Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 15 – An Erotic Story

My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 15 – An Erotic Story

My Parents In Law

I had entered into a torrid sexual affair with my father in law. He fucked me whenever he got the chance. He made sure that was very regularly. Some weeks it was daily. He would often ring me in the office and ask me to meet him at his car parking spot below the office tower his law firm was located in. As it happened that was directly opposite where I worked. 

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 15 – An Erotic Story

I would tell Rick that I had to slip out to see Richard for a little while. Rick would give me a knowing smile. Richard would fuck me, or I would suck him to orgasm. Sometimes he just wanted to lick my pussy. I was always available to him. I loved being given the eye as I walked back to the office across the busy city street in my sexy outfit. If only they knew what I had just done!

I had never been fucked so much by a single person in my life. In my new role as Richard’s part time EA it became more and more. He was a stud like no other man I had ever met. His 60-year-old cock was ready to fuck me at all times. He fucked me more often than my husband did. His magnificent, huge cock gave me sexual satisfaction like nothing I had ever experienced. 

I was cheating on my husband with his father, but I seemed to have no power or free will to stop it. Steve was fully aware of my other sexual activities, but I couldn’t tell him about this one.

Richard got even more daring, fucking me every time I was in his office at his house. He couldn’t help himself. He just wanted me more and more. He didn’t care that his wife was in the house. It had always been the protocol that Margaret was not to interrupt him while he was doing business. She wasn’t really interested anyway. She had her own life. Most of the time she wasn’t there. She was out socialising with her friends. 

One day, she had a change of heart.

I was under Richard’s desk sucking his cock for all I was worth, as he was conducting a skype business call. How we both loved doing that. It made me feel so submissive. It made him feel so powerful. I hadn’t been at his house for long and it had been a few days since he had fucked me. It had been a few days since I had experienced the sweet smell and taste of his cock. I knew he would want me straight away. I felt the same way. We were desperate for one another.

Almost as soon as I walked into his office, looking sexy for him as usual, he said ‘get under the desk and suck my cock you little slut’. How I wanted his cock in my mouth straight away, how I wanted to be his slut. I couldn’t get enough of it. In a hotel room I was often his naughty little girl, dressed in a school uniform, with a wig with pigtails. In his home office I was always his slut. I loved both roles.

I heard the door open. Richard saw Margaret and immediately terminated the call. ‘What are you doing in here’ said a clearly startled Richard. ‘You know I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m working Margaret’ he said. I was under the desk with Richard’s cock in my mouth. I hoped Margaret hadn’t caught on. I dare not move in case I made a noise. Richard faced the door from his chair behind his desk. ‘Woe be it for me to interrupt you doing something important darling, but when Lisa has finished blowing you under the desk, I would like to have a little chat with her in the lounge room’. ‘Nice heels Lisa’ she said.

Sprung! She said it in such a nonchalant manner. There was not even a touch of anger in her voice. Margaret was a classy woman who spoke beautifully and never raised her voice. She had obviously seen my heels under the gap under the front of Richards desk just above floor level. She was all class that woman, and I couldn’t help but admire her cool wit.

I heard the door close. Margaret had obviously left. I went to remove my mouth from Richard’s cock. ‘Finish me off Lisa’ he said, ‘don’t worry about Margaret, she’ll be fine’. He then dialled back into the skype call and apologised, saying the line had dropped out. 

I wasn’t so sure about continuing. His wife, my mother in law, had just caught her beloved son’s wife sucking her husband’s cock. I wanted him to come quickly so I could have it out with Margaret. I used my best technique and I put a finger inside Richard’s arsehole and pumped it in and out gently. He came very fast, and as usual when I did that to him, he released a torrent of semen. It was even more than usual as he hadn’t fucked me for a few days. I licked him clean as he finished the call.

I crawled out from under the desk, apprehensive about what Margaret was going to say. Was it the end of my marriage? I knew how much Margaret loved Steve. Richard looked more satisfied than worried. I went to the bathroom, off Richard’s study, and gargled some mouthwash so I didn’t smell of Margaret’s husband’s semen when we talked. The realisation of it all hit me. My mother in law had just caught me under the desk sucking her husband’s cock. What must she think of me?

