Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica Free Sex Stories  Déjà You – An Erotic Story

Déjà You – An Erotic Story

Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica Free Sex Stories  Déjà You – An Erotic Story

Let’s face it, that moment, the moment when he enters you and lets out that moan that you’ve been waiting for, that’s ecstasy. 

Blog EROTIC STORIES Erotica Free Sex Stories  Déjà You – An Erotic Story

We’ve been toying around with eachother for days, getting on with odd jobs, barely having the time to pause and notice our own company. Except for the occasional tantilising glance or a squeeze here and there. But the pheromones were always there, definitely always there, dense in the room like a thick fog. At last, after the months of searching for normality, we were invited to a real life, non VR, party. He tells me he needs to go somewhere to get something, so I’ll meet him at the venue. 

I walk down with a friend, we’re dressed in tartin, black and thick make up. Piercings and patches to go with it. Everyone’s similarly dressed for the occasion, with misfits tunes and peoples legs blasting out the venues side window. We go in. After some time of dancing and loitering, I find his friends amongst the clusters of people. They tell me he’s here. 

Sitting upstairs alone, I notice a figure coming out of one of the bathrooms, swaying slightly left to right as they reach into their pocket to get something out. I recognise who it was straight away, as stunning as ever, and of course he’s brought himself a new, full length waistcoat to dazzle the night away.

He looks up from rummaging around in his pockets. He’s unphased by my presence, and looks to his right as if to collect his thoughts. No one else is around, so I move my body position on the window ledge, my legs slightly more open to what they were before. One raised, with the foot on the side and the other relaxing to the floor. I take one drag of my cigarette and wait for his move.

He walks down the corridor, the light reflects on his statured figure as he passes each window. He stands in front of me. I’m fed up with him, frustrated with him but my body longs for him and he knows it. I lower my head.

As soon as he reaches me, with one hand he gently but firmly brings me up to his lips.With his other hand he gathers my hair and holds it as he places his tongue into my mouth. My legs still open and susceptible, warms when I feel his connection. He reaches to his pocket and takes a drag from his vape. Holding onto my waist, he places the vape back into his pocket and lowers one of his large, rough hands between my legs. He runs two fingers along my already wet vagina, and I let out a groan – Uhhhh. 

He grins ‘Uuuuuh?’ ‘Is that what you want? Or his this what you want?’ 

He unbuckles his green camo trousers, they fall to his knees and he reveals his cock. He knows what I want, he knows I enjoy it. So, I get to my knees and eagerly put him inside of my mouth. It tastes so good, it tastes like him and I try to take all of him.

He forces my head onto him enough for me to get my enjoyment, as gentle to feel care, but as loose to portray his ambivalence. My tongue wraps around the top, and I can feel the veins. I suck and feel the skin move in my mouth up and down. My mouth salivates. He wipes a tear away from my eye and lets out a groan as his cock turns rock solid. He pulls out. 

I say ‘How do you want me now?’ 

‘As you want.’ 

I don’t move. 

He stands, once again shadowed over me. Eyes intensely looking into mine. He reaches to one of my legs and raises it to his hip. He brings himself closer to me. There’s a noise in the background; we’d completely forgotten there’s a party. I become slightly aware, but he continues. 

I put my fingers on his cock to my vagina and he enters. That moment, the moment when he enters and lets out that relieving and relinquishing moan, that’s ecstasy. I can feel him, his body arched into mine and his cock along the walls inside of me, for his pleasure. We pause for a moment, entwined in bliss. 

A couple appear at the end of the corridor, they see us but continue to walk. I look alarmed, he feels my body tense. 

‘Relax’ He says smiling. I think of him, as he holds my hips and has his fully erect cock inside of me, and my body relaxes onto his. I trust him, I always have and he fucks away all concern. 

As the couple walks away, to the bedroom they giggle. I look into his eyes and he continues to smile and looks down. A moment passes and then he lowers his hands onto my ass, he slowly begins to move in and out. Almost leaving me, with his tip resting on my opening of my vagina. I gasp, not wanting it to leave.

He shoves himself into me and pulls my entire body so we are face to face. I see the enjoyment he is getting out of this and its making me so wet. I push him onto the window sill. His ass halfway on the ledge, and then lower myself onto him, grinding and rotating my hips as I go. I nibble his neck tenderly, with one small bite. I kiss him on the lips as I pull away, he says: ‘I’m going to cum in you.’ 

I couldn’t contain it, everything tightened in that moment. My body needed to release. 

I let out a cry: ‘Uh, Lysanderrrr’. 

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