Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 13 – An Erotic Story

My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 13 – An Erotic Story

My Descent

Week 1 had been planned and timetabled by my boss Rick. I had been used every night by a different Partner at the legal firm and gone through some wild experiences, from being gangbanged, whored out, pissing in front of a group of men, to exploring my lesbian side. I had loved every single second of it. I started the week feeling a little nervous and ended it as a submissive slut with few limits.

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 13 – An Erotic Story

When I came into work on Monday morning of week 2 Rick called me into his office for a full debrief of the previous week. He asked me straight out if I wished to continue as Company slut. The mere words turned me on. I put my elbows on his desk, lifted my dress, took out my slutplug, and said ‘please fuck me up the arse sir’. He had his answer, and I had a very enjoyable start to the week. 

From there things became more ad-hoc. I never knew what was going to happen, who would be using me, and where, when and how. I only knew that there was nothing I could refuse. I loved the surprise element. I also loved that I had to do whatever I was told to. It appealed to my ever-developing submissive side. 

My outfits at the office became more daring and rumours spread around the office about what was going on. I played up to it and enjoyed the looks I got, as well as the innuendos. I became more aroused when I walked around the office, generally with no panties on, and always plugged. I started doing it more and more. I got off on it.  I no longer had any interest in pretence. I wanted to be seen as a slut as it appealed to my need for humiliation. I had gone from professional Lisa to slut very easily. The need to be that was becoming stronger and stronger by the day. I loved the new me.  

Rarely would a day would go by without me blowing Rick or being fucked by him in the office. He loved me sucking his cock under his desk while he was on an important phone call. I loved it too. There was something very arousing about sucking the cock of a powerful man while he conducted his business. It made me feel so submissive. He also loved sharing me with clients, sometimes giving me to them for a weekend. There were no rules so sometimes those clients would get up to outrageous things. 

One of them took me to a big house in the Country for a weekend’s training, as he put it. I was kept naked in a cage in a dungeon inside the house. He invited his friends over and displayed me, chained inside the cage. I was regularly taken out of the cage and chained to a wall and whipped for training purposes. I was starting to like that. Apart from being trained I was only allowed out of the cage to be fucked or give blowjobs. I was nothing other than a bunch of holes to be used to satisfy the men. How could I get off on it so much?

The most humiliating part though was that I was not allowed to leave the cage to wee. He put a sand box in the corner and made me go there. I couldn’t believe how much that turned me on, particularly when he made me do it in front of his friends. I loved pissing in front of an audience, particularly in a situation like that. I often came while I was doing it. It was just so naughty. I was a caged pet. 

I was often fucked in the office of one of the Partners. I would get a call from a Partner who would tell me to come into their office and suck their cock, or that they wanted to fuck me, sometimes up my arse, sometimes in my cunt. I didn’t mind. I was always available. 

It wasn’t only Rick’s clients I entertained either. It was not unusual to be called into one of the Partner’s offices for that purpose. Some clients wanted me to strip for them, some wanted me to suck their cock, others wanted to fuck me. I particularly loved looking after older men. That made me feel like a total whore. It was having to perform the act that made me aroused, not whether the guy happened to be good looking, or whether he had a nice cock, or even if he was nice to me. I felt totally put in my place when the man was older, generally not good looking, and more dominant. Being totally available to be used under those circumstances got me off.

Tony had a thing for me entertaining one of his female clients. I think he had enjoyed watching his wife and I in action so much that lesbianism had become a major turn-on to him. She was hot and I always enjoyed it. 

After my session as Brian’s whore in the hotel he had an insatiable appetite for golden showers. Whenever his wife was away, he would get me over to his place to do it for him. Sometimes he would ask me to stay back after work. He loved me going to the men’s room and standing at the urinal and pissing, all dressed up in my sexy office wear. He always licked me clean afterwards, ensuring I had an orgasm. He would then fuck me while I leant over the urinal.

I worried myself sometimes. I had no handbrake anymore. It was as if I no longer had the ability to reject anything. My sexual needs had become greater than the need to look after my husband. I was always out being fucked by somebody or more than one somebody, normally in an outrageous manner. In fact, the more outrageous the better. I just couldn’t get enough cock. Where was this all heading? 

As long as I told Steve what happened he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he came up with the idea of really prostituting me. I didn’t need much convincing. I had been fantasising about it for some time. I loved the thought of being paid for sex, of being a real whore. I wanted to be fucked by strangers for money. 

Steve knew about my fantasy of being a paid escort, but I didn’t expect him to take the initiative. He went online and put in an ad with a photo and a description of me and my services. He didn’t ask me about it. He told me that he was my pimp and I would do whatever he instructed me to. My services included stripping, pissing and group sex. He wasn’t holding back. He knew that I loved exhibitionism, gangbangs and pissing, so he was just offering me the opportunity to do those things for money. 

