Blog News Sex in the News  Have an Orgasm, Save a Life: In Bed With Dorian

Have an Orgasm, Save a Life: In Bed With Dorian

Until midnight on Monday, September 9, 2019, $5 of every single order placed on will go to the American Red Cross, to help with the relief efforts in the devastating wake of Hurricane Dorian.

Blog News Sex in the News  Have an Orgasm, Save a Life: In Bed With Dorian

We’re running out of time.

The media were slow to respond to the news of the Amazon rainforest. The Amazon, one of the wettest places on earth, is on fire. But that’s not all. In Angola, one of the driest places on Earth, there are three times more fires than the Amazon burning right now. Siberia, one of the coldest places on Earth, is on fire on a comparable level. Think about that. The wettest, driest, and coldest places on our planet are all on fire.

Dorian was equal to the most powerful hurricane ever on land when it arrived to utterly destroy the Bahamas. Thousands have been left displaced, and sadly, the death toll is expected to rise sharply as the full human extent of the destruction becomes more clearly understood.

We can’t afford to wait. LELO is amongst the most environmentally conscious brands in our industry, but we can always do more. But people need help right now.

That’s why we want you to have an orgasm, and save a life.

LELO’s influence on global affairs is negligible. What we do best is bring personal pleasure into people’s lives. That’s a force for good in a small way. With your help, we can all actually make a difference to people who need it. We want future generations to enjoy the same pleasure we enjoy today, but to do that, we need to be making changes within our own lifetimes.

In the meantime, we’re offering you a chance to use your pleasure for the benefit of those in danger. To encourage you to contribute, we’re also offering a free bottle of LELO Personal Moisturizer on all orders over $125, on top of the $5 donation that we’ll be giving to the Red Cross.

Bring some pleasure into your life, and security and safety into someone else’s. Use your sex lives to save lives.

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