Better Sex Blog Masturbation  Making Waves: A Guide to Solo and Partnered Bathtub Sex

Making Waves: A Guide to Solo and Partnered Bathtub Sex

Better Sex Blog Masturbation  Making Waves: A Guide to Solo and Partnered Bathtub Sex

Bath time is such a sensual affair, whether it’s merely to get yourself all cleaned up, to induce feelings of relaxation and rejuvenation, or to experience a bit of cheeky sexy time with yourself or a partner.

Better Sex Blog Masturbation  Making Waves: A Guide to Solo and Partnered Bathtub Sex

So, if you’re all about making waves, we’re sure you’re going to love the sound of bathtub sex for so many reasons. Consider this your little go-to guide when it comes to having sex in the tub!

Bathtub Sex: The Logistics

Size Does Matter

Bathtub sex is rarely anything like you’ll see in the movies. In fact, some tubs are too small to even offer the luxury of sharing or getting it on. 

A narrow bathtub, for example, you could go to town in the doggy style position, sure, but logistically, you should probably forget about taking a soak together, or trying other positions. 

Having said that, a wider bathtub is the bread and butter of bathtub sex. Have a whirlpool-style bathtub at home or at a hotel you’re staying at? Lucky you!

Also factor in that when you sit down inside the tub, the water level rises. With two people getting in, well, just don’t overfill the bathtub, that’s all we’re saying.


Unfortunately, condom use in water is a bit of a boner killer. If condoms are your primary (or only) source of birth control, you may want to sit this one out, as they have the ability to slip off when wet. 

Then, be careful what product(s) you use in the bathtub (bubble bath etc.) as it could enter the vagina (a kind of “gush” that’ll only really happen during water play time), creating a possible bacterial infection. Perhaps keep the water au naturale, or do a bit of research on your products beforehand.

Also, as it turns out, water tends to dry up intimate bits! So, we recommend having some silicone-based lube on-hand (water-based lube will simply wash away).

On the Edge

After reading the above, perhaps you’re a bit apprehensive about bathtub sex, we get it. But that doesn’t mean you need to rule out the bathtub completely. 

You could engage in a bit of oral sex whilst one partner sits on the edge of the tub. Just be sure to have something sturdy to hold onto if you’re nervous about things being… slippery when wet!

Sex Positions for Splashingly Good Bathtub Sex

For starters, you’re going to want to get comfy! We suggest either:

  • Facing your partner with both of your knees bent while your feet sit comfortably to the side of each other’s legs and hips.
  • Facing the same direction as your partner, with one leaning against the other in between their legs. Tip: if the person being leaned on is a man, be careful of his goods!

By choosing the latter, one partner can reach over and rub their lover’s nipples or clit whilst giving them sweet kisses on the neck and shoulders.

Then, when you’re ready to heat things up, why not go for these sex positions?

  • Cowgirl : Make sure your knees and hands are securely supported, have your partner lie back and you take the reins
  • Reverse cowgirl : Taking the same security measures as above, get comfy in the reverse cowgirl position while making a splash with your hips
  • Doggy style : A favourite and probably one of the easier styles to enjoy in the tub, one could either lean over the side of the tub from the outside, or take position leaning at the end of the tub while enjoying this classic goodie

Waterproof sex toy bliss: for an extra bathtub boost, LELO has a few cheeky couple’s toys that are 100 percent waterproof. Have regular bathtub sex, or have enhanced pleasure bathtub sex? The latter one, please! 

Check out the TIANI 3 , a remote-controlled couples’ massager with eight pleasure settings, or the IDA , also remote-controlled, a toy that’s worn by her during sex, giving off powerful vibrations and rotations for both partners.

Whatever sexy activitiy or position you’re planning for the bathtub, please be sure to make safety a priority:

  • You could make use of non-slip stickers or mats
  • Make sure that the surface you’re holding onto is dry, stable, and secure. You need to be sure that it can hold or accommodate your body weight.
  • You may want to skip the candles and bath salts/bubble bath this time around. Candles could be a bother getting in and out of the tub, and could be a fire hazard with all the sassiness going down. Bath salts or bubble bath on the other hand, could create an even slippier surface. 

Bathtub Sex for One!

You know that sex is what you perceive it to be, right? Who says you can’t fuck yourself? Solo bathtub sex can be just as (or even more) intimate and pleasureful as partnered bathtub sex.

The Classic Bath Faucet Trick for Her

Feeling sexy in the bathtub? Turn on the bath faucet and let the water run. Position yourself so that you’re on your back with your legs against the wall, spread open, allowing the water to fall directly onto your pleasure spots. 

You could also experiment around with solo temperature play by starting off with cold water until the clitoris becomes numb, then turning up the heat and scooching even closer to the faucet as the temperature heats up.

Pleasure Enhancers During Solo Bathtub Sex for Her

Some of our fave pleasure enhancers that are perfect for her to use in the bathtub include:

  • SONA 2 CRUISE : an award-winning clit stimulating toy
  • SORAYA WAVE : a new rabbit vibrator, giving you g-spot and clitoral stimulation 
  • ORA 3 : an oral sex simulator that’s just like (or perhaps better than) the real thing

The Classic Bath Faucet Trick for Him

The bath faucet trick isn’t just for her! Those with a penis can too have a bit of solo fun in the bathtub by running water out the faucet that is of fairly high pressure. Get onto your knees and get as close to the faucet as possible to create a kind of penetration.

Pleasure Enhancers During Solo Bathtub Sex for Him

Some of our fave pleasure enhancers that are perfect for him to use in the bathtub include:

  • HUGO : a hands-free prostate massager that has the potential to increase the intensity of the male orgasm by 33 percent
  • LOKI : a perfectly-shaped pleasure product giving prostate stimulation with six settings
  • BRUNO : a hands-free prostate massager with two motors for double the pleasure

And to end on an even more intriguing note, have you ever heard of these sex-related water fetishes?

  • Aquaphilia: sexual arousal from water or watery environments
  • Coitobalnism: Sexual arousal from having sex in a bathtub
  • Coitus a unda: Sexual arousal from sex under water
  • Bidetonism: Sexual arousal from using a bidet as a genital stimulant 

Ready to make waves either with your sexy self or with your partner? Remember: bathtub sex can be super amazing, but always put your safety first!

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