semen. He came a lot for an older man, and I swallowed, not wanting to spill a drop of his magnificent nectar. After he finished cumming, and I had swallowed it all, I removed my mouth from his cock. I watched as the last emission of his ejaculate left the head of his cock and ran down the shaft onto his shaven scrotum. I was impressed that a man his age would keep himself so well groomed, not really surprised though. At his instruction I cleaned it all up with my tongue. 

I had just betrayed my husband and I felt no guilt. I knew I wanted more of Richard. I would be used by Richard whenever and wherever he wanted me. As it turned out, he wanted me a lot, and sometimes in the most inappropriate times and places. That was a turn-on for both of us. He became my lover. 

Steve was very close to his mother. Richard and I had always been close. He was a great chef and I always helped him prepare the meal when we were visiting them. Margaret was not really into menial things like preparing meals. She and Richard ate out a lot. Richard loved having me there and was always lovely and very attentive. I now knew why. It also explained why Steve and I would always end up in the hot tub with his parents. Richard just wanted to see my body. 

His mother was a looker too. While Richard was around 6o, Margaret was a bit younger. She had Steve at a young age and never wanted more children. Steve was off her hands when she was in her mid-40’s. I think that was always her plan. She was on the tall side, blonde, with lovely olive skin and a great figure. She always looked glamorous. She always wore make up and dressed immaculately. She had beautiful long legs and great boobs. She liked to accentuate them in the way she dressed. She and Richard made a great pairing. Steve inherited very good genes. 

We went over there on the Friday night after my little session with Richard in Rick’s office. Richard had invited us. I knew he desperately wanted to see me. I wore quite a sexy outfit. I wanted to look hot for him. I saw the look on Richard’s eyes as I walked in. He looked like he could have devoured me there and then. I wanted him to. I felt instantly wet. 

Margaret looked at me and said in her very well-spoken manner, ‘you look very sexy Lisa, love the dress and the boots look dear’. I knew she would appreciate it. I had worn a short blue dress with a plunging neckline, and black knee-high boots. Underneath, unbeknown to my husband, I had on crotchless knickers. I wanted Richard to be able to get at me with ease in the kitchen. 

Richard suggested cocktails in the hot tub. ‘Would you help me make them up please Lisa’ he said. Normally he would make them without assistance. I knew he wanted to get me on my own. Steve and Margaret got changed and went outside and got in the tub. As soon as we were alone in the kitchen Richard lifted my dress above my waist and his fingers went straight for my pussy. With a few fingers inside me he said, ‘you are very wet Lisa’. I smiled at him and kissed him on the lips. We then had a very passionate embrace while he continued to finger fuck me. 

I saw his hand go for his trousers and he revealed that cock that I had dreamt about ever since Wednesday. I got on my knees and took it straight into my mouth and he came in no time. The taste of his sperm was divine. I’m sure it was the circumstances, but it seemed uniquely sweet. ‘I so want to taste that pussy’ he said. ‘You’ll just have to wait you naughty man’ I said, ‘we need to get out to that hot tub before our spouses become suspicious’.

I went and got changed in to a very revealing bikini with a G-string bottom. Richard got changed into his bathers and took the cocktails out to Steve and Margaret. I cleaned my mouth before going out there. I jumped straight into the hot tub and Steve and Margaret did not notice the G-string bikini. Richard did. His eyes almost popped. Steve and Margaret were sitting alongside one another, deep in conversation as usual. 

I jumped in and sat next to Richard. With the bubbles creating camouflage Richard’s hand went straight for my pussy and he had his fingers inside me in no time. I had my hand on his erect penis. It was so naughty and exciting. 

I couldn’t hold an orgasm back. As I was cumming I leant outwards over the top of the hot tub to pick up my cocktail. I bit my lip as the orgasm ripped through me. I must have made a bit of a sound and Margaret said, ‘are you alright Lisa’. ‘Sure’, I said a little breathlessly, taking a sip of the cocktail. I then faked a sneeze. ‘Just a bit of a sneeze’ I said. 

Margaret looked at me, and then went back to talking to Steve. I looked at Richard and mouthed the words, ‘you naughty man’. I loved that he was a naughty man. He smiled and pursed his lips in a kissing motion. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted that cock inside me.