Steve would be my pimp and he would take me to the functions and wait outside for me. Having a pimp added to the excitement of what I was doing. I revelled in providing an escort service.

Bucks nights with young guys became a specialty. After the night in the carpark where Rick had charged the teenage boys to fuck me, I had fallen in love with beautiful, young, always erect young cocks. The nights mainly followed a routine. I would be the hostess, dressed in sexy lingerie, and would serve the drinks. The guys couldn’t keep their hands off me. I didn’t try to stop them. I would then do a strip show which I finished off by bringing myself off with a vibrator act, with one in my cunt and one up my arse. That had the added bonus of loosening me up for anal sex if that transpired. Guys just love a sexy woman’s arse so I would end up on my knees in front of them working the vibrators inside me. I would often let the buck do it for me until I came. I always did. That was a huge turn-on.

That was followed by me being fucked by the buck, and then raffled off. Like the buck, the winner of the raffle would fuck me in front of the crowd. How I loved being fucked in front of a group of cheering men. For an extra $50 I would let them fuck me up the arse. That was my favourite, being fucked up the arse like a true whore in front of a crowd of men.

If they could raise enough extra money, I would piss for them. Pissing in front of an audience had been something I had fantasised about. I fell in love with doing it. I would have done it for nothing but being paid was an added turn-on. There was always some kinky guy at the function who wanted a golden shower, so my act would be to do just that. I would squat over the guy and allow him to move his body underneath me and decide where he wanted my piss. They always wanted some of it in their mouth. I loved that. If the crowd wasn’t too big and I liked the guys I would let them gangbang me. I now loved gangbangs. Being used by a group of men satisfied both my need for submission, and my need to feel like a total slut. I always charged a lot for that service though. Being a whore was proving to be quite a profitable venture.

I was completely out of control.

Things got a bit out of hand at one of the bucks’ nights. A room had been booked at a bar in the city. As usual I was the stewardess, and I got fucked by the buck and raffled off. Rather than fucking me, the guy who won the raffle came up and clipped a lead to my slut collar. I always wore that at the buck’s parties. All I had on was the collar and a pair of heels, and my slutplug of course, which was another regular part of my outfit. I wondered what he was doing. He opened the door to the room and led me into the public area in the bar. The patrons, all men, as it was a men’s club, cheered loudly. I didn’t mind really, in fact I quite enjoyed it. I loved being on display. 

But then he walked me to the door and pulled me out onto the street. The street was full of bars. It was quite a sleazy area of town. It was a warm night and there were plenty of male punters sitting outside drinking. You can imagine the cheering and the comments I got as I was paraded down the street. I was made to bend over and display my slutplug. The comments from the men out the front of the bars were crude and vulgar – I loved them.

It went on for too long and next thing I know a police car pulled up. ‘You are arrested for public indecency’ the officer said. Somebody had obviously called the station. The guys all bolted leaving me there on my own. I got bundled into a police car and taken back to a station in the city. It was obviously a quiet night as there was nobody there other than the officers, four of them I counted. I didn’t want a conviction against my name so I did the only thing a slut caught up in those circumstances could do. I offered to let them all fuck me. 

There was nobody patrolling the city for a while as I got gangbanged by the officers. I started off by blowing them all first, then they each fucked me up the arse. It must have looked very inviting with my slutplug in there. (It seems to me that men will take the arse as their hole of choice every time if there are no restrictions). I left with all charges dropped, an arse full of semen, and in a coat one of the officers gave me. ‘You’ve earned that’ he said with a smile. It was a very sexy experience, being used by four police officers to avoid conviction, but I had been put in a risky position by the guys. I could have been charged.  

Another regular was being the entertainment at some of Ted’s functions. He always made sure I was thoroughly fucked by lots of men and completely humiliated. He knew how to fuck with my mind. He knew he could make me do anything. He knew how much I loved it.

One night he took me to one of his club functions at a private venue in a back lane in the city. We parked the car and then walked down a dark laneway to get to the venue. This night Ted had asked me to dress in my classiest, but sexiest outfit. It was a long dress with waist to ankle splits on the side. Underneath I wore stockings and suspenders, but no panties. I wore an elegant necklace, beautiful large earrings, my hair was tied up in a bun, and I had on the highest heels I owned. It was difficult walking down the laneway. The look was classic.

As we neared the entrance to the venue, I noticed what looked like a middle-aged homeless man on the ground drinking a bottle of wine. As we walked past him Ted pushed my back to the wall and started kissing me. He also opened one of the splits on my dress to show off one of my legs. ‘He looked away from me and said, ‘would you like some of this’. He was talking to the man. 

