Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica Free Sex Stories  Locked Down After Lockdown – An Erotic Story

Locked Down After Lockdown – An Erotic Story

Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica Free Sex Stories  Locked Down After Lockdown – An Erotic Story

We matched online during the lockdown, and since then we’ve had countless video calls, sending each other photos of our dinner, watching films together, virtually. 

Since we couldn’t progress things further in person, we’d been sharing one or two fantasies with each other, a late night steamy rendezvous with seductive pictures and dirty words.

Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica Free Sex Stories  Locked Down After Lockdown – An Erotic Story

We were very much excited for the day we could finally meet in person, to feel each others skin, breath, warmth.

He guides me upstairs, the anticipation building with each step as I prepare to finally move forward with this virtual romance but physical stranger. The room is dimly lit, with one or two candles, and the bed immaculately prepared, but not in the way I was expecting.

“Do you trust me?”

I feel like I do, but it’s our first time. I’m excited.

I nod cautiously. 

“Then let me treat you to your wildest dreams.”

My heart skips a beat. Maybe two. I look over at the bed. Four sturdy, biting handcuffs attached to each corner of the bed.

He brushes the hair out of my face and leans forward to kiss me gently. The first touch I’ve felt in months. Our tongues tangle in the embrace and his teeth graze my bottom lip, making my pussy tingle. He’s a very good kisser, I realise all this talking online has been worthwhile, and my mind wonders what else he is good at. I’m soon to find out.

“Bend over for me,” He says in a soft, low voice.

I stare, taking it all in, pulse racing and arousal mounting.

“Bend over,” he says again, more forcefully this time.

Well this is certainly a different side to him than the one sending me a picture of his breakfast in the morning. I do as he says.

He caresses his hand down my back, and lifts up my dress. He teases my skin with his fingers, alerting my senses to his touch. I feel a pinch, a squeeze and a slap. He gets to his knees, pulling my hips towards his face. He hovers there, his warm breathe teasing me, then starts swirling his tongue over all the best places, making me heavy with lust.

He stops too soon. I stand up, and look him in the eye as I slide off my dress, watching his greedy smirk as he sees me standing before him. I lay down on the bed, he lays over me, sliding a hand down my stomach to find my pussy, but drawing away before he gets there. I squirm with greed. He laughs, as he reaches to attach the cuffs to my wrists, taking his time, drawing it out. He kisses his way down to each ankle, attaching them to the bed too. I pull on the restraints but with each movement they click tighter. I’m there, at his mercy, as he gets up and admires his work. 

I’m there, helpless, in agonising arousal. 

He walks over to his desk and picks up a curved, pink and gold toy with a remote control. He walks back over, and slides two fingers over my pussy, picking up the wetness, feeling inside as my pleasure heightens. The toy slides into me, one end on my g-spot and the other resting on my clit.

“Are you ready?” He smiles.

An intense vibration begins as he presses the control button, my pussy explodes with delight and the pleasure causes me to pull on the cuffs, they tighten even more. He paces, watching me submit my pleasure to his control, as he plays with the settings, teasing me with different vibration patterns and intensities. 

“Please,” I beg, “Please, I need more.”

He walks back to the bed, unbuttoning his shirt and revealing his skin that I burn to touch. He leans forward, to begin kissing me and touching me at last.

Suddenly, I’m awoken by church bells. “Urgh!” I moan, as I realise I’d just lost out the best part of the dream. I reach for my toys to finish what he started, and continue imagining the first time I get to touch him.

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