After a while Margaret said, ‘I’ve had enough, I think I’ll go inside and get changed’. ‘Me too’ said Steve. Steve was happy leaving me there with his father. He liked the fact that we got along so well. Not sure he wanted us to get along this well though. I knew they would both shower before they got dressed which gave us a bit of time. 

I stood out of the water, pulled my G-string to one side and said, ‘would sir like a taste’? Richard slapped my arse and said, ‘it is so beautiful Lisa’. ‘Why thank you sir’ I responded seductively. He then went for my pussy. ‘You taste absolutely magnificent Lisa’ he said. He buried his tongue as deep inside me as he could. He couldn’t get enough of it. ‘You’ll get a chance to do that properly for me one day soon’ I said, ‘right now I just want you to fuck me with that magnificent cock of yours’. 

I took Richard’s cock in my hand. It was very erect. I squatted over him and eased it into my pussy. Fuck, it felt sensational. As I bounced up and down on his cock it hit places that no cock had ever been before. We kissed and he massaged my breasts and squeezed my erect nipples. He came inside me, which made me very happy. I wanted him to enjoy me and lust after me. I wanted to satisfy him. I wanted his cum inside me. I was his in any way he wanted me. 

I had never been so turned on by any man in my life. The situation with him was intoxicating. Satisfying a very handsome sophisticated older man who just happened to be my father in law was an incredible turn-on. Yes, I knew it was wrong, but I easily pushed that aside. I was hooked on him.

‘I am so looking forward to having a longer session with that wonder inside me’ I said, leaning over and giving Richard another kiss. ‘But now, we better go inside’. I managed to get to the guest bedroom Steve and I sometimes stayed in without being seen. My G-string bikini was my secret, and Richard’s of course. We struggled to keep our eyes off one another for the rest of the night.

Richard’s cock became a regular part of my world. Steve often travelled interstate as his clients were usually national organisations. Steve was the Mergers and Acquisitions specialist. Whenever Steve was away Richard would come around and fuck me before going home to Margaret. I tried to make sure I was available and not with one of the partners. If I was, I would go home earlier so he could have me first. He was my priority. Things were changing for me.

He also found a way of having me around at his house more often. He was working on a huge legal case and as it turns out his EA had recently left on maternity leave. He had tried to get by without her. He asked me if I could help him out. Rick agreed, clearly understanding Richard’s motives. Steve thought it was a great idea too as he loved the bond between Richard and I (bondage more like it) and was proud that his father would think highly enough of me to ask for my help. 

I would spend hours some evenings in the office at his home, either bent over his desk with his cock up my cunt or arse, or under the desk with his cock in my mouth. Margaret never came in. It was their protocol, always had been. I wondered if his EA had provided similar services. I had met her, and she was hot. His EA’s were always hot. Everything was becoming clear. 

He fucked me at every opportunity, he was insatiable. His cock always seemed ready to go. This man was as virile as any 60-year-old possibly could be. That turned me on. I was glad I was the woman he wanted to fuck the most.

The other thing that happened was that Richard would sometimes take me away for a night or two on business. That was true, it was on business, it was just that he spent more time fucking me than in meetings. He would pay me. Did that make me a whore? I loved the thought.

When we were away Richard would fuck me morning, noon and night, any time we were not in meetings. His virility never ceased to amaze me. He would fuck me as soon as we got back to the hotel. He would fuck me before we went to bed. He would fuck me in the middle of the night. He would fuck me in the morning. If we had a few hours between meetings he would take me back to the hotel and fuck me. I have never been so lusted after by a man. I loved it.

I discovered that Richard had his kinky ways too, which I was more than happy to accommodate. In fact, it turned me on very much. He got me to purchase a school girl’s uniform and a wig with pigtails. He loved me wearing it in our hotel room. He would put me over his knee and spank me. He would become my Master during those submissive sessions. 

