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Can Men Experience Low Libido?

When you hear the term “low libido”, who do you think of? In all likelihood, you think of
women. And you might also think that only women experience it. We tend to believe that
men’s higher testosterone levels are protective in that way and that therefore, men are wired
to want to have sex 24/7.

While there are many factors that contribute to sexual desire generally, we know scientifically
that testosterone is a highly influential one. But why? Testosterone is a hormone that both men
and women produce
(it’s generated in testicles and ovaries, respectively). It plays a critical role
in the production of sperm and red blood cells. It also influences muscle and bone mass, as well
as mood, sex drive and performance.

And like all other hormones, testosterone is subject to change . Levels decrease as we grow
, and can be effected by an illness or injury, associated treatment such as chemotherapy
and other medications. All this is to say, when our levels dip, our interest in sex will likely dip as

If you’ve noticed negative changes in your sexual health, talk with your doctor. For many, low
testosterone (aka “low T”)
can be regulated with testosterone therapy, as well as other types of
treatment options. At Maze, we offer a range of services to both men and women experiencing
sexual dysfunction. Schedule a free, 10-minute phone consult to learn more, and get yourself
back on track to a healthy and satisfying sex life!

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