KNOCK – An Erotic Story


I turn on the doorbell camera and see it’s Katie. I run to the front door and open it to let her in.

“Hey girlie, what are you doing here?” I ask both excited and confused to see her. 


“I know you hate bad weather and you’re home alone, so I thought I’d come and hang out until it passes.” 

I smile as I move out of the doorway, so she can come inside out of the weather. 

“You are always so thoughtful, but you didn’t have to drive an hour plus to get here because of me.”

“Yes, I did, Stacy. You’re my best friend. I couldn’t stand the thought of you being here alone. I know how you are about bad weather.”

I hug her tightly. She is soaking wet and from the feel of her hard nipples pressed against me, cold. 

“Go on upstairs and find you some dry clothes. I’ll make us a few drinks.”

“Great,” she kisses my cheek, “thanks, Stac,” and heads upstairs. 

A few minutes pass, and she returns to the living room. She is wearing nothing but a large t-shirt and light blue, lacy, cheeky panties that show off just the right amount of her tanned ass. 

“Whew, that is so much better,” she says as she heads my way.

“Did you toss everything in the dryer?”

“Yeah, I did. Man, I’m glad we wear the same size clothes. That would have been miserable if I had to stay in those cold, wet clothes, but I would have done it for you.”

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such an amazing friend,” I admit.

“Hmm, well, you do make a killer drink,” she hints.

I smile and hand her a margarita. 

As she takes the first sip, I once again notice her nipples harden through the thin, light grey, well fitted, t-shirt. 

“How is it?”

“MMM, it’s delicious. Wanna try some?” She asks with a sexy smirk on her face. 


I walk towards her, cup her neck, and pull her into me. Her soft lips touch mine and I can already taste the lime juice. Her arms wrap around my waist, pulling me closer, and as she does, a gentle moan escapes her as my tongue 1caresses hers. My nipples harden at the sound as we press against each other. The kiss breaks momentarily, and she gazes up at me. 

“I want you,” she admits.

I’ve waited so long to hear those words from her that I can’t help but smile. 

She pulls me back in, this time tighter. Our kiss deepens, and I tease her tongue with my tongue ring. As I do, she moans again. My god, I love that sound! I hold her face to mine with one hand, while my other explorers down her back to her luscious ass and I guide her backward to the couch until she is sitting, and I am on her lap. Our breathing quickens as I trail kisses down her jaw. I reach her neck, and she pulls me in tighter, so tight that our erect nipples are teasing each other with every breath we take. Her sweet moans are driving me wild and louder with every flick of our nipples brushing against each other. I pull up at the base of her t-shirt to remove it and throw it on the floor, exposing her hot, naked body. 

“Lie down,” I command.

She complies, and I crawl back on top of her. My hands find her perky, rounded breasts, and as I massage them, she closes her eyes and begins that moan again. There cannot be a better sound on this planet than that moan!! This time, her hands work to remove my shirt as best she can in between bursts of pleasure from my rolling her small, pink nipples between my fingertips. I stop momentarily to remove my shirt.

“You’re beautiful,” she says as she takes in my body. 

I smile, returning my attention to her breasts, and she does the same to mine. Her hands are gentle and know exactly where to touch. She teases my nipples, and I cannot help but get swept away in the pleasure. She sits up and begins to suck and nibble my nipples.

“Oh, Katie,” I moan.

She pauses and looks up at me, “I want to feel that tongue ring on me.” 

I lean into her, guiding her back lying down to the couch. I begin kissing down her body to her hips, remove her panties, and crawl between her legs. I leave a trail of delicate kisses along her inner thigh.

“Oh, please,” she begs.

I move closer to her sex and place tender kisses on her lips. I hear that sweet moan escape her again, and I cannot resist anymore. My mouth finds her clit, and I began licking her. Slowly at first, but with her moans growing louder, my pace increases. How I love her moans!! She begins to move her hips slightly and places her hands on my head, holding me exactly where she wants me. She is close.

“Oh…Oh, Stacy!” she says, gasping for air between bouts of pleasure, “Stacy, I’m gonna….”

