Blog Sex in the News Sex Related Days  BEST holiday EVER is upon us – National Orgasm Day

BEST holiday EVER is upon us – National Orgasm Day

July is the best month of the year – it’s filled with sun, sea, cocktails, flings and romantic travels. But the best thing about this summer month is definitely its end, to be precise, 31st of July when we’re celebrating National Orgasm Day and with it female ability to enjoy climax many times over during one session. ALERT – you’ll enjoy reading this.

Blog Sex in the News Sex Related Days  BEST holiday EVER is upon us – National Orgasm Day

We know sex is not all about the big O but frankly my dear, we do give a damn! And quite honestly, two or more climaxes are always better than one, amirite?  Being experts in human sexuality comes with a heavy price; LELO has to constantly test, explore and experiment with human subjects willing to subdue themselves to intense pleasure (FYI, no humans were ever harmed). During our quest for better, stronger, longer orgasms we found that female ability to orgasm knows no bounds. Multiple orgasming is rarely the hot topic when humans still struggle to achieve climax, to begin with – exploring one’s body takes time and patience (and top-of-the-range toys wink, wink).

In honor of women, and women’s incredible orgasming abilities (under right circumstances), here are four facts about female sexual behavior that will hopefully give you fresh ideas for ground rocking times ahead. Take a look!

1) 40-60% of women masturbate, compared to 95-99% of their male counterparts. 

Ring the alarm! It’s 2019 and it’s time to get busy! Many, many times over. No one can please you if you can’t please yourself first. It’s time to bump up those figures.

2) Only 18% of women can orgasm from penetrative sex.

There are many, many ways to orgasm, and clitoral orgasm is the most popular of them all. Invest in a mirror, a beautiful toy , and start loving what you see and see where the day takes you.

3) 50% of women can only achieve multi-orgasming during solo-play.

Aha! It takes a lot of time and practice to get in sync with a partner, let alone to achieve optimal multi-conditions. Help yourself and your partner, if you’re so inclined, and practice, practice, practice – alone first.

4) Advantages of masturbating: it’ the safest sex for women (no pregnancy, STD or discomfort scares), relieves stress , improves body image, sleep, and self-esteem, relieves menstrual cramps and improves muscle tone in the pelvic area.

So next time someone asks you did you come, you can (fingers crossed) answer with: “How many times?”

PSSST, make sure to check your e-mail and our website for the amazing deals for all the toys that will make you scream more than once!

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