Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GROUP SEX STORIES  Three in the Afternoon – An Erotic Story

Three in the Afternoon – An Erotic Story

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GROUP SEX STORIES  Three in the Afternoon – An Erotic Story

As lockdown stretches indefinitely, I find myself left to my own devices (vibrating or otherwise). I know I am very lucky to stay safe at home. Forced isolation has me feeling repressed, but it may be why I had the most delightfully dirty dream the other morning.

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GROUP SEX STORIES  Three in the Afternoon – An Erotic Story

My boyfriend S. and I are long-distance and this whole situation means we haven’t seen each other in ages. Sometimes I feel like my libido has been switched off, but some other days, it’s the exact opposite. That famous morning, I dreamt I was having sex with my boyfriend and another girl. 

I’ve never met E. – she came to an event  S. was organizing, and he had mentioned her on the phone later that evening. « She’s an Erasmus student here. A very pretty girl ». I had first felt a pang of jealousy, but then I’d been intrigued. He showed me her social media profile, and it was hard to disagree. A doll-like face framed by chin-length dark blonde hair, conveying both candidness and intelligence. Is she as innocent as she looks? I can’t say. What I do know is that in my dream, she lent herself to the most licentious deeds like they were the most natural  things in the world. She displayed such playfulness and spontaneity she almost made them seem pure.

We were at my boyfriend’s place, on the couch where we’d made love countless times. It was a softly sunlit afternoon. The three of us had been kissing for a while, slowly, tenderly, taking turns exploring each other… E. and I pressed our pussies against S.’s thighs, first slowly then urgently, moaning as pleasure built up. It was such a strange, intoxicating sensation to share S. with another girl. I was so aroused it was almost painful.

I was aching to discover E.’s body more, touch her wetness, slip my fingers inside her. But that would happen later; with a hand on each of our heads, S. was guiding us downwards onto our knees, directing our faces towards his balls. I loved being treated like a subservient slut, and visibly E. did too, because she obediently took S.’s  left ball into her mouth as took the right. We sucked them gently, and I saw S. throw his head back in ecstasy as he let out a long groan of pleasure. E.’s eyes were flickering with pure enjoyment. « We’re such a good team! », she said, when our tongues met on S.’s shaft. « You’re such a skilled girl », I replied. I was about to discover exactly how much.

S.’s dick was slowly oozing clear liquid. Turning my face up, I caught some into my mouth, and sat up a little higher to rub my face against his dick. It was so hard I couldn’t even imagine how aroused he was. I came on all fours and took his dick in my mouth. After almost 3 years together, I knew exactly what S. liked. He moaned voluptuously to the rhythm of each stroke. 

S. came behind me and  started gently kissing my ass cheeks and stroking my thighs. I couldn’t help but gasp as I suddenly felt her lips and tongue touch my pussy. The softness was almost unbearable. I was melting in her mouth. She was stretching the pleasure to a high I didn’t know existed. I was doing my best to keep blowing S. at the same time, but I was just losing it. S. didn’t hold this against me, though; he took control of things. He grabbed my hair more firmly and started thrusting into my mouth, fucking it in long, regular movements like it was any other hole. And just like that, I was at the mercy of both of them. I was simultaneously being used like a toy and pleasured devotedly.

I felt with striking precision her fingers carefully slide inside me while she kept sucking on my clit… She was intentionally keeping me on the edge, making me avid for more. S.’s dick was halfway down my throat now, so I was capable only of emitting strangled, retching noises anymore. I didn’t want her to stop and I couldn’t tell her, so I started moving my pussy up and down her fingers, faster and faster, I felt the pleasure continue to build up inside me, inexorably, until I couldn’t take it, it was just too much, I was going to come… S. withdrew from my throat to let me enjoy the orgasm that was seconds away from striking. I heard E. laugh an amused, surprised little laugh, as though all of this was a toy mechanism she had cracked without expecting it, and I cried out, waves of pleasure irradiating my whole body…

…And I woke up.

I lay open-eyed in bed for a while, doing my best to recollect as many details as possible. 

I’d never had such a vivid sex dream before; I couldn’t believe my unconscious had so much fun in store. 

What did I get out of this unusual self-isolation experience? Well, it has comforted me in the beliefs I’ve had since childhood: first, that seemingly adverse circumstances can bring unexpected treasures; second, that you should always work to make your dreams come true. 

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