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Please… – An Erotic Story

They showered briefly before making their way, one at a time to the bed. She took off her towel and slid under the silky sheets and waited for him. He emerged in only a towel, quickly drying off and then locking eyes. He made his way to the bed, slowly pulled the sheet of her naked body and began to kiss.
Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica  Please… – An Erotic Story
His lips were full and soft as she felt them press against hers. Making his way down her neck, she breathed in heavy as she felt his light touch and soft breath on her skin. His strong hands grasping and clutching her back and behind. His hot breath made its way to her right breast where he kissed around and on her nipple, carefully flicking with his tongue but only to alternate with a playful bite. Doing the same to the left breast and began kissing his way down to her left hip bone, then the right, then down the right thigh finally venturing to her. Kissing and lightly biting all around deeping the intensity of the need for more.

Slowly, she felt his tongue circle her clitoris, over and over again with deeper intensity and then soft. Alternating back and forth with ferocity and taking her to the edge of ecstasy. Softly he began to circle her with his fingers, and she felt him slowly slip them inside her. Moving his fingers quickly back and forth inside her while still rubbing her clitoris vigorously brought her to the edge of orgasm. But she knew he wouldn’t let her yet. She pulled him to her face to kiss him, tasting herself on his lips.

Lifting her legs above his shoulders he teased her with his gorging erection. Teasing her by just placing it in just enough to make her want every bit of it. Breathing heavily, moaning, she asked with a heavy sigh, “Are you going to make me ask you?” He looked at her with his dark and calculated eyes and said, “Yes”. She responded “Please…”

“Please what…”

“Please fuck me…”

With that he quickly and passionately thrust into her, reaping a load moan.

Again, he brought himself almost out again and teased her making her ask again. Again she said even more earnestly, “Please, fuck me…”

With that he proceeded to tease her with another quick and powerful thrust, filling her with a want for more that she has never felt before.

He brought himself almost out again almost one more time, watching her writhe and try to move her hips to bring him further inside her. With that he gave one powerful thrust after another for several moments, then he quickly pulled out and passionately grabbed her from the bed and flipped her to her knees.

Standing on her knees, her back pressed against his chest, his hand moved to her shoulder as he pressed for her to lower her torso to the bed. She felt both hands softly place themselves on her hips, and then felt him enter her slowly. Pressing herself harder against him he began to thrust with intensity. Still inside her he raised her up on her knees, her back pressed against his chest. He kissed her neck and she tilted her head to kiss him.

Like this he could still fuck her and extend his arms to explore all of her; feeling everything and missing nothing. With a final push downward he said “ask me again”, and she obliged with a soft “please fuck me”. With that, he eagerly thrust harder and harder making her scream his name until she came, shortly after feeling him explode inside of her. His body toppled onto hers and rolled over. Her hair strung about her face, her head on his chest and legs unable to move. Both breathing deeply as if there was no longer enough air in the room.

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