Business Affairs Ch. 2 – An Erotic Series

Jules was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate. It was already 6:00p.m. The meeting had gone on non-stop since 9:00 that morning and the client showed no signs of bringing it to an end. Normally, she wouldn’t mind. It wasn’t unusual. When a client is being sued for a figure with lots of zeros on the end, as their lawyer, she is more than happy to give them all the hours they want. It’s all good chargeable time after all. But tonight, she had business of her own to tend to.

Tired of the occasional and rather dreary sex she enjoyed… no, that’s the wrong verb… endured with her husband after ten years of marriage, and being back in the saddle at work, she had decided she would treat herself to something special. Ruth, her best friend, had done something similar when she picked up her professional career again; she had indulged in jewelry. Jules had considered doing the same, but quickly came to the conclusion that it would just compensate for her real needs. Instead, she decided on taking on a new lover. In fact, three of them.

She stayed at The Falcon three nights every week. On each of those nights, she had already noticed three guys who were also regular guests. Fortunately, each on a different night of the week. All three had, at various times, fuelled her fantasies as she put her new little vibrator through its paces back in the hotel room and, truth be known, to help her reach orgasm whilst her husband fucked her. Her objective this week—the first of her new resolution—was to seduce all three. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Last night she had ticked off the first, Tuesday, as she chose to call him. She had played the ice maiden. Stern and essentially silent. Riding him in the hotel gym before blanking him in the restaurant, she had him hooked. Tonight, she had very different plans to ensnare Wednesday.

It was gone 7:00p.m. by the time Jules finally got to the hotel.  She made a dinner reservation and went to her room to shower, after which she dutifully rang her husband. They went through the ritual of telling each other about their day, neither of them interested any longer in what the other had to say. But tonight, she was in a playful mood.

‘I’ve just had a shower, and I’m standing here stark naked. Wish you were here,’ she lied.

‘Oh, my god, so do I,’ hubby replied, somewhat surprised.

She teased him, reminding him of what she had let him do to her the last time she had stood naked in the very same room, but with him some eight years earlier. It had got a bit out of hand, and the people in the next room had complained about the noise.  She was never one to hold back when she came.

‘Oh, Christ,’ was all he could say.

She blew him a kiss down the phone and hung up.

For tonight’s man, Wednesday, she had decided to go for the cute, ditzy brunette act. She wanted all three affairs to be different. Of a similar age to her, he was quite a bit taller and well-built. She quite fancied the idea of playing the petite little subservient to him. Letting him think he was having his way, using her for his own pleasure, whilst, in reality, she would be the puppet master getting what it was that she desired.

She had chosen a somewhat flouncy cotton dress for the task. A tight bodice that accentuated her cleavage and displayed her pert nipples to perfection even before they hardened with arousal. A short and flowing skirt, somewhat revealing of her pure white lingerie if she sat down without gathering it first. Heels, just a little too high, added the essential finish to the costume. She wore her hair in a ponytail secured by a little red bow. She studied herself in the mirror. She tried out a few poses and looks of innocence. Perfect.

Not-so-perfect was what she found as she walked into the bar on the way to dinner. Wednesday was not alone. Damn! Now what?

The two men were just walking into the restaurant. Wednesday happened to glance back and saw her. She watched his eyes run over her figure. When they got back up to her face, having paused a moment on her breasts, she gave a coy smile and quickly looked away.

When she went into dinner, she sat at the opposite end of the restaurant. That wasn’t ideal, but it gave her a chance to think. She tried to come up with some ploy to get him away from his colleague, or to maybe find out his room number and…  and… and… the thought fizzled away. She could leave it until next week, but she was in the mood for some fun tonight and, besides, the batteries in her vibrator were flat and she’d forgotten to replace them. Halfway through her mushroom risotto and second glass of Malbec, it hit her. Have them both. Or rather, in the role she had chosen to adopt for her Wednesday night lover, let them both have her.

She had only ever had a threesome once before. That was with her husband quite soon after they had married. But that was with another woman. A young associate at the law firm they both worked at. She still worked under him; probably quite literally at times, Jules wouldn’t be surprised. Strangely, she had found it quite arousing to see the pleasure on the other woman’s face as her husband’s cock slipped inside her.

The thought of playing with two cocks at the same time… now that was just the stuff of her fantasies. Well, maybe not after tonight. She felt a tingling of anticipation between her legs.

As she left the restaurant, she spotted Wednesday and his friend stood outside on the veranda. She got herself a cocktail. One of those she considered rather “girly”, with paper umbrellas and cherries on sticks, and went outside herself.

The guys were standing under a patio heater. They both noticed her immediately as she walked through the door. Whoever was talking stopped in mid flow and, when they turned back to look at each other, shared a schoolboy smile.

Jules wasted no time. She got into character and went straight over to where they were standing.

‘Do you mind if I share your heater,’ she said. The eloquence of her accent and velvety texture of her voice made an exquisite contrast to her somewhat frivolous demeanor.

‘Our pleasure,’ replied Wednesday, as he valiantly fought to keep his eyes away from her cleavage.

