Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part I

My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part I

There I was in the carpark with Richard one lunch time, sucking his magnificent cock as I so often did during his lunch break, when I heard a knock at the window of his car. OMG, we had been caught. Little did I know how caught until I heard the car door open and a familiar voice, ‘having fun you two’. It was Steve. He had caught his wife with his father’s cock in her mouth. Catastrophe! At least so I thought.

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part I

‘I will meet the both of you in your office old man as soon as you two are finished’. He didn’t sound angry, but there was an edge to his voice, particularly the way he referred to his father. Was he pointing that out to me, that his father was an old man? He had given us the green light to finish though. Was he daring us to? At Richard’s insistence we did. What goes with this family?

As we caught the lift to Richard’s office, he said ‘don’t say a word, let Steve do the talking’. I thought that this was surely the end of my marriage. Not only that, but what about Steve’s family. This was bound to drive a dagger through the heart of his relationship with his father.

We walked into Richard’s office and Steve was sitting at his father’s desk. ‘Feels very comfortable, I could get used to this’ he said. What did he mean? He then told us how he knew that we were more than just father and daughter-in-law. ‘You must think I’m stupid. I knew something was going on between you two, but I didn’t want to say anything until I caught you red handed, or in this case Lisa, with the old man’s cock in your slut mouth’. His voice had become quite harsh. ‘Then I wouldn’t have to listen to a whole lot of bullshit lies and denial. So now we can have an adult conversation about it’ he said.

‘I have a proposal’ said Steve. ‘I have no intention of breaking up our marriage Lisa. You are screwing around with my father. So what? It was me that opened the door to your sexuality so I can hardly go all pious on you. I know what the old bastard’s like, and I am not surprised at what has transpired. In fact, I deliberately let it go because it suited me to do so. If I am honest with myself, I find the whole thing a bit of a turn-on, my father screwing my slut of a wife. The only issue I have is mum’. 

Oh no, surely he didn’t know about that. 

‘She must never know’ he said. Richard and I gave each other a little glance. Steve was obviously unaware of his mother’s promiscuity. 

‘I won’t tell her that I know but I have some conditions. You will appoint me as equal partner in your firm dad. Lisa and I will leave our current employment with Rick and work in your firm. That will mean Lisa relinquishing her role as Company slut, a role I am sure you are fully aware of’. 

‘She will be our slut to do with as we please. She will be our PA and you can take her on your business trips and fuck her brains out as much as you like. She will continue to work as a high-class escort as the money is good and we both get a thrill out of it. I am also happy to allow her to continue to play around with any of the old business Partners she chooses to, albeit that it must meet with my approval. How does all that sound’?  

I was gobsmacked. Steve was using the situation to put himself in a better financial position. He didn’t care that I was being fucked by his father one little bit it seemed. In fact, he quite liked the idea. I felt a bit hurt in one way, but in another I felt aroused by his reaction. I was just a slut to bargain with. 

Richard didn’t really need to do any deal with his son as his wife already knew everything. He could have just told him to fuck off. His issue was that he didn’t want Steve to know about his wife. He clearly wanted his son to retain his respect and love for his mother. So, he agreed to the deal. Steve would now own half of Richard’s law firm. I was happy with that too. It would be great for us financially and I could continue to be Richard’s little slut. It was a great arrangement all round. 

A new chapter of my life had begun, and the old one was no more. I was actually very happy. I loved my husband, and I needed his father for my sexual fulfillment. I loved the older man thing, I loved being his naughty little slut, and I loved that magnificent cock of his. Now I could have everything, with no fear of any adverse consequence. It was perfect. If the truth be known, I was over the Company slut thing, it had started to become a little mundane. 

Putting myself under the control of two horny, virile, filthy men appealed to me greatly. I would happily give them full sexual control over me. They could do with me as they wished. I would be their sex slave. The only thing was that Margaret couldn’t find out what was going on. That wouldn’t be a problem so long as we didn’t do anything in their house. So, the happy family would stay intact, and Richard could continue to have me whenever and however he wanted, and I retained my husband, who I loved. I couldn’t have come up with a better outcome. 

