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Slow Ride – An Erotic Story

Gavin was glad to get home from work.  He wanted to change clothes, get a healthy shot of Captain Morgan, and kiss his very sexy wife.  He chuckled. In just that order too, because if he started out by kissing Lexy… well… Gavin sighed.  Just the thought of her could make him hard. He walked in the door and the soft aroma of vanilla candles filled the air.  “Baby Girl?” he called out, but she didn’t answer. Maybe she’d run down to the corner deli. He mused as he kicked off his shoes and padded toward the bedroom to change. He opened the bedroom door and stood very still.

Blog Erotica GROUP SEX STORIES  Slow Ride – An Erotic Story

Gavin took in the scene.  Lit candles were strategically placed around the room, casting a perfect balance between shadow and light.  Erotic music softly playing, the window open just enough to allow a gentle breeze and there, and by the bed… stood Lexy.  Moonlight softly framing her body. She looked at him seductively, head tilted to one side, her long blonde hair falling down over one eye, continuing in cascading waves down to her waist.  Her luscious full lips in a pout as she stared at him. “Hi baby…” Lexy purred in that low sultry voice that got to him every time. 

When she lowered her lashes and bit her lower lip, he turned into boy jello.  Gavin exhaled slowly as he looked her up and down. “Hi, Lover” he managed weakly.  Lexy’s sheer hot pink babydoll nightie accentuated every curve. As he stared at her, a groan inadvertently slipped from his lips.

Lexy slowly walked toward him, drink in hand. She handed him the drink and pushed him down on the bed.  “you know, sometimes, I just want to fuck you, baby. Hot, raw, wild sex. We do that so well, don’t we?” She winked.  “However, other times, like right now, I just wanna go very, very slow-w-w-w. Giving you a slow ride and pleasuring you as only I can do.  So let’s get you put of these clothes.”

Lexy began undressing him. Gavin started to help but she pushed his hand away.  “Gavin, my lover… this is all me… so lay back baby… and relax.” Once undressed, she looked over his body with admiring eyes and then said, “Let’s restrain you…”  And with those three simple words, Gavin knew he was in for a wild ride. Lexy tied his wrists to the bed and set a blindfold down nearby. She then crawled up on the bed and starting at his right ear, slowly swirled her tongue on the outside then the inside of his ear.  Stopping only long enough to whisper all the little dirty things she was going to do to him. 

Lexy watched as his body shivered as he thought about what she’d just said. Next she kissed him, forcing his lips apart with her tongue.  Taking his tongue in her mouth and sucking it, kissing him slowly then with more passion. Moving her tongue down, she sucked his neck, leaving a mark. Her movements painstakingly slow. She licked and sucked his hard nipples, driving him wild. “OMG, she was serious about a slow ride!” Gavin thought to himself. Then when her fingernails joined in lightly touching his body. All thinking was gone, replaced by incredible erotic sensations.

Lexy’s fingers and tongue explored Gavins body, touching every place… but one.  Kissing him, everywhere… but one. Her long, silky, soft blonde hair tickling him, falling lightly on his body in feather like movements as she slowly slithered down. “I’m so hard, touch me… Lex… pleaseee.”  “No,” Lexy smiled, “not yet.” Then, she got up on her knees and straddled his body, sitting on his flat stomach. He looked at her… so beautiful. “Watch,” she instructed. He stared as she slipped one strap, then the other off her shoulders.  Her ample breasts rising and falling as she let her nightie fall to her waist. The candlelight hitting her breasts, highlighting her nipples that were now hard and erect. Gavin moaned and muttered, “ Oh Fuck-k-k” as Lexy removed her nightie, slipped off her panties, then raised up her body so that she straddled him while up on her knees.  

“Baby girl is going to touch herself now.” And, she began… Her fingers caressing her breasts, making small circles around her nipples while she touched her pussy with her other hand.  All the time talking dirty to Gavin. Lexy watched as his chest started to rise and fall a little quicker, listened to his breathing becoming more labored. It turned her on. He wanted to touch her so bad! He watched her as her fingers started rubbing her clit faster, her breath coming in short little spurts, moaning. She suddenly arched her body and threw her head back as she made herself cum. Gavin almost came just watching his beautiful wife succumb to the orgasm.

