Blog Erotica ROMANTIC STORIES  Waking to Seduction – An Erotic Story

Waking to Seduction – An Erotic Story

Blog Erotica ROMANTIC STORIES  Waking to Seduction – An Erotic Story

I sighed in contentment as my lover caressed my sides, laying small kisses along my shoulders and the nape of my neck.

Blog Erotica ROMANTIC STORIES  Waking to Seduction – An Erotic Story

“Shhh, relax, let me do the work.” The low voice whispered in my ear and I turned my head slightly, only to be rewarded with a kiss. 

My lips parted as he deepened the kiss, my tongue tangling with his as his fingertips glided across my bare skin. I shuddered with the sensation and tried to turn to him but was stopped with a small gesture.

“Not yet.” He nudged me gently and I rolled on to my front, waiting in anticipation for whatever my lover had in mind. 

Gentle kisses rained down my neck and along my spine, the barest of touches making me ache for more. 

The kisses turned into small strokes and licks at the base of my spine that turned into more insistent touches as he made his way back up. He took his time tracing the tattoo across my shoulders, taking delight in my shivers and moans as he licked at the sensitive skin.

When he was satisfied, he nipped the nape of my neck, his teeth grazing where it met my shoulder in a slow, deliberate pattern that he knew drove me crazy. I moaned as he continued, knowing he was going to take his time to make sure all of my nerve endings were humming with pleasure. 

“Do you want more?” His words ghosted across my ear before laying a kiss before my earlobe. 

“Ye….ohhhh.” I gasped as I felt him nibble my earlobe before tracing the shell of my ear with the tip of his tongue.

He peppered featherlight kisses towards my mouth and I turned to meet his soft lips, yearning to be closer to him. 

“You’re driving me crazy.”

“That’s the idea.” His laughter was shaky, letting me know he was just as affected as I was.

I turned and reached for him, desperate for more contact. He indulged my desire and allowed me to draw him into my arms, kissing me with the same hunger I felt. All too soon, however, he drew back.

“I’m not done yet.” He laid kisses along my throat, and along my collarbone, taking a long, torturous path towards my breasts. His mouth closed around one of my nipples as his hand sought the other one, teasing and tweaking before switching his attention. 

The nipples were almost painfully puckered from the tender onslaught and my mind hazy with pleasure. His tongue traced a path from the nipple he had been laving, following the path of my scars. My back arched as my moans increased as he paid attention to every inch of them as if they were his own personal roadmap.  

“How could you think these are ugly considering the pleasure they give us both?” He laid a kiss between my breasts then came back to kiss me as his hand trailed over my stomach. 

I couldn’t answer, only moan in response as his elegant hand quested lower.

His fingers slid into my underwear and I sighed as he sought my clit. “So wet already.” 

My hands gripped his shoulders as my hips came up, desperate for his touch.

A sudden ringing made us tense. 

“Keep going.” My lover kissed me before he vanished, leaving me alone in my empty bed.

“Damn it.” My eyes flew open and took in the pitch black room.

I was too horny to wallow in self pity and reached into my nightstand for my favorite toy. A few presses was all it took as I settled it over my clit. I let the waves work their magic as I slid a finger inside of me, pumping them in and out slowly as I imagined my distant lover also pleasuring himself. 

The waves rose higher and I came with a gasp, a sweet release that started at my pussy and took over my whole body. More followed and I shook with pleasure, my lovers name on my lips. 

When I could take no more I collapsed and came back down slowly, letting my breathing even out. 

The bed felt warm as if someone had been there and I laughed at myself for thinking, even if it was for a moment, that he had actually been in bed with me. “Self isolation really has you going nuts doesn’t it?

With everything taken care of I settled back down to sleep again when I noticed the blinking light on my phone. Curious, I unlocked it to find a message from my lover.

“I’ve been practicing astral traveling for weeks but this was the first time that you felt me. Next time, I will make sure I’m not interrupted before I make you cum. And please wear those exact panties for me next time we can be together, you look so good in red.” 

I flipped on the light and realized that I was indeed wearing red panties and that the sheets on the other side had been thrown back. 

My face broke out in a grin as I realized that he had found a way to ease a little of the loneliness of self isolation. I typed out a reply. “Just wait till I repay the favor.” 

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