Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 2 – An Erotic Story

My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 2 – An Erotic Story

I loved my life and I loved my husband but as the years went by my mind started wandering back to my experiences with Mark. I wouldn’t say I was dissatisfied as Steve and I had a healthy sex life. He was a very virile man. He knew I liked being spanked and pretending that I was being taken by other men whilst we had sex.

But it was just that, fantasy play, and I did feel some frustration at not being able to tell him what I really wanted – to be used as his sex slave sometimes. I was scared that would make him think less of me, particularly as we both had successful careers. 

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 2 – An Erotic Story

I became a frequent masturbator, but always in private. My fantasies were always about being used with no choice as to what I had to do. I loved the fantasy of being controlled and being used solely to satisfy another man’s desires with no regard as to whether I was satisfied at the same time. The thought of being used was satisfaction enough. I don’t know where it came from, but it was there inside me. It was the submissive in me. I got so wet and excited when I masturbated thinking about it.

I was doing that one night while Steve was still at work. I hadn’t expected him home for a while, so I thought I would take the opportunity to satisfy my desires. All of a sudden, the bedroom door opened and in stepped Steve catching me with a butt plug up my arse, a vibrator deep inside my soaking wet pussy and my mouth wrapped around a large dildo. It was me imagining being used as a slut by multiple men. I was moaning in pre-orgasmic delight as he walked in.

I froze as I saw him and then to my surprise and delight he said, ‘very sexy darling, don’t stop for me’. I was relieved and turned on at his approval.  He undressed as I continued pleasing myself. It was like going back in time, putting on a display for my partner. I was imagining being taken by multiple men while my husband watched. It was such a rush.

I came hard and Steve told me to get on my hands and knees. He then spanked me and told me what a naughty slut I was, before fucking me up the arse without even asking. He was using me submissively and I loved it. It was the best sex I had for years and I came again as he plunged his cock deep inside my arse. It didn’t take long before he came inside me. I always loved the feeling of having an arse full of semen. It brought out the hidden slut in me.

After we finished we laid down together and my husband asked me what that was all about. I thought I owed him an explanation and told him all about my experiences with Mark. I stroked his cock as I did and noticed he quickly became hard again. ‘Why didn’t you tell me about your fantasies and experiences before’ he asked. ‘I didn’t think you would understand’ I replied.

He then told me how it turned him on imagining me being a slut for other men and being used. I explained how I fantasised about it a lot. He got harder and harder as I told him. He touched me and found that I was dripping wet. We then had an intense fucking session where I sucked him off until he came in my mouth while I fucked myself on the dildo. All the time he kept talking dirty to me. ‘How does that other man’s feel cock feel inside your slutty cunt’. ‘Suck me while he uses you’. I moaned all the way through it before he came in my mouth. I didn’t spill a drop. It was intense.

We didn’t speak about what had happened for a few weeks and it was then that I was called in to have a conversation with my boss Rick. I knew he had always had the hots for me by the way and he often made little comments like ‘pity you are with Steve’ and ‘if you ever feel like straying just let me know’. I always brushed away his comments with a smile and a ‘Rick, stop it’. I never looked shocked or offended though. I sort of liked the attention. Rick was pretty hot. I would be a liar if I said I had never imagined being on my knees sucking his cock. I sometimes fantasised that he was one of the men using me in my fantasies.

This day he called me into his office and asked me to sit down. He had an unusual look on his face. It was a mixture of seriousness and mischief. He explained to me how the company restructure would involve a number of layoffs and that my position was on the table. I was shocked. I was on a very good salary and loved my job. I loved all the people there too.

‘The partners have discussed it and there is a way for you to avoid being made redundant Lisa’ he said. ‘So, what’s that’ I asked. ‘You are a very beautiful, sexy woman Lisa and all the Partners agree’. ‘Steve, in an attempt for you to keep your job, came up with an idea that he believes may be satisfactory to you and enable you to stay with the company’. ‘And just exactly what did Steve come up with’ I said with a tone of surprise. ‘Steve told us how he caught you masturbating and the thrill you got from fantasising about being used like a slut’. ‘He also told us about your experiences with your ex-boyfriend’.

