Blog Sex in the News Winter  Men Want More Sex in Winter, Says Science

Men Want More Sex in Winter, Says Science

Winter weather brings us steamier sex? New research suggests that men have a higher sex drive during winter months. Now we can stop complaining about the cold and start reaping its benefits.

Blog Sex in the News Winter  Men Want More Sex in Winter, Says Science

In a recent study published in The Psychology of Human Sexuality, 114 men rated their perceived attractiveness of two sets of photos – one of women’s faces, and one of women’s bodies. Shown these images every 3 months over the course of a year, researchers noticed that attraction levels for images of faces did not change – but the body images saw fluctuating levels, especially in colder months.

From December to February, attraction levels rose and peaked, while in June, July and August they reached their lowest readings for the entire year. In fact, survey subjects who were in the same relationship throughout the study reported that attraction to their partners peaked in winter as well, proving that even a summer love can become more intense during the winter.

Why, we hear you ask, is this so? Researchers suggest that all the extra bared skin we see when the heat is on makes for a flesh overload in the minds of men, and the more covered-up wardrobes women wear in winter makes the sight of just a little skin all the more arousing. The unchanging attraction to faces supports this argument, the reason being that faces are seen all year round and thus there are no dry spells surrounding them.

And what about women’s seasonal sexual arousal? Well, that’s a study that’s yet to be conducted, however, there are a number of other factors that could influence this peak in sexual performance. 

The romanticism around the holidays causes “cuffing season ”, which is millennial talk for finding a significant other in time for the holidays. Other studies find that the isolation that comes with staying inside more during colder months leads us to crave human interaction and closeness. 

Physically speaking, it also helps us generate heat. Ever rushed through summer sex to avoid a heat stroke? It’s common, and the exact reason why “more” sex in winter also means longer love-making. Perhaps that’s why 9 months after big power outages and snow storms come baby booms. 

So embrace your cuddling and flood your body with happy hormones . Stay horny in the name of science.

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