BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories SEX TOY STORIES  Isolated Punishment – An Erotic Story

Isolated Punishment – An Erotic Story

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories SEX TOY STORIES  Isolated Punishment – An Erotic Story

“Now. You’ll stay there until I decide otherwise.”

The words echoed in her ears still. He’d sounded calm, almost bored, but she could hear the underlying irritation. She knew she shouldn’t have done it…

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories SEX TOY STORIES  Isolated Punishment – An Erotic Story

They’d just been holed up in the house for so long! How could he expect her to behave when they were corralled in the same space twenty-four seven?! Suddenly, the cool silicone resting at the apex of her thighs began to shake. She whimpered, squirming on the satin sheets, whether to get away from it or press closer she wasn’t sure.

The pleasant feeling pulsed through her clit and traveled along her folds and into her stomach where it wound into a tight coil of heat. Another whimper crawled up her throat, and she ground her teeth against the rubber ball pressing against her tongue. Her hips rolled down trying to put a little more pressure just where she needed it.

A frustrated huff of air burst from her nose when moving proved a fruitless endeavor. It was maddening! The heat pooling in her stomach made her muscles clench, and a light sheen of sweat began to slick over her skin. If she could just… get… there!

She had managed to tilt her left hip up and just a smidge over so that lovely piece of silicone was pressed into her clit. The vibration made her skin twitch and her thighs shake. A heady moan forced its way around the gag. She lifted her left shoulder from the bed as best she could, the leather biting into her wrist in the most painfully pleasant way.

Her insides were coiling tighter and tighter, that sense of euphoria beginning to sing through her veins. She sucked in a sharp breath, her eyelashes fluttering against the silk over her eyes as she reached the edge of the cliff. The gentle burring of the wand clicked off and her eyes flew wide, a scream lodged in the back of her throat.

She slid down from the edge of pure bliss, and her body shook from the denied release. Tears pricked her eyes as she flopped onto her back. Her thighs unconsciously rubbed together as best they could in an attempt to rekindle the dulling heat in her stomach.

This is punishment, pet. Not pleasure.”

The husky, baritone voice at her ear sent a shiver down her spine and scattered goosebumps across her skin. She sucked in a breath and held it wishing she could see his eyes. His eyes always gave him away. Always gave her some kind of idea of how long she’d be held just on the brink of nirvana. She heard the rustle of his clothes as he stood up and the heavy thumping of his boots as he rounded the bed.

Her muscles jumped and electricity danced over her skin as his fingertips skimmed over her collarbone, over the swell of her breast and circled her areola. She felt her skin tighten in response, and she whimpered as he neglected the tightened peak in favor of continuing his path down her stomach. The feather light touch made her nerves jump as he traced the ‘v’ of her hips.

Her breaths were coming in short pants, and her nails dug into her palms as she strained against the cuffs. His fingers disappeared and she struggled to hear anything over her ragged breathing. The anticipation made her limbs tremble. Her entire body jumped at the sudden vibration between her thighs, and the sudden buzz of pleasure at her core made her breathless.

His breath ghosted over her nipple, and she arched her chest to meet his mouth. When a dark chuckle reached her ears and nothing gave her the touch she craved, she growled. The chuckle grew into a full blown laugh that made her core clench. It promised sweet pleasure and pain in equal measures… His lips were at her ear now.

“Do behave, pet.”

As suddenly as he had appeared, he was gone and the door clicked shut with a soft snick. She knew she’d brought this upon herself, and she loved it just as much as it made her blood boil with anger. The sound of her breathy pants and the soft whirring of the wand filled the air, the occasional moan of pleasure cutting through the noise. Despite the frustration and nearly unbearable pleasure, she couldn’t help the wicked grin that curved around the ball gag. 

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