I walked into the lounge room and Margaret said, ‘sit down dear’. She poured me a glass of wine and handed it to me. She didn’t look angry. That was a good sign. She then started talking.

‘Lisa, I know Richard has always fancied you. That has been obvious to me for a long time. You should see how he watches your arse as you walk out of a room. It’s a lovely arse by the way. He appreciates lovely women, and you are a lovely woman. And Richard is a very naughty man.

I knew it was more than just admiration the day that you came around in the sexy dress and boots. I noticed a look between the two of you. Don’t think I fell for that sneeze bit in the hot tub either. I know an orgasm when I see one. Did he fuck you after Steven and I got out of the tub? ‘He did Margaret’ I said softly with my head bowed.

Then you were going away with him, and you were here in his office all the time. Richard suddenly seemed less interested in fucking me. He has always loved fucking me Lisa and done it regularly. I am sure you have worked out how virile he is. I knew he must have been getting it somewhere else. Not that I have a huge issue with him fucking somebody else. As I am about to tell you, that is part of our marriage. In fact, it gives me a bit of respite. You would know that is not easy taking that cock all the time, and he just loves anal sex. It was the deception that bothered me. (Anal sex, how many women would say that to their daughter in law? She had my attention.)

Now let me tell you a bit about our sex life.

Richard loves to treat me like a slut in the bedroom, so sex is usually full of adventure. (I remembered Richard’s comment in Rick’s office that day about how all the best women are sluts) As I said, Richard loves fucking me up the arse. I bet he loves to treat you like a slut too doesn’t he Lisa (I didn’t want to tell her about the little girl thing and I just nodded and smiled as she said it). I love it too by the way. We have a very active sex life. 

Don’t let all this glamour fool you, I can get as dirty as anyone in the bedroom. Richard loves taking his classy looking wife into the bedroom and treating her like a slut. It turns him on. He loves it when I am dirty. We love doing it. I just love being his classy whore. It gets me off.

He loves taking me to extravagant up-market functions dressed in a classy but very sexy manner. He likes other men looking at me. He likes to watch other men chat me up. When that happens, he gives me space. I think it’s the male leader of the pack thing – the man with the most desirable mate has the most power. 

He likes me wearing a buttplug when we go to those functions (I was trying to take all this in – beautiful, classy Margaret with a buttplug). The turn-on is that only he and I know. It is a very sexy thing to do. I love it. It turns me on talking to wealthy well-to-do people with a buttplug up my arse, knowing they have no idea, thinking I am Richard’s dutiful, glamorous wife. (like father like son, I thought to myself). 

He took me to a dinner for the Liberal Party at Government House one night. I had no panties on and a buttplug up my arse. It was very exciting talking to Government Ministers and their wives in that state. I was wet and horny all night. One of the Ministers who was there on his own took a real liking to me and vice versa. Guess what – he came home with us, and Richard, he and I had a threesome. I sucked and fucked both of them. So, what do you think of your classy mother in law now? (Margaret could see the disbelieving look on my face) 

I am not through yet, I am now going to tell you something that will probably shock you even more. As I said, Richard and I have a very healthy sex life. We both have a love of sex. We decided monogamy was boring after Steven left home. But we promised to never go behind the other’s back. That has been great for our relationship. I knew Richard had always fucked around, but I tolerated it, because at no stage did he ever want me less or love me less. He always lusted after me. He just couldn’t say no when an opportunity presented itself, so I let it go. It didn’t harm our marriage.

Since Steven left home, we have played together and separately, but always with each other’s knowledge and consent. We have like-minded friends who we party with. In the summer we often host pool parties. Everybody always ends up naked, and yes, it usually ends up in sex and a bit of wife swapping. We all love it, and nobody feels threatened watching their husband fuck one of their friends. 

I also have my girlfriends I socialise with. We sometimes go away together, and apart from enjoying each other’s company, we all love a good lesbian romp. There is nothing quite like the kiss and touch of a beautiful woman, not to mention a nice wet pussy. We love giving each other sensual massages. I always look forward to those trips away. Our husbands all know what we get up to.

So, it’s not as if I am a prude Lisa, far from it. I feel lucky to be married to a man that has allowed me to enjoy my sexuality to the fullest without constraint. In fact, it was Richard who pushed me down that path and opened my eyes. I would have just been another boring housewife otherwise. 