The wino knelt in front of me and opened my dress, exposing my naked pussy. He ran his hands up and down my stockinged legs and played with and licked my pussy. ‘Stick that bottle up her cunt. Don’t be fooled by her looks, she is nothing more than a filthy slut. Isn’t that right my darling’ he said. I was shocked but turned on. ‘Yes sir’ I mumbled, ‘I am a dirty, filthy slut’. 

I spread my legs and let the wino pump his bottle in and out of me. He must have been so impressed at how he had quickly this beautiful, classy looking woman had turned wanton whore. Ted continued to kiss me, and he released my breasts so the guy could fondle and suck them after he had finished his ministrations on me with the wine bottle. I was so fucking turned-on, looking like a high-class woman and being treated like a common slut. 

The guy had his cock out and was masturbating himself as he explored my body. ‘Suck his cock’ said Ted. So gone was I that I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I did it with relish. I sucked the man’s filthy cock. I loved the contrast between me and the wino. He was getting the full treatment from me. He must have been loving it. It turned me on that I was the submissive one, although he was the bum. Ted knew I would love it. I had an orgasm as I sucked his cock, so highly aroused was I by the absolute humiliation of the situation. ‘Let him fuck you’ said Ted. I wanted him to. I wanted this homeless wino to fuck me in all my finery.

I knew my cunt was wet through. I stood up and took his cock in my hand. I then turned around to face the wall of the laneway, arched my back to expose my arse and pussy, and eased him into me. The man fucked me hard, pumping his filthy cock in and out of my cunt. I wondered if he had ever had access to a prize pussy like the one he was now fucking. Surely not in the recent past. I felt like a whore. He came pretty quickly, which was hardly surprising. As he was fucking me Ted continued to kiss me, his cock in his hand. He came too.

I then did what any filthy slut should do. I got on my haunches and used my mouth to clean their cocks. This is what I had become. Ted knew my need for humiliation and again he had delivered. I loved the entire episode. I didn’t want it to stop there, I was so fucking turned on at getting fucked by this disgusting old wino, but I had a bunch of men at the venue to service for Ted. I had to look the part when I got there.

Eventually one-night things did go too far. A young articled clerk from the office by name of Nathan spied my ad and worked out that it was me. He booked me for a night and said that if I didn’t agree he would tell everybody in the office about my little sideline. I didn’t want that to get around. Nathan was very intelligent, but completely up himself. I wasn’t really looking forward to it. Something about him bothered me. As it turned out my instincts were spot-on.  

Nathan was a footballer and he told me that he wanted me to be the stripper at one of their smoke nights. I was happy to do that. I liked stripping. He knew about my bucks’ nights routine and told me he wanted me to do a vibrator show and he wanted me to put one up my arse as well as my cunt, a DP act. I was fine with that, it was what I normally did. I was even happier when he told me there would be about 80 men there. I felt wet at the prospect of performing like a slut in front of so many men. ‘What about sex’ I asked him. ‘I am going to auction you off’ he said, ‘and the highest bidder will fuck you on stage’. It all seemed doable, in fact I loved the prospect of performing in front of such a large audience.

The night went well, and I got right off on it. There were guys on the front table who held their beer glasses up to me as I was doing the vibrator show in front of the audience and asked me to dip the vibrators in their glass, straight out of my cunt or arse. I did so with glee. They then sculled them down to the cheers of the audience, with the nice little added taste of my arse or pussy. The guy who won the auction got his money’s worth. On stage, in front of the crowd, he fucked me in both holes before cumming in my mouth and making me lick him clean. He paid $1,000. 

The crowd filed out and I was about to get dressed and leave when Nathan said, ‘not so fast, we haven’t finished with you yet’. As it turned out Steve was away on business, so I was on my own. Steve normally waited for me outside. Because he knew Nathan, he didn’t see a problem. 

I didn’t like the tone of Nathan’s voice. There were about 25 guys left. Nathan locked the door. What was going on? I didn’t want to take on 25 drunken young men. It was too risky.

I decided to try and reason with Nathan. ‘Can we talk about this’ I said. ‘Sure, let’s go in here’ he said, walking me into a room. The room was huge with shower heads everywhere. It was obviously the men’s showers. ‘I can’t do all of you, that is beyond my limits (how that was to change in the future). Why don’t you just fuck me in front of your mates. You can fuck me up the arse’. 

The truth was that even that night I thought I probably could do them all if pushed. My concern was not so much the number of them, but the fact that they were drunk. Whilst I loved sex, being hurt wasn’t part of the turn-on.