Steve came in one night and said ‘Richard (he couldn’t really refer to my lover as dad) and I have been having a little chat about what to do with you slut’. How I loved him referring to me like that.

‘We think you need some ongoing punishment and training if you are to be the sex slave we want you to be. Do you agree my darling’? I didn’t know where all of this was going but I liked the sound of it. I wanted to be punished like a naughty little girl. I felt myself getting wet at the mere thought of it. ‘I agree, I should be punished in any way you both see fit. This arrangement won’t work unless I am totally obedient, so training would be appropriate sir’ I said. I had called him sir. I loved it. 

I looked at him and asked, ‘so what do you have in mind sir’. ‘We are going to turn our cellar into a dungeon. You will be tied up and whipped and forced to undergo all sorts of degradations. It will be a fully equipped dungeon and you will go willingly whenever you are instructed to. We will push to your limits. One last thing, we will invite guests to participate in your degradation’. 

OMG, what was I getting myself into? What would they make me do? How many others will get to use me? I was a little scared, but mostly very turned on at the thought. What a complete exhibitionist slut I had become. ‘If you insist sir’ I responded in my best submissive voice. 

We had a cellar in our home that had never been used. Steve and Richard did a brilliant job converting it into a dungeon. I fucking loved it. They fitted it out with all sorts of bondage contraptions; a whipping bench, a fucking bench, a fucking machine, stocks, suspension racks, a whipping post, a cage, a swing, a bondage horse, wall and ceiling fixing points with hooks with all sorts of shackles and manacles, a medical table and equipment, a wall mounted St. Andrews cross, and various other contraptions. They also purchased a full range of bondage torture devices like metal breast clamps, huge buttplugs, some with tails, other anal devices such as anal hooks, a comprehensive range of vibrators, and a full set of whips.

I was taken down there regularly for obedience sessions by Steve, Richard or both. It generally started with a whipping, tied to the St. Andrews cross. Nothing made me more submissive than being whipped to my pain threshold, which became higher and higher as time went on, but Steve would occasionally really give it to me. I think it was his punishment for his wife happily fucking so many other men. He got a huge thrill out of sharing me, but occasionally I suspected some resentment. On those occasions I would be attached to the wall with the anal hook. I knew what was coming. It turned me on even through the pain. I knew I would be given a good fucking afterwards. That’s all that mattered. Steve and Richard loved dp’ing me. Father in one hole, husband in the other. It got me off totally. It was so very naughty.

I was regularly tied to the fucking bench where they would spread me and use ever larger dildo’s and vibrators on me. They both loved doing anything that involved my cunt. So did I for that matter. It was theirs to use as they pleased. I had given them ownership of it. Eventually Richard and Steve could fist fuck me with enough lubrication. It made me feel so dirty having them fist me to orgasm. I often squirted.

They used all sorts of things on me. They called them extreme insertion sessions. It wasn’t necessarily the size of the object, it was the symbolism of having a broom handle or a brush, a shaving cream or shampoo bottle, or a cucumber or banana, shoved into my cunt. It was so wonderfully humiliating. I always got off on it. I would be screaming for a cock in my mouth once they got going. I loved being fucked while I had something else in my cunt as well. It was a real turn-on being full and stretched.

A favourite of theirs was using a wine bottle on me. It made me feel so cheap and nasty. That was exactly what they wanted. It started with the bottle going in neck first. I was eventually able to take the bottom end of a thin bottle, like a Riesling bottle, until the only thing protruding from me was the neck. It was painful at first, but once I got used to it the feeling of fullness was a huge turn-on, not to mention how degrading it was, lying back with a wine bottle protruding from my cunt. I absolutely loved that aspect of it.

