BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories  The Long Wait – An Erotic Story

The Long Wait – An Erotic Story

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories  The Long Wait – An Erotic Story

It had been two months of daily edging, two months with seven ruins, two months since her last orgasm. He had promised her that every two months, he would give her permission to cum. Tonight was the night she could finally have the orgasm she had been dreaming about. She wanted it to be amazing; she had waited for so long, it would be a shame to have anything less than the best.  She dreamt about it, his cock buried deep inside of her, the feeling of his cum filling her up as she tumbled over the edge and enjoy the full bliss of pleasure.

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories  The Long Wait – An Erotic Story

She spent all her free time while she stayed at home, edging herself. He was an essential worker, so she sent him little videos of herself while he was at work. Videos where she’d would edging herself or of her telling him how much she wanted his cock, wanted him to fuck her hard, wanted to feel him cumming inside of her. She tried to be a good girl, to put his pleasure above her own, but she was so very desperate she could hardly stand it.

When he got home, she was waiting for him on her knees, in her collar, his favorite heels, and nothing else. She begged to suck his cock, which he allowed idling stroking her hair as she bobbed up and down on his shaft. It didn’t take him long to finish in her mouth. She smiled up at him, opening her mouth so he could see his seed swirling on her tongue.

“That is a lovely way to be greeted girl, go ahead and swallow, I’m going to go take a shower before dinner.” He stroked her hair, kissed her forehead, and he headed off to shower.

She was attentive throughout dinner, prepared his favorite meal, fetched him a cold beer, ate kneeling at his feet. Still, she started to worry, he hadn’t mentioned anything about her orgasm, not that she thought it would be at the top of his mind. But he had reminded her earlier that week that today was going to be the day. He couldn’t have forgotten, could he? She didn’t want to bring it up, for that would be awfully selfish of her.

She washed the dishes while he finished his beer, doing her best to make herself appealing. Leaning a little farther over to sink, bending over to display her assets, trying to entice him. But he seemed distracted or disinterested, and hardly paid her any attention. He left her to finish the dish and retired to watch T.V.

Finally she joined him kneeling beside him. “Is everything alright, Sir?” She asks softly.

“Yes, just a long day at work, come up here.” He patted the couch next to him.  She sat next and he slid his hand on her thigh, pulling her legs apart, “Spread your legs wider girl.” Not moving his hand from the inside of her thigh as she did so. He slowly ran his hand up and down her thigh teasing her. But it was enough, her body trembling with desire, she would find herself edging over and over again without either of them touching her clit. The seat underneath her was slowly becoming damp, the inside of her legs becoming wet. Each edge making her hips buck and her body to tremble and shake. She long since lost track of show as on T.V. lost in the constant pleasure.

“Please.” She finally whimpered, “Please fuck me, god I can’t stand this any longer please Sir, I want you, I want to feel your cock inside of me, god please Sir.” She begged, leaning against him panting.

“Aww, is someone a needy little girl.” He cupped her cunt, squeezing it gentle causing her body to shake and grind against him. “I am not actually in the mood for sex tonight, girl, but you can give me another blow job.”

She sucked in her breath and whimpered, “But Sir, today is… the day I get to have an orgasm.” Her body trembling with desire.

“Well, you can still have your orgasm girl, after you finish sucking on my cock you can lay right here and rub your clit until you cum. Give me a nice little show.” He told her encouragingly as he starts to gather her hair in his hand to guide her to his lap.

She felt her stomach drop, an orgasm like that, without his cock in her, would be nearly like having a ruin, it wouldn’t be enough.  She had dreamed of cumming on his cock, like dreaming of a feast when you are starving, seeing it through the window, but instead given a slice of dry bread. “But, but Sir.”

He watched her expression, holding back the smirk as he studied her face. “But what girl, you wanted your orgasm, that is how you can have it, or…..” He tugged on her hair, pulling her face down to his crotch, turning it so she could look up at him, even as her cheek was pressed against his growing shaft.

“Or what, Sir?” She asks her body eagerly, tingling from his fingers in her hair, from the eager anticipation.

“Or you can wait until your next orgasm, and I will let you cum any way you desire, I’ll fuck you hard, and let you cum over and over again.”

The struggle was clear on her face as she weighted her choices, two more months without cumming, two more months of edges and ruins, two more months of constant arousal, and no hope of release. She bites her lip, sucked in her breath smelling him, feeling his cock against her cheek, remembering how good it would feel to cum on his cock, to be filled with him.

“I will wait, Sir.” She says softly. 

“That’s a good girl.” And he tugged her hair, pulling her mouth to his cock again.

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