Blog Sex Position sex positions  Saddle Up for These 5 Straddling Positions!

Saddle Up for These 5 Straddling Positions!

Blog Sex Position sex positions  Saddle Up for These 5 Straddling Positions!

So you want to give straddling a go? Yay you! This kind of sex position is relatively easy and most of the time, super comfortable for both partners. What’s even better is that it can be done in a number of different ways.

Blog Sex Position sex positions  Saddle Up for These 5 Straddling Positions!

To be more precise, here are two definitions for the word ‘straddle’:

  • “An act of sitting or standing with one’s legs wide apart.”
  • “Sit or stand with one leg on either side of.” 

Essentially, this position allows you to saddle up for all kinds of exciting and sexy rides! Let’s explore the different ways you can straddle or be straddled during play time!

5 Different Straddling Positions to Try Tonight!

Fancy getting it on in a different kind of way? Try these straddling positions for size…

1. The Oral Sex Straddle

Facesitting can be extremely pleasurable for both partners. It also gives the straddler the chance to take control of their pleasure while giving their partner an excellent view of their body. 

To do this kind of straddling, have one partner lay down on their back while the other lowers their genitals over their face. For this position, the straddler would rest their weight on their knees, or lean back and place their weight on their hands. This position also works if the straddler gets on all fours

Another perk? The one being straddled, depending, can masturbate during penetration to create even more arousal. 

To make this position more comfortable, we suggest resting on a soft surface, like a bed or sofa. A pillow for the one being straddled can also aid in comfort.

2. The Scissor Straddle

Scissoring is a sex position where two partners face each other and cross their legs so that their genitals touch. And for a sexy twist, there is something called ‘the scissor straddle’.

You can enjoy it by laying with your partner so that both heads are at opposite sides of the bed, and create an ‘X’ shape with your legs. Then, have one partner position themselves on the right side with their leg up and place it around their partner’s left side. The other partner will kneel down and straddle their partner’s right leg. 

This position is quite fabulous for a number of reasons: it allows for deeper penetration, can prompt eye  contact, and leaves some hands free for a bit of extra stimulation.

3. The Chair Straddle

While this may take a bit more effort when it comes to keeping balance, and requires a bit of flexibility—if it’s done right—it’s entirely satisfying and spicy. 

The penetrating party will sit down on a chair, in reverse. Their partner will then sit down on their partner’s penis/dildo with their legs bent at a 90 degree angle propped up above the chair. And voila!

4. Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl Straddle with a Twist

A more common straddling position is that of the cowgirl or reverse cowgirl . And while this could be done by one partner simply getting on their back while the other sits on top of them and straddles, there is another way to enjoy this position…

Have one partner lay down on their back with one knee slightly bent. The other will climb on top of them, perpendicular and facing away from their partner. They will then sit on their partner’s penis/dildo, with their legs on one side next to their partner’s bent leg. They can rest one hand on their partner’s knee and the other on the chest. Not too shabby, right?

5. One-Leg-Up Straddle

Have the partner who will be penetrated lay on their back with either one leg raised, resting on their partner’s shoulder, or slightly bent at the knee. The penetrating partner will then straddle over their partner’s extended thigh.

This kind of straddle can be highly erotic as it allows for deeper penetration, and allows both partners to look at each other during their tryst!

Now that you’ve got five more sex positions to take for a test spin, are you ready to get back in the saddle and enjoy a thrilling and sexual ride? Yee-haw!

Blog Sex Position sex positions  Saddle Up for These 5 Straddling Positions!

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