On the subject of degradation, another favourite of theirs was to put me on the medical table and open me to the maximum with a speculum. My cunt became a total plaything for them. They loved it. It was like my cunt was separate to me in a way. I watched the things they did with it in awe, as they both did.  

A projector and screen were set up so that I could be filmed. They would place the camera right up against my pussy when I was open with the speculum so they could see my cervix. Showing it on the projector allowed all the men in the room to get a great close up of me. Yes, it was a show they loved to put on for their deviant friends, with my cunt as the entertainment.

Another regular on the medical table was enemas. They would fill me up to the point of explosion whilst I was on my knees facing away from them or the audience. I would be made to hold it in until I was totally full, bag after bag of fluid having been pumped into me. It was deliciously painful as I was filled to capacity. Once I was given permission I would then explode, spraying the contents of the enema from my arse across the room and onto the floor. The guests loved it. Of course, I loved the humiliation of being used like that to put on a show for their guests. 

If guests were present during the insertion sessions, they would be invited to put things inside me. I had reading glasses, mobile phones, keys, beer cans, you name it. I just laid back with my cunt spread and allowed the guys to insert whatever they wanted inside me. Of course, I sucked cock all the way through it.

I had truly become nothing more than a slut putting on a sex show, with a cunt available to entertain the punters. 

Sometimes they would put me in the cage overnight, naked. It was uncomfortable being left like that all night but that just added to the eroticism of the whole situation. I was also presented to the audience in the cage when they came down to the dungeon. It left nobody in any doubt that I was a sex slave.

A favourite of mine was crawling out of the cage and parading around on all fours in front of an invited group, playing around like a cat, with a mask with whiskers, my slut collar, a tail attached to a buttplug up my arse, and nipple rings tortuously squeezing my nipples. I would have to suck all the cocks in the room until each person came in my mouth. They would make me pee on the floor and would then rub my face in it for doing so. It was like toilet training. Pissing games, how I loved them. It turned me on so much. It made me feel so filthy. Later on in the session I would piss in a bowl to show I had learned. It was a kinky act of submission.

Steve bought a plastic wader pool where I would sit on my haunches as the guests pissed into my mouth and all over me. When it was just the three of us, they would often put a funnel in my cunt or arse and piss inside me. It was so painful having an arse full of piss, but I loved the pain. I became an expert at expelling it. It was so exciting. It was so dirty. 

I was their plaything and they continually came up with news ways to torture and humiliate me. One night in the dungeon there was a larger than normal group of men invited. Steve and Richard put me in the stocks and left me there at their mercy. I felt so turned on at being left there like that like a piece of meat. I should have been afraid, but instead my pervading feeling was one of high sexual arousal. I knew that it was the ultimate in being used, and how I had grown to love being used. 

It was a monstrous gangbang that I will never forget. I took them all, some in my cunt, some up my arse, and all of them in my mouth at some stage, and I got off on it. It went for a long time. The men were going to use me to the fullest while I was unable to resist. I loved pleasing men. It was what I lived for. I loved them using my body with no regard to what I thought about it. I stayed in the stocks for the entire gangbang. My arse must have looked so good in that position, not to mention my irresistible pussy.

After a heavy gangbang session, I would be made to squat over a bowl and let all the cum inside me pour out of me and into the bowl. It was a very popular part of the evening. Of course, I was made to drink it all and lick the bowl clean like a good obedient slut. 

At other times they would strap me to the bondage horse and set the fucking machine up behind me. While I was fucked mercilessly by the fucking machine, I would suck all the cocks in the dungeon until they came in my mouth. One of the devices on the fucking machine housed twin dildos so I could take one up my cunt and one up my arse.