‘Has Lisa been a naughty little girl’? ‘Yes Master, I have’. ‘Look at that plug in your bottom, is that appropriate for a young girl’? ‘No Master, it’s very wicked, but I love it in my little bottom sir’? ‘Has Lisa allowed strange men to fuck her pussy’? ‘Yes Master, I have’. ‘Has Lisa allowed strange men to fuck her little arsehole’? ‘I have Master, I have been so naughty. I let them cum in my mouth too’. ‘What does Lisa deserve for being a naughty little slut’? ‘I deserve to be tied up and fucked in my bottom Master’. 

I loved it all. I was acting like his naughty little girl, his little slut. He got off on the age difference thing. I know I did. I was always wet through. Richard expertly spanked me through the entire routine. I loved his hand coming down on my arse. I loved the fact that he had such a wonderful view of it too. I wanted desperately to please him.

Richard would then tie me up on the bed on my stomach, with pillows under my midriff to lift and accentuate my arse. I would be spread wide. He always carried the ties and cuffs with him. He would then make me suck his cock while he spanked my pussy. He and I would talk dirty as we did it, using the master, slut theme. 

Occasionally he whipped it. I loved the whip. He knew how to use it. How I loved having my pussy spanked or whipped. It made me feel so naughty and submissive. It brought out the dirty slut in me and I would tell him about all the other men that had fucked me, always apologising. He loved it. He would then fuck me up the arse with his massive cock. 

Initially, I wondered how I was going to take it up there. I wanted to do it for him, but I was nervous. He was huge. To my surprise, with a bit of lubrication it slipped in quite easily, without any significant discomfort. In fact, it felt fucking amazing having his cock so deep in my arse. He satisfied me like no other man. I’m sure my arsehole had been stretched by all the cocks I had taken there since I had become more promiscuous. I was glad to be able to accommodate him.

Another favourite of his was pissing. Whenever I needed a pee, I had to ask him. ‘May I go to the toilet please Master, if I don’t, I will wet my panties’, not that I had any on most of the time. ‘Take my hand and I will take you to do it my little angel’ he would say. ‘Now sit on the toilet and be a good girl and wee’. He would push my legs apart so he could watch. I would be so turned on that it always took a while to come out. When it did, it did with a gush. He would put his hand underneath me and feel the warmth of my piss running through his fingers. ‘You are so naughty Master’ I would say, as he made me lick his fingers clean. 

He would also insist that I allow him to piss in my mouth whenever we had a shower together. It was always in my mouth. ‘You are a naughty girl drinking Master’s wee’. ‘Yes Master, I am so naughty, but I love drinking your wee’. ‘Well I might just let you off this once’. ‘Thank you Master, but I don’t deserve to be let off, I have been a bad girl drinking your wee’. He knew where to take that – tie me up on the bed and fuck me up the arse. I needed that cock as much as he needed to give it to me, and I loved being his submissive little girl. I loved calling him Master. It kept me permanently wet. We were perfectly matched. 

Richard got more daring at his house too. I think he loved the thrill. When Steve and I were there, and Richard and I were in the kitchen making the meal, he would have me suck his cock, or would insist I had my dress around my waist just so he could see and touch me. I stopped wearing panties when we went there. Steve didn’t know. On more than one occasion we almost got caught, with me having to pull my dress down as I heard footsteps coming.  

When we were sitting around with Steve and Margaret I would flash my pussy to Richard whenever I thought nobody was looking. When we sat next to each other at the dining table we would rub our legs together and he would regularly have his hand on my leg, or on my pussy. It was dangerous, but oh so exciting.  

Sometimes he would tell Steve and Margaret that we had run out of some ingredient. He would then take me out in his car on the pretence that we were going to the supermarket. I would suck his cock while he was driving until he came in my mouth. Occasionally he would fuck me in the car. Before we left the house, he would whisper to me, ‘let’s go to the supermarket, I need to fuck you right now’. I never said no. Of course, we never went to the supermarket. We did it in a car park behind it.

I was in sexual heaven. Richard satisfied every fantasy I had ever had. I was also cheating on my husband though – with his father. I felt like a cocaine addict. Deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong, but the high I got overrode any guilty feelings. It was as if I had no free will. I was Richard’s as long as he wanted me. I pushed any consequence out of my mind. I was addicted to him.

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