Anal Anal Sex Blog Prostate Massage  Are Anal Sex Toys Only for Gay Men?

Are Anal Sex Toys Only for Gay Men?

Anal Anal Sex Blog Prostate Massage  Are Anal Sex Toys Only for Gay Men?

There’s a long-standing stigma regarding the use of sex toys by men. Largely because the majority of them are anal sex toys, and well… toxic masculinity! But actually, did you know that a man’s most pleasurable spot can be found inside the anus? 

Anal Anal Sex Blog Prostate Massage  Are Anal Sex Toys Only for Gay Men?

Yep! The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that, when stimulated, has been said to induce all kinds of enormous orgasms.

So why are men, particularly straight men, still denying themselves this pleasure? And why do many believe that male sex toys are just simply for bisexual or gay men? Well, we did the research…

Are Bi or Gay Men Using Sex Toys? And What’s the Most Popular?

According to a study done in 2012 , it was found that more than 78% of bi or gay men have used a sex toy at least once in their lives. The most popular toy included:

Among these bi or gay men, more than 95% admitted to using these dildos or butt plugs on themselves during masturbation, and 72% said that they inserted them into their partner during intimacy. 

But this study is slightly outdated, and we all know how times have changed. Also, this data doesn’t actually look at the use of sex toys among straight men. 

And so, we followed the work of a 2017 study

Do Straight Men Use Sex Toys?

This study looks at the prevalence of straight males who use sex toys or who have explored anal play. These men were of college-going age, giving us an indication of the sexual preferences and patterns of younger men, around 20 years old. 

Interestingly, 24% said that they’d engaged in anal play , which is actually a step forward, as the social acceptance of anal sexual eroticism seems to have increased in the past five years. It also proves homohysteria, the fear of straight men being seen as gay, has decreased. 

What’s even more interesting is that, according to researchers Maines and Stiritz, it was said that women who used clitoral sex toys during the 19th and 20th century were often seen as lesbian. This led many to avoid using these types of toys altogether for a fear of societal ideals. Oh how times have changed…

While there isn’t enough evidence to do a comparison of who uses male sex toys the most, straight or gay men, the information we did find does actually shine a spot of hope for a change in societal ideals.

Does Using an Anal Sex Toy for Men Mean That You’re Gay?

A final word? Yes, there are millions of men worldwide who question their sexuality if they find pleasure or intrique when it comes to anal play. In fact just last year, it was asked on the popular community forum, Quora :

“Am I gay if I want a dildo or anal toys? I am a heterosexual male, but have always been interested in anal play and am about to go buy my first sex toy.”

A few apt answers included:

  • How you play with your body is not related to your sexual orientation.”
  • “If you’re just rolling with the sensations, it means nothing. You’re just playing where it feels good.”

With all of this information, we can see how far we’ve come in terms of female pleasure and how these ideals have been eradicated. Here’s hoping that the use of (anal) sex toys by straight men becomes less of a taboo too, creating a plethora of sexual enhancement and pleasure across the board.

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