Diane stayed in our lives. Apart from having sex in front of Steve and Richard, we would often perform for a group. Steve and Richard would introduce Diana to the crowd as my Mistress. She would lead me into the room, collared and on a lead, crawling on all fours naked. The performance would be as follows:

‘Are you ready to perform for your Mistress in front of all these people slut’. ‘Yes mistress, I am’. ‘Well of course you are, you’re a fucking slut aren’t you’. ‘Yes Mistress, I am a fucking slut’. ‘Turn your back to everybody and spread your holes for them. Very good, now tell me what those holes are for’. ‘They’re for cock Mistress’. ‘Whose cock’? ‘Any cock I am instructed to take Mistress’. ‘Good girl, you just love cock don’t you’. ‘Yes Mistress, I can’t get enough’. ‘Now you can lick my arse for me you dirty little slut’. (Diana lifted her skirt and squatted on hand and knees in front of me and presented her perfect little arsehole, slightly open as it always was) ‘That feels so good, get your tongue inside and taste it properly. Satisfy your Mistress. That is so nice, now kiss it like you love it’.

‘Those of you in the front row have been given empty glasses. Come and put them under the slut’s cunt and she will piss in them for you while she continues to please me. She will then drink it all later. You have no shame do you slut’. ‘No Mistress, I am just a dirty slut’. (I filled four large glasses full of my piss. How it turned me on doing that in front of a group of men). 

‘Now, lie on your back. Are you ready for your Mistress’s piss’. ‘Oh yes Mistress’. ‘What should you say’? ‘Please piss in my mouth Mistress, it would be my honour to drink it for you’. (Diana squatted over me and pissed in my mouth in short bursts, making me swallow it all). ‘How does my piss taste’? ‘It tastes beautiful Mistress. I love drinking your pee’. ‘The filthy slut loves it’. ‘Now lick it all off my vagina and make me come at the same time’. (After bringing Diana to orgasm I sat up and drank the four glasses of my own piss. It was so degrading.

Diana and I would then put on a full lesbian show which ended in the invitees cumming in our mouths. We would swap the sperm by leaning over one another and letting it drop from mouth to mouth, before swallowing it. Diana loved it all as much as I did. She was a total slut too.

As far as the partners from my old law firm went, I continued to be the entertainment at some of Ted’s events. He knew how to humiliate me like no other, with all his elderly mates. I was their young slut to use and abuse. He made me do some terrible things, some too filthy to put in print. I’ll leave it up to your dirty minds to imagine what he made me do. Steve and Richard would always come along. They loved seeing me degraded as only Ted could, and I loved them seeing it. I loved that they saw me as a cheap slut and whore. 

I continued to see Brian as he was addicted to my golden showers, and Steve was happy for me to indulge him. 

I caught up with Tony and Tracy from time to time, sometimes for a threesome, sometimes with Steve and Richard in tow to satisfy Tracy’s new-found desire to be gangbanged. I adored them and I loved our continued involvement. Tracy had become a real little sex kitten and she just couldn’t get enough of me, and whatever else was on offer. I never passed up a chance to suck that magnificent cock of Tony’s either.

I never saw Dave again. Steve didn’t really like him. Rick cracked the shits when we left the firm. He felt betrayed as he had set me up with Richard in the first place. I did miss Rick, but I had enough cocks to satisfy my insatiable, voracious sexual appetite without him. 

Working for Richard was always interesting. As an example, one day he called me into his office when he had a client. He must have been in his 70’s. He was quite overweight and not particularly attractive. ‘Lisa, my client mentioned how beautiful you were’. I was always dressed to thrill. My standard dress code was short skirt, plunging neckline, stilettos and heavy eye makeup. ‘I told him what a slut you are and that you would be happy to show him your pussy, he would like to see you’. It was so humiliating being spoken to like that in front of a man I had never met, and then having to do what he said in the office, humiliating but incredibly exciting. There is something that turns me on about being made to do things for ugly, fat old men who could never get someone like me in any other circumstance. It made me feel like a whore. It made me wet.

