Blog sex tips Sexual Health  International Sex Guide: 5 LGBTQ+ Friendly & Sex-Positive Cities Around the World

International Sex Guide: 5 LGBTQ+ Friendly & Sex-Positive Cities Around the World

Blog sex tips Sexual Health  International Sex Guide: 5 LGBTQ+ Friendly & Sex-Positive Cities Around the World

So you’re looking for a few fun, flirty, and cheeky activities in a new location! Or maybe you’re just stumped finding something sexy to do in your city? Well, the world is actually your sensual aphrodisiac oyster! 

Blog sex tips Sexual Health  International Sex Guide: 5 LGBTQ+ Friendly & Sex-Positive Cities Around the World

There are tons of thrilling things to do worldwide! And with our international sex guide, you’ll surely be able to try something kinky and delicious.

1. São Paulo, Brazil 

International Sex Guide to São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is not only the biggest country in South America, it’s also a hub for all kinds of escapades. And in São Paulo, you can have all the lustful fun you desire. 

Another plus, is that this city is also super LGBTQ+ friendly. It has a slew of restaurants, clubs, bars, and even shopping areas that are geared towards gay tourists. Frei Caneca Street, for example, is a street that’s dedicated to gay-friendly places, including the Gay Tourist Information Centre. 

Swingers Clubs in São Paulo

  • Inner Club, a swingers club more than two decades old that’s traditional yet liberal. It welcomes couples and singles.
  • Lady Night Club, an American-style swingers club that evokes pleasure and comfort. Here, there are eight cabins, excellent service, and a DJ booth.

Erotic Massage in São Paulo

  • Essencialle Massage House offers relaxing, thai, tantric, and nuru massages. They also have four-hand massages by either men or women. 
  • Espacoa Absolut boasts “beautiful masseuse” aka all women massage therapists, in skimpy lingerie.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Spots in Saõ Paulo

  • 269 Chilli Pepper Single Hotel, a men-only hotel with rooms, cruising spaces, swimming pools, and saunas.
  • Danger Dance Club, a gay dance club with drag queens and EDM.

2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

International Sex Guide to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

There’s been a considerable rise in sex tourism, especially for older western women, in the country of Dominican Republic. 

But there’s more to see and enjoy in this gorgeous Carribean location.

Strip Clubs in Santo Domingo

  • Utopia Dance Club is a dance club that’s fun for any evening, or a special occasion.

Adults-Only Resorts in Santo Domingo

  • Sense Private Swingers Club, a clothing-optional , all-inclusive resort for swinging and other erotic activities. It’s located in Punta Cana, a two-hour drive from Santo Dominico.

LBTQ+ Friendly Locations in Santo Domingo

  • Apolo Spa, a near-exclusive gay sauna with a bar, steam bath, whirlpool, hottub, and jacuzzi.
  • Parque Duarte, a small park in Santo Domingo and local hangout for musicians, artists, and LGBTQ+ groups.

3. Berlin, Germany 

International Sex Guide to Berlin

The capital city of Germany is thriving with sexy nightlife and activities to indulge in. In fact, nearly every night there are around 600 adult entertainment locations open.

Erotic Massage in Berlin

  • NGel Massagem & Spa offers relaxing, as well as erotic, treatments like body-to-body and tantra massages .
  • Sensual Being is an erotic massage spa in Berlin and Zurich that focuses on sensuality and orgasmic pleasure. Its aim is to evoke a sexual awakening using sensitive massage techniques.

Strip Clubs in Berlin

  • Golden Dolls, a strip club and table dance strip club with special offers, and a cozy ambience for any occasion. 
  • Angels Tabledance Berlin, a flirty strip club offering various packaged deals, a mere few minutes from Alexanderplatz.

Swingers Clubs in Berlin

  • Insomnia, a swingers club that welcomes all kinds of people from all over the world. Their sex-positive attitude and ideas about intimacy are commendable, allowing anyone to indulge in a new (or chosen) kind of fun.

BDSM Clubs in Berlin

  • BDSM Lounge Berlin, a safe space for all, with a big focus on tolerance, respect, and consent .

LGBTQ+ Friendly Spots in Berlin

  • Club SchwuZ, a nightclub shining light on diversity. They extend a warm welcome to “non-heteronormative lifestyle, men, women, or neither of the two, white or black queers, queers of colour, trans, or inter people, lesbians and gays, bearded women, queens, butch and fem, people with and without disabilities, migrants, young and old, and so much more”.

4. Barcelona, Spain

International Sex Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is a favourite city for travellers worldwide. And it has a few cheeky night time activities to enjoy too. 

It’s also one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly cities in Europe with tons of entertainment and cultural activities going down.

Swingers Clubs in Barcelona

  • Open Swingers Club has been going strong since 2004, and is 300 sqm covering two floors, allowing for open-minded fantasy seekers to play.
  • Oops! has a number of strippers, a dance floor for flirting, a few bars, and various naughty rooms.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Spots in Barcelona

  • Black Hole, Barcelona’s biggest gay fetish cruise club that usually sees middle-aged and mature men. 
  • Axel Hotel, arguably the best gay hotel in Barcelona, with near 100 percent full occupancy, year-round. A chic and fun space to relax, meet new people, and enjoy.
  • Misterb&b, which works in various cities worldwide, is a popular site for those visiting Barcelona. It’s just like Airbnb, but for those who seek a gay host.

Erotic Massage in Barcelona

  • ElixirBCN, a massage spa with eight ladies and two gentlemen. They offer erotic and tantric massages performed by “beautiful masseurs”.
  • Santai Masajes, a space for “oriental techniques” in the realm of erotic and tantra massage.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is a well-known city for their Red Light District, gorgeous tulips, “coffee” shops, and canals.

And while many tourists are drawn to this city for these reasons, there are a few other saucy things to do when in this magnificent location.

LGBTQ+ Clubs & Bars in Amsterdam

  • ChUrh is a gay cruise club in Amsterdam that’s fetish-friendly. They aim to bring individuals together in a more natural way, as opposed to meeting people in the digital age of dating apps. 
  • Mankind, a cosy restaurant and bar located next to the canals that opens its doors to all.

Erotic Massage in Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam Erotic Massage is rooted in sensuality, and they perform massages that are a mixture of sweet and erotic.

Strip Clubs in Amsterdam

Bonton is a gentlemen’s strip club and bar that’s discrete and high class.

Coqtales, a male strip show in Amsterdam, perfect for girl’s night. They also offer private shows.

Escort Agencies in Amsterdam

  • Aphrodite Agency, an international high class escort agency in Europe with strong hubs and gorgeous women in Amsterdam.
  • The Courtesan Club, a luxury escort agency based in Amsterdam.

So if you find yourself in one of these stunning cities, you’ve got a few lustful activities to add to your list! Yay flirty international fun!

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