I totally understand the joy of sex and have no intentions of ever limiting it to one man. Richard and I are on the same page in that respect. What he has done with you though is a trust breaker. My major issue with what has happened here is that I wasn’t told. I guess I can understand it as he knows how much I love Steven. Steven must never know any of this by the way.   

So, here’s the deal. I will allow the two of you to go on as you are as long as you don’t slink around behind my back and keep things from me. If you are going away to fuck, tell me, don’t pretend it’s something else. I’m sure you both know only two well that you shouldn’t be doing what you’re doing so it’s not as if me saying anything will make you stop. 

Whatever you do though, don’t let Steven find out. Don’t go falling in love with Richard either Lisa. That would cause catastrophic outcomes. His infatuation with you is mainly sexual. I know him too well. As long as you keep it like that everything will work out fine’.

My feelings were a mixture of shock, ecstasy and awe. Steve’s parents were both liberated sexual beings who fully appreciated the joy of sex. And Margaret was a slut for her husband and indulged in a bit of wife swapping, lesbianism and playing around on the side. WTF! Pictures of her on her knees being fucked by other men flashed through my head. I could just see her, with her classy dress pulled up above her waist, exposing that magnificent arse, while getting a pounding from another man. I was wet thinking about it. She was a very attractive woman.

The main thing though was that she was not going to try and stop Richard and I continuing our affair. What a wise woman. She was right, Richard and I would not have stopped, we would have just told more lies and become even more dishonest. I knew it was a sexual attraction by the way. I had not considered anything beyond that. I also knew that Steve could never find out.

As I was processing it all Margaret said, ‘Now Lisa, I would like you to come over here and lay across my lap’. Where was this going? I was in no position to argue. In fact, I did as I was told, not with apprehension, but excitement. ‘Lift up your dress’ she said. There I was on my mother in law’s lap with my bare arse exposed. She ran her hands over it and said, ‘it is very beautiful Lisa, one of the best I’ve seen’. Then smack, down came her hand. ‘You have been a very naughty girl fucking my husband Lisa’. ‘Admit it’ she said, as her hand came down again. ‘Yes, I have been a naughty little girl letting your husband fuck me and cum in my mouth’ I responded, really getting into it. 

Margaret slapped my butt cheeks with her open hand, sending ripples of excitement through my body. She wiggled her finger between my butt cheeks and found the plug. I had again forgotten to take it out. ‘What is this’ she said in mock horror. She had already told me that she wears one sometimes. ‘It’s my slutplug, I keep it in to remind me what a slut I am’ I said. ‘You are one very naughty girl’ she said. ‘I bet you prefer a cock up there don’t you’. ‘Yes, I do’ I said. ‘Do you like Richard’s huge cock in there’. ‘Yes, I do’ I said, ‘I love the way it goes so deep’. She kept spanking me. 

Now, I would like you to get down on your hands and knees facing me. ‘Come in here Richard’ she said. When Richard walked into the lounge room Margaret said, ‘I have told Lisa all about our sex life. She is now in the know. She has promised never to tell Steven. She and I have come to an arrangement. Yes darling, you can continue to fuck our sexy little daughter in law as much as you want, unless I notice you paying me less attention. Is that fair’ she said. ‘Absolutely sweetheart. You have my apology for going behind your back. I love you’ he said. 

‘Well now it’s all out the open I think we should have some fun with this little slut’. ‘Richard, I want to watch you fuck our pretty little daughter in law’s arse. You should be fine as it’s been an hour since you came in her mouth, and that is one very inviting arse’ she said. ‘Look into my eyes Lisa, I want to see your face when Richard’s cock slides inside your arsehole’ she said to me. 

I heard Richard get off the chair and step out of his trousers. I listened as he stripped down naked. There was a pause as I prepared to be fucked by my father in law as my mother in law watched.

I felt hands around my neck. Richard attached my slut collar. ‘This should add to it all my darling’ he said to Margaret. ‘Very good’ she said, ‘I love it’. I loved it too. Richard got in behind me on his knees and I felt the head of his penis at my arsehole. I knew it would slide in as he had lubricated me, but there was always that little bit of pain until the head vanished inside me. Margaret knew that only too well, and she said, ‘look at me Lisa, look at me slut’. 

