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Tantric Sex Positions #2 – The Karma Tangle

The second tantric sex position I would like to talk about is ‘The Karma Tangle’. This position ensures deep penetration and offers a face to face intimacy that allows you to kiss and see eachother as you both climax intensely. Because you are so close, this position is perfect for intimate moments by kissing the neck or sucking on his earlobe as you both move in sync.

How To Do It

With the male laid on his back, the female should gently straddle him and have him lift up his pelvis. You should position yourselves so that you are both sitting facing eachother. The female should wrap her legs tightly around the male, with the male doing the same back. Both partners should link elbows under the eachother’s knees and lift the knees up to chest level. Cradle each other in a hugging style and squeeze your way to ecstasy.

Why It’s Amazing

This position is not for thrusting but more for the rocking motion. Sway forward and back with your partner and rock until you both climax face to face. Start off rocking slowly and match your partner’s rhythm and then you will be able to speed up as the pleasure increases. As you both build momentum, you should both squeeze your PC muscles that will tighten your hold on eachother by increasing blood flow.

“I love to rock in this tantra position and watch my partner cum face to face”

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