I slowly lifted my skirt and exposed myself. I never wore panties. The guy looked at my shaved pussy in wonder. I stood there like that for what seemed like an eternity and his eyes never left my vagina. It was a great tactic Richard used to satisfy my need to feel like nothing more than a sex object. ‘Feel free to touch’ Richard said, breaking the silence. I then had fingers feeling me, and embarrassingly I was wet. ‘Look how the slut’s cunt gapes. I love that look’ said the old man’. ‘That’s from all the cock’s she takes’ said Richard. I looked down and I was so open. He moved his mouth to my pussy to taste me.

The old man licked it for such a long time, focussing not on my clit, but mostly on my open vagina. I think he was so stunned to get the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful young slut like me, and he put his tongue in as deep as he could. I had come to realise that older men just loved to lick pussy. Of course, it ended in me on my elbows and knees, my skirt around my waist, giving him a fantastic blowjob as instructed. He spanked my arse as I sucked his cock. I felt so slutty servicing such a fat old man and sucking his tiny cock which hung under his fat gut. It was gross. I loved it. I came while he spanked me. 

On other occasions I would be fucked by the client from behind, while leaning over Richard’s desk, my skirt around my waist, my slutplug exposed. Richard loved watching me with his clients. I loved the way he gave me to them. I especially loved it when he gave them permission to use my arse. I was insatiable. Submissiveness was my thing.

I normally gave Richard a blowjob after the client left as he was always horny having watched me get used. He never ceased to be amazed at how compliant I was in doing whatever he told me. It was being told what to do that got me off the most. I had decided long ago that I would do whatever I was told. That was my world. 

They arranged to have my nipples and navel pierced and I wore jewellery attached to them with the words slut and whore on them. I also had a vertical and horizontal piercing through my clitoral hood and a clit ring, as well as a few rings attached to piercings in my labia. The vertical clit ring increased the number of orgasms I had and the stimulation I got from them. I don’t know how I had ever lived without it.

I also got a tattoo above my pussy and one on a butt cheek. The one above my pussy said ‘slut’ and the one on my arse cheek said ‘whore’. Steve and Richard initially wanted to brand me with those words, but I drew the line at that. As much as it would have been the ultimate act of submission, I didn’t want ugly burn marks on my body from a branding iron. That tattoos on the other hand looked beautiful. I was permanently marked with what I was. I knew then that my submission was permanent. There was no turning back.

I was a slut and a whore. It was all I wanted to be. My need for continual sexual satisfaction was almost insatiable. I was without a doubt your classic nymphomaniac. Steve opened the door and I walked right through it.  

I continued to lust after Richard, and I became more and more submissive to him when we were on our own. I would let him do anything to me, particularly when I was in my schoolgirl outfit. There were no limits. He came to love pissing in my mouth. He liked me to do the same for him. It was so naughty.

He loved taking me out to places such as nightclubs where he could show me off in my sluttiest outfits. He loved the looks we got and got off on the fact that everybody thought I was a prostitute he had hired for the night. He would make me subtly flash my pussy and tits. It couldn’t be too obvious, but he wanted people to see me. Occasionally some would get to touch. Occasionally he would give me to a man to take me to the men’s toilets and fuck me. They were normally older men. 

We were in a long queue at a club one night when Richard said, ‘wait there’. He went to the front of the queue and then came back and said the bouncer would let us in if I gave him a blowjob later. I did it under a table in a corner of the club. The word got around and I was made to repeat the favour for the other four bouncers. They were all big guys with huge cocks. To a slut like me it was heaven.

Richard and Steve never failed to come up with new ways to use and humiliate me. They were very inventive. My life was full of constant sexual surprises. There was never a dull moment. I was their plaything and they never got sick of playing with me. I loved being played with. I was a submissive slut with few limits. How my life had turned full circle in a relatively short period of time.

This is how my life would be. I couldn’t imagine anything else. My need to be submissive, to be humiliated, and to get as much cock as I could, overrode everything else in life. The challenge for Steve and Richard would be to keep their harlot satisfied. 

Final Chapter: My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part II

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