Lexy smiled at Gavin then slid down so that her pussy touched the edge of his groin, without touching him. “Please Lex.” “Not until you are good and ready. Not until ONE flick of my tongue makes you cum, over and over.” “I’m going to make you whimper… moan… and growl because you so badly want me to touch you there. I’m going to slowly slip between your legs… you watching as your cock leans towards me…. yearning for my touch.” “Omg, Lexy!” Gavin cried out. Lexy continued, “Sticking my tongue so close to your cock that you can feel my hot breath… but not quite close enough to touch you.”

With that, she slid down and lowered her head.  She licked the groin area inside his legs, up one side and down the other, sending bolts of electricity through his body. Lexy placed her fingers at the base of his shaft and softly tickled him. Lowering her head further, she told him to bend his knees and she raised up his ass.  Her tongue began exploring him there. Gavin cried out as her tongue darted in and out.

“I need to touch myself!” Gavin yelled out.  “You are driving me fucking wild!” But he couldn’t touch himself, he was still restrained.   His body arched as she moved her tongue in and out. She picked up her feather toy and started tickling his balls, taunting him. Cum started oozing out of his untouched cock. Lexy moved further down his body and sucked Gavin’s toes, running the feather toy over his bare feet. Gavin closed his eyes. He could see her in his mind’s eye.

She worked her way back up his body while her tongue and the feather toy teased him.  Lexy straddled him once again. She rubbed his balls against her wet pussy. He cursed. She rubbed her pussy over one ball, then the other, then both. They got wet from her soaking pussy. Gavin was breathing hard and his body was literally bucking up and down. She then reached for the blindfold. Lexy leaned over him and secured the blindfold. As she bent over him, her breast touched his skin and he trembled.  

Then she surprised him. “I’m stepping away, leaving you tied up, blindfolded, and horny out of your mind, for a few minutes baby.  I want you to just think about what’s coming next.” Gavin knew better than to argue. Besides, he was so fucked up horny right now, it was hard to speak.  “As I said, ‘just one flick of my tongue.’” She turned up the music, took a long look at him, and left. The anticipation was almost too much. Every nerve was tingling, heart racing, cock throbbing, breath heavy… “What is she doing?!” He thought as he felt his hard cock continue to throb.

Soon, Lexy slipped back into the room, lowered the music and stood next to the bed… but she wasn’t alone.  “Now my baby is ready to cum.” Gavin was sweating, body writhing. Just the thought of her tongue on his shaft…  Gavin then heard the quiet hum of Lexy’s favorite vibrator and about jumped out of his skin! “Omg… the vibrator? Lex! Are you trying to kill me?” Lexy cooed, “ Oh, but it will feel soooo good, baby!”

Gavin legs were spread wide open so Lexy and her friend easily slid down between them without him knowing another girl had joined them. Without a word, and at the same time, Lexy and her friend started flicking the tip of his dick while Lexy moved the vibrator over his shaft. 

“Holy Fuck!” Gavin screamed as he EXPLODED!  Cum everywhere. The girls didn’t quit, just continued licking and sucking his cock. He cried out. His body arching. He couldn’t stop cuming.  His body was trembling as he experienced one of, if not the, most intense orgasms he had ever felt. For a moment Gavin couldn’t speak, couldn’t move. He just had to wait for his body to stop trembling.  

Lexy winked at her girlfriend and whispered to her and she quietly got up and slipped out of the room. Lexy licked the cum off his body, then crawled up next to Gavin, removed the blindfold, untied him, and kissed him softly on the mouth.  As she reached for their drinks, Gavin said, “Ohhh baby. I’ve never, ever… Wait! Who else was here?” Lexy responded, “Sshhhh… just lay back and breathe baby, relax. You’ll need your strength because in 5 minutes my friend is coming back in and we’re starting over…”

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