I reach up to her nipples, this time being rougher to help push her over the edge.

“Oh, don’t stop!” she cries.

I lick harder, ensuring my tongue ring hits her clit with each lick until it happens. She grabs a handful of my hair and cums, hard, screaming and bucking her hips in extasy. Her juices, filling my mouth, my god they are even more delicious than I imagined. 

When she has finished, she gently pulls me up to her, kissing me deeply, tasting herself.

“MMMM,” she moans at the taste, “now, I want to taste you.”

“Well, I won’t argue with that, but after you have a taste, I want to ride you until you cum again,” I explain.

A big beautiful smile crosses her face, “Okay, but first you.”

I remove my panties and lie back on the couch. I am already soaking wet and excited to feel her soft tongue on me, so I know it will only be a matter of seconds before I explode. She wastes no time and dives between my legs. Her lips are soft and gentle as she teases my clit. 

“Katie… please,” I beg

“Please, what?”

Oh, well that’s a spin I wasn’t expecting, who knew the girl on girl virgin would want me to tell her what to do. 

“Please, put that beautiful face in my pussy and eat it.”

A naughty giggle escapes her mouth right before she assaults my clit with her sweet, warm tongue. Oh my god, that tongue feels so amazing. I open my legs wider to allow her to get deeper and harder.

“Mmmm…Katie,” I moan as she places two fingers in my pussy while she continues licking me. 

She stops licking me for a moment, “you like that?” she asks as she pounds my pussy with her fingers.

“Yes!” I cry

She continues fingering me for a few minutes before I beg her, “Please, Katie…”

“Please, what, Stac?”

“I want to feel your tongue on my clit again, plea….”

Before I could finish my sentence, I was graced with the warmth of her gentle tongue, clashing against my clit while she continued fingering me. I find myself holding her head, as she did mine in place while I grind on her tongue. Oh my fucking god, she’s terrific. 

She lifts her face away, and I cry, “no, don’t stop! I’m close!”

She returns, showing my clit her undivided attention. I grab a handful of her long, curly, brown hair and hold her in place while I grind my pussy on her tongue.

“There….there, stay there!” I manage to scream, only moments before I cum. She licks me clean and kisses up my body to face me. I push her back on her back. 

“Spread your legs. I am far from done with you.”

She smiles an innocent smile and spreads her legs, wide. I crawl on top of her and place one leg so that I am straddling one leg and our pussies are touching. She is dripping wet, again, which I knew she would. I support her leg with my shoulder and slowly begin to scissor her. 

“MMMM,” she moans. Fuck me. I love that sound. She reaches up and begins pulling my nipple roughly as I grind a little faster. 

“You like that, sweetie?”

“I’d like it better if you choked me,” she replies almost breathless. 

I reach forward and grab her forcefully around her throat.

“Like that?”


She returns to pulling my nipple, and I rock harder.

“Oh my god,” she says, still breathless, “I’m gonna cum again!”

“You’re damn right, you are, but not until I say.”

“No, I can’t!” She cries

“You can, and you will, or I can stop right now,” I remove my hand from her throat, stop moving and threaten knowing its a lie.

“No, please! Don’t stop.”

“Then do as you are fucking told! You will not cum until I say you can, understood?”

“Yes, I understand. Please, please ride me more!”

“Good girl! Pull my nipples harder!” 

She returns to pulling my nipples, and I return to grinding that sweet, juicy pussy again. Her moans getting more profound and louder, I return my hand to her throat.

“Not…yet,” I say just as breathless as she.


“No. Not…yet!” I yell, grinding her so hard the couch is moving with me.

“Choke me harder!” 

She is very close, and so am I! I do as she asks, and choke her harder, and when I do, she pulls my nipples harder.

“Please,” she whispers, “Please let me cum.”

I ride her without responding for a few more minutes.

“Now! Cum now!”

As soon as the words escaped my mouth, she locked eyes with me, smiled, and we both began cuming harder and more intesnse, than the first time. 

After, we held each other, naked on the couch. We know that our relationship had been forever changed, but in the best possible way.

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