‘I need more than that’ he said. ‘I told these guys to hang around and that they would get something special. What’s in it for them if they just watch me fuck you up the arse. They have already seen you do that on stage with the guy who bought you in the auction. Don’t make me look stupid. If you give me something special that will be it’, he said. I should have simply threatened him with telling Rick, but for some reason that didn’t cross my mind. Maybe I didn’t want him to know that Rick knew all about me.

I looked around and had a brilliant thought. ‘I know you think I’m just some stupid slut, but trust me on this one, you’ll love it’ I said. ‘I know without doubt that you are a filthy slut. You proved that to me tonight. Stupid? Show me you’re not’ he said. I got down on my elbows and knees, spread my legs, and said, ‘Invite the boys in’. 

I would give them a pissing show they would never forget. I had consumed quite a bit of alcohol during the evening and my bladder was full. Pissing in front of a bunch of men was something I got off on. In they all came. I was about to piss in front of 25 young men. I told them to all stand at the wall behind me. I had calculated that I couldn’t piss that far. I was taking a risk in this position, asking them to stand behind me, as they may have thought I was inviting them to fuck me. I had to get the piss flowing quickly. 

I cleared my head, relaxed, and out it came. I thought that the better the job I did the more likely it was that I would be able to leave after I finished. I put my head down and arse up and let it fly. I could feel the volume of piss as it left me, and I heard it splash loudly on the floor. I felt aroused thinking of what it must look like. Was there anything I didn’t get aroused by? 

As the piss flew from my open cunt across the shower cubicle the guys all applauded and said things like ‘look at the slut piss, have you ever seen anything like it, look at her gaping cunt, she’s getting off on this, what a slut’. I was. I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was.

Eventually the flow stopped and reduced to a trickle. There was a collective sigh from my audience. Nathan took command, clearly trying to impress his mates, and said, ‘our turn boys, piss wherever you like, get rid of all that beer you’ve drunk’. I could have protested, but what was the point. I was going to avoid a drunken gangbang, so what was the big deal about a bit of piss on me. Pissing was after all, just about my favourite kink. This was taking it to the extreme though. 

Piss came from everywhere. It went in my hair, over my back and neck, on my legs, and on my arse and pussy. I was drenched in it. In a strange way I loved the feeling and the warmth. This wasn’t so bad. I was quite enjoying it. I felt a hand on my chin and then my face was lifted upwards. I saw Nathan and his cock in front of me. ‘Open up and take this you slut’ he said. I knew what he wanted. This would make him look like a hero in front of his mates. 

I opened my mouth and gave him what he wanted. He pissed for so long. It went in my mouth and all over my face. It was so degrading. Did I mention how much it turned me on. Another guy aimed his flow at my open cunt and my clitoris from behind. As it hit the bullseye I came. That brought a cheer from the crowd. ‘Look how much the slut loves it’ screamed one of them. It was without a doubt the most embarrassing orgasm I had ever had. You can’t exactly pretend to be in shock when you are moaning, and your body convulsing, in orgasmic delight. 

After it was all over Nathan said, ‘let her clean herself up boys, we can’t have the whore going home stinking of piss’. I was left on my own in the showers. It was over. I had avoided what could have been a nasty situation. I stood there for what seemed like hours cleaning every bit of urine off me and out of me. I had been degraded, not just humiliated. The thing was though, that I had loved it, I had actually got off on being pissed all over. It appealed to my perverted mind.

I got dressed and walked out into the clubrooms. All bar one of the guys had left. ‘Nathan told me to lock up after you leave’ he said. I slumped in my car feeling like a total dirty, cheap, filthy whore, but a satisfied one. What had I become?

It was the first time in a long time that I thought about what I had been doing, what I had become. I had gone along for this ride for months now and at no stage had I questioned anything. Little questions now crept into my mind. I knew there was no going back to the old Lisa, but I questioned whether I could continue under the current arrangements. I had only just avoided a drunken gangbang, and I had got off on the most bizarre sexual treatment.

When I told Steve what happened he went beserk. ‘I’ll kill the little cunt’ he said. Rick knew about my escorting so Steve could be open with him. Rick was very angry too and he sacked Nathan. Nathan had assumed that Rick didn’t know about my escapades on the side. I was glad Nathan got his comeuppance. I felt supported, and Nathan deserved what he got. 

I appreciated their support, but questions had entered my mind. It was not a simple matter of pretending nothing had happened. I loved the sex, the submission, the humiliation, but the danger aspect crossed my mind for the first time.

A meeting a few weeks later in Rick’s office was to change my life. It would gradually end my time as the Company slut.

Next Chapter Coming Soon…

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