‘It’s just that it is so cold,’ she continued.  ‘Look at my nipples!’ And they did. ‘It doesn’t help that I didn’t put a bra under, I guess,’ she “innocently” teased. Then, with mock shock and fluster added, ‘Oh, no!  What am I saying?!  I’m so sorry! Oh, God! My husband always tells me off for not thinking before I speak. What must you think of me?  I wouldn’t normally… well, I didn’t mean to… Oh, God.’

She glanced at the bulges in the trousers of both the men. It was working.

‘Please, don’t worry,’ said Wednesday’s friend.

‘Thank God my husband isn’t here. He’d punish me.’

‘Punish you?’ queried Wednesday.

‘Yes. He spanks me. Oh, no! There I go again.’ Jules gabbled on with hardly a breath. ‘I’m not supposed to mention that to anyone else. He says it’s our little secret. Just for our bedroom. Or shower, actually. He likes to spank me in the shower as it stings more, and he likes the little yelps it makes me cry out. I think I’d better shut up.’

Both men laughed.

‘It’s probably the cocktail,’ she continued. She took a sip and little step to one side, feigned losing her balance, spilling a little of the drink down Wednesday’s trousers. She pretended to panic. ‘Oh, God! I’m so sorry.’

She put the glass down on the ground, bent down, and like a child trying to “make good” an accident, frantically started to brush the drink off with her hands. Her hand rubbed up and down Wednesday’s already substantial erection. She rubbed faster and harder before pretending to realize what she was doing.

‘Oh, God, now look what I’ve done.’ She pointed at the straining bulge. Then, with her eyes so wide that she feared she was in danger of overdoing it, added, ‘Is that real?’

Wednesday looked over to his pal and, laughing, replied, ‘All solid meat’.

‘Wow!’ She put her hand back on it and felt it in wonder. Well, mock wonder. He was long, but she’d had better girth. She looked over at the friend. ‘You too!’ she said and reached over with her other hand. ‘I didn’t know they could be that big. I’ve only ever seen my husband’s and his is tiny compared to you two.’ That wasn’t remotely true. His cock was his best asset and probably why she still let him fuck her occasionally.

‘Well, that isn’t right.’ Wednesday had fallen for her act and saw an opportunity to take advantage. ‘A woman needs to experience some variety.’

‘She should?’

‘Most definitely,’ added the friend, catching Wednesday’s drift.

‘Oh, I don’t know. My husband would be livid.’

‘He doesn’t need to know.’

‘Well, no. I suppose not.’  She paused. ‘Maybe I could just take a look?’ She still had her hands on both cocks, gently squeezing them.

‘Alright.’ It was Wednesday’s turn to put on an act. One of mock resignation. ‘But not here. We can be seen from inside. How about over there?’

He pointed to a wooden bench fifty meters away, under some trees, hidden in the shadows.

Once there, Jules wasted no time. She fell to her knees, unfastened Wednesday’s trousers and lifted his large, hard cock out. She pretended to be aghast. ‘Can I touch it?’ she asked and, consent obtained, began to stroke it.

The friend appeared next to her, with his eager appendage already out. She took him in her other hand, pumping them both with the same, firm rhythm.

‘They’re beautiful,’ she encouraged.

Then, as if taken by a sudden irresistible urge, she plunged her mouth on Wednesday’s cock. She took his entire length in and sucked him hard. He felt good in her mouth. She alternated between the two, hardening them off nicely, tasting their sweet pre-cum.

Then, without her have to do any further manipulation, Wednesday suddenly grabbed her shoulders, pulled her onto her feet and bent her over the back of the bench. She felt him lift her flimsy little skirt and pull her panties to one side. He ran the tip of him cock along the length of her pussy before, with one assertive push, he penetrated her. It felt so good she couldn’t help but give out a gasp of sheer pleasure.

‘Oh, God, yes!’ she cried.

Wednesday thrust deep and hard. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head up. His friend was standing on the other side of the bench. She was faced with his glistening tip. He took her hair from Wednesday and, holding his cock in the other hand, ran it around her mouth. She obediently opened it and he slowly pressed his granite-hard erection into her mouth. He held her head firmly and went deep, just as she liked. She did her best to suck on him, although it was difficult given the depth of his thrusts.

The two men found a mutual rhythm, and Jules lost herself in the sheer pleasure of being fucked from both ends simultaneously. It was the first time she had experienced it, and she vowed it would not be the last.

All three came virtually at the same time. Wednesday grabbed her hips and pounded her pussy with his last few thrusts, groaning as he filled her with fresh, warm cum.  Her body convulsed with ecstasy and she cried out, albeit stifled by the cock in her mouth, and then gagged as it too spilled its luscious cream into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop and licked her lips. Heavenly.

The two men put themselves away. Jules collapsed onto the bench with a smile on her face. She looked at Wednesday. ‘Thank you… sir.’

‘I guess you should be punished,’ he replied.

‘I should.’

‘But it’s late,’ he added.

‘I’ll be here again next week,’ she ventured.

She saw his eyes light up.

‘Then you best be prepared. I think I owe it to your husband to punish you properly. And I don’t feel that a little spanking is sufficient.’

‘No… sir.’

The two men walked off back to the bar.

Jules stayed where she was, enjoying the evening air, beautifully satisfied, reliving the experience in her mind’s eye.

She had him. Two down.

Now her thoughts turned to tomorrow night, and the third seduction.

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