She watched me grimace as the head of Richard’s cock found its way inside me. ‘Oh yes, fuck my arse Richard’ I said. I wanted to put on a good show. I had on my slut collar and that always made me feel very submissive and naughty.

Margaret lifted her dress and spread her legs. She was naked underneath. She was beautifully shaved. It looked delectable. Her fingers went to her pussy. She then released her breasts and started playing with her nipples. She was moaning a little and her eyes rolled. ‘Fuck her Richard, fuck our slut daughter in law up the arse, we both know she wants it’. 

She was now masturbating, flicking her clitoris, with two fingers inside her. I was close enough to smell it. The aroma was divine. Richard was fucking me harder than usual if that’s possible. It felt wonderful. Margaret looked wonderful too. She had great tits and her pussy was just perfect. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. She was really getting into it. ‘You want his cock up your arse’ don’t you Lisa’ she said looking straight at me. ‘Yes, I do, I want him to fill it with his cum’ I said. 

She then moved her chair forward and put my face in her lap. ‘Eat me Lisa’ she said. I was hoping I would be invited to. It was so beautiful and wet. Margaret had told me how she liked women. ‘I’m sure you love a bit of pussy’ she said, ‘all we liberated women do’. ‘Now eat me and make me cum’. She then said, ‘don’t cum until I have Richard’.  

I couldn’t help myself, I dived straight in, running my tongue up and down Margaret’s beautiful, soaking wet slit. It was heavenly. Margaret kept working on her clitoris while I ate her out. I couldn’t get enough of her. ‘You love this don’t you, your father in law’s cock up your arse, and your tongue inside your mother in law’s cunt. Tell me how much you love it’ she said breathlessly, now close to orgasm. ‘I love it, I love your cunt and I love Richard’s cock, I don’t want it to ever end’ I screamed in ecstatic bliss. ‘Oh, it won’t darling, this is only the start, you will eat my pussy whenever I tell you to’ she screamed out as she came. 

The juices ran from her pussy and I licked them feverishly. She was so beautiful. I left my face there after she finished cumming so I could continue to enjoy her aroma and taste. 

I then felt Richard’s semen flowing into my arse as he grunted over and over. I had made them both cum. I felt very proud. I looked up at Margaret and said, ‘anytime Margaret’. ‘I will hold you to that darling’ she said, running her fingers through my hair. After Richard finished cumming in my arse she said, ‘take it out slowly Richard, I want to watch’. Margaret got up off the chair and knelt beside my arse and watched. ‘That looks so fucking hot’ she said as Richard slowly withdrew his cock from me. I’m sure it must have looked so sexy. I’m sure she had seen it before when they were playing with other couples. I felt some of Richard’s cum leak from my anal orifice.

I thought she was going to clean his cock for him as I always did. Instead she said, ‘push Lisa, let it all flow out’. Diana had taught me how to do it. I felt more of Richard’s cum leave my anal passage and trickle down over my pussy as I pushed and my arsehole opened. Margaret was there, mouth open to catch it all. She then put her tongue inside my arse as well as licking my pussy. As she was doing it, I cleaned Richard’s cock with my mouth. The eroticism of the situation, combined with Margaret’s skilful tongue, pushed me over the edge and I came. I howled as I did. It was an incredible orgasm.

I was now in deeper. My mother in law knew about my affair with her husband, my husband’s father, and I had licked her to orgasm with more of that to cum. There was no turning back now.

Margaret had me look after her when she needed it and even took me away with her girlfriends every now and again. Steve was delighted I was getting much closer to his mother, much closer indeed. I was very popular amongst the older group of women. I really enjoyed it. I even brought Diana along with me a few times. Richard remained my main focus though. The infatuation with one another continued. I was in constant need of him and his cock.

My life revolved totally around sex. That was all that mattered. I didn’t care about societal norms or accepted moral behaviour. That was for other less liberated souls to worry about. I felt sorry for them. I had never felt freer in my life. I loved being used for sex. I couldn’t see how that would ever change. I had found the real me. 

The only thing I ever felt any guilt about was Steve. I rationalised that by thinking that he was the one who started all of this by suggesting to Rick that I become the Company slut. He didn’t know what he was unleashing. I didn’t know either.

You know what they about secrets though. They always come out. Mine was about to.

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