I couldn’t believe my ears. It was obvious that all the Partners had been told. I was furious, but I could feel a moisture developing between my legs. I was quite turned on that the Partners thought I was sexy and that they knew about my naughty fantasies. ‘So, what has that got to do with me keeping my job’ I asked him.

‘We want you to be our slut and to be available to all the partners to do whatever they want to you whenever they wish’ said Rick. I sat there trying to take this all in. Rick said ‘you don’t have to give me an answer now, you can go home and discuss it with your husband first. ‘Of course, if you wish to give me an answer now that would be even better’ he said.

I realised then how turned on I was at the prospect of Rick’s proposal, effectively becoming a paid whore for all the Partners. I fantasised about being used and this was the ultimate opportunity to be able to do just that. 

‘How would you like me to give you my answer’ I said. With that, Rick walked around his desk to where I was sitting and said, ‘suck my cock slut’. It was decision time. I either retain my dignity and walk away or enter into a world of who knows what. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was at Rick calling me a slut and the thought of being nothing more than a paid whore. I moved my hand forward and found the top of the zip on Rick’s pants. I pulled to down and released his erect cock.

It was magnificent, and I wanted it. I wanted it in my slut mouth, there and then. I dropped to my knees and took Rick’s cock into my mouth. There was no turning back. I sucked his cock deeply, playing with his balls as I did so. He talked dirty to me telling what a slut I was. I loved it. I just sucked him deeper and more expertly as he kept up telling me what a slut and a whore I was. Before he came he removed my mouth from his cock and said, ‘I want to fuck you slut, I want to use your arse’. I had not felt so turned on since my first sexual experience with Mark, Greg and Paula.

Rick literally picked me up and threw me over his desk. He lifted my skirt and kicked my legs apart. He then ripped my g-string off me, exposing my wet cunt. He then licked me so beautifully whilst spanking my arse. As he licked my erect clitoris he moved a finger to my anus and slowly worked it inside using the wetness from my pussy as lubricant.

I couldn’t believe that I was bent over the desk of my boss of seven years as he prepared my arse for a good fucking. The thought of it had me close to orgasm. 

Rick stood up and I felt the head of his cock at my ready arsehole. He gently moved the head inside me and then thrust in deeply until his balls were smacking against my vagina. As he fucked my arse he spanked my beautiful arse cheeks. I pushed back to ensure I got to enjoy his full length and as he picked up the pace I said, ‘yes Rick, that’s it, fuck your slut, fuck your slut up the arse’. ‘I will do anything any of you want, you can all use me for your pleasure’. ‘I want to be the company slut’, I said. ‘Treat me like your whore, do what you all want to me’ I shrieked in orgasm.

As I came I felt Rick unload inside my arse. I felt him fill me deeply with copious amounts of semen. It was absolutely thrilling. I loved that my arse was full of my boss’s semen, that he had just taken me and used me, used my arse. I felt like such a dirty slut. I was a dirty slut.

By pure circumstances I now had the chance of living out my fantasies, to be used by other men for their pleasure, to be used like a common slut. It was what I knew I wanted. And I would be able to keep my job. A new chapter of my life had opened up for me.

As Rick removed his cock from me he said, ‘now go home and tell your husband everything’. It was the first time I had thought about the fact that I had just cheated on my husband. I hadn’t given him the chance to have a say.

‘Before you go clean my cock slut’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded, in full submissive mode. I then cleaned his cock with my mouth, the cock that had just been up my arse. That was a first for me. I loved it. It was the ultimate in submission. It was thrillingly humiliating the way he made me do it. ‘I think this arrangement is going to work well’ he said, ‘now go home and talk to Steve’.

I rang Steve, who was still in the office, and asked if we could meet for a drink and have a chat. He agreed to meet me at a bar near the office that we often went to after work.

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