Sex in the Media: Explore or Ignore – Throwback Version


“Bridesmaids” still delivers.

What makes this movie “Bridesmaids” so irresistible, even 12 years after its initial release? The
comedy, written by Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, was considered groundbreaking back in
2011. It not only brought us iconic lines of comedic genius, but it broke down gender barriers by
allowing female characters to be raunchy and authentic and to not have to hold their shit
together (bridal shop scene, anyone?).

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a brief synopsis: Annie is a woman who is trying to navigate life
after the heartbreaking closure of her bakery. As a result, she has to tolerate a miserable job at
a jewelry store, and is in an unsatisfying relationship with a guy who isn’t interested in much
else than the occasional booty call. To make matters worse, her best friend Lillian is getting
married, and one of her bridesmaids is hellbent on taking over and coming between the two
lifelong friends. Hilarity ensues when they’re joined by the rest of the bridal party, each with
their own quirks and origin stories (if nothing else, watch this movie just to witness Melissa
McCarthy embody a woman named “Megan” – I dare you not to laugh every moment she’s on

The film not only permits these women to be funny – it downright demands it. They tell it like it
is, they are multi-dimensional, and even at their worst, they are strong, smart and ultimately,
supportive. We see their rage, their vulnerability – all of it. And that’s why I think we laugh so
hard – because we know these women. We are these women .

And they are sexy! From the opening scene between Annie and her sometimes-boyfriend to
the characters’ commentary about sexual struggles to Megan’s hyper focused attempts at
hooking up with her airplane seatmate – the movie shines a spotlight on romance, sex and how
women approach it all.

If you haven’t ever seen “Bridesmaids” – I highly recommend it. If you haven’t seen it in a while,
maybe it’s time for another viewing! Admire it for paving the way for so much of the feminist
content we have today. 

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