Blog Erotica FETISH STORIES Free Sex Stories  The Goddess In the Garden – An Erotic Story

The Goddess In the Garden – An Erotic Story

Blog Erotica FETISH STORIES Free Sex Stories  The Goddess In the Garden – An Erotic Story

The pressure of quarantine pushed people from their apartments.

Aysa sat on her fire escape on the fifteenth floor of the old apartment building, soaking in the respite. But respite wasn’t the only reason she was there.

Blog Erotica FETISH STORIES Free Sex Stories  The Goddess In the Garden – An Erotic Story

Several stories below, on the top of the neighboring apartment building, was a secret garden. The garden was laid green with a faux grass carpet. There were two lounge chairs. And, to Aysa’s delight, the rooftop often became a free tanning salon in the summer for some and an imitation garden for others.

That day, Aysa saw a blonde she loved with long legs in a small red bikini walk into the garden.

Aysa peered through her concert binoculars to see details. The woman’s toenails were painted fire-engine red and her triangle bikini bottom was held together by a flimsy tie.

She watched the woman spread lotion across her stomach, along her arms to her shoulders and onto her breasts. Legs open, the woman massaged the cream into her thighs—high into her inner thighs—and down to her feet. This goddess had a glistening sheen when finished.

Aysa’s petite body tingled when the blonde applied the lotion because she knew there was more.

“Ricardo,” Aysa called, “Come quick, they’re coming out again.”

“Got the binoculars?”

“You have to ask?”

He squirmed through the window. She patted a small pillow next to her.

“What’s she wearing?” he asked

“She’s in red.”

“And him?”

Ricardo put his arm around Aysa’s delicate shoulders and gave a light squeeze.

“This is like our first date at the movies.”

She gave him a kiss.

A hulk of a man appeared in blue volley shorts and a white shirt, unbuttoned.

Aysa had a stirring deep inside.

“His body, it’s amazing,” Aysa mumbled.

“He’s, like, as ripped as Superman and just as handsome.”

Superman picked up a lounge chair and set it next to the goddess. He lifted her chin with his forefinger and kissed her lips. Her arm wrapped around his neck and pulled him closer to prolong the kiss.

Ricardo slid down an arm to wrap around Aysa’s lower back. She felt his warmth as he tugged her close.

The couple in the garden continued to flirt, kissing, petting and playing. Gazing through the binoculars, Ricardo saw Superman move down her lap.

“He’s untying her bikini! Oh my, this is getting good.”

“Let me see.” Aysa took the binoculars.

Superman pulled the string to loosen the tiny patch of cloth. He then slid his fingers across her hips and underneath the bikini bottoms. She playfully slapped Superman’s hand but let it disappear beneath. Soon her back was arching with his touch.

Aysa felt her stomach squeeze tight and a growing warmth deep inside. She was excited.

She watched the goddess’s legs open for Superman, wider than when rubbing on lotion. And she lay back in allowance. As he fondled, she began to massage her breasts.

“She’s playing with her tits. Want to see?”

Aysa offered the binoculars but, to her surprise, he refused.

Ricardo’s hand rubbed down her back, then slid around her waist and over her thigh. He kissed her neck, beneath her earlobe. His other hand slipped under Aysa’s shirt. She wore no bra, so his fingers fondled her small but hard nipples.

Aysa’s rousing desire forced her legs wider and Ricardo’s finger passed through her trimmed bush and encountered her clit. She gulped in sudden pleasure. She took her eyes off Superman and the goddess to watch Ricardo explore.

When Aysa looked through the binoculars again, the red bikini bottoms were laying limply on the goddess’s left thigh. Superman was sucking and squeezing her tanned tits and petting her pussy. Her body contorted in pleasure. She sporadically stroked Superman’s long cock. Her hand rose and fell on his dick only when his fingers briefly paused from fondling her

Seeing them, Aysa unbuttoned Ricardo’s shorts and pulled out the idol she loved. His shaft, thick and rigid, its large head engorged in his excitement.

The goddess stroked Superman faster. As Aysa could see, Superman’s body tightened and tensed, his head arched to the sun, and, through the binoculars, she watched him cum.

Imagining his juice covering the goddess’s hand and those red fingernails, she stroked Ricardo faster, and the faster she moved her hand, Ricardo pressed his fingers deeper inside her pussy. With urges peaking, she removed her shirt.

Ricardo laid her on the pillows to suck on her nipples, then kiss down to her navel, and through her bush. She spread her legs so her ankles touched each side of the escape. She lavished in his tongue that glossed deeply into her wetness. Soon she couldn’t move because of the rush from her pussy to her flush cheeks.

In her flurry, she pushed Ricardo onto his back and crawled over him. She set her pussy hard on his face.

“Eat my pussy, suck it all up!” Aysa grunted.

Then she sucked his dick.

She was consumed by his tongue. But she also felt his hips bounce, driving his dick deep into her mouth. She lifted up, gagging, and stroked its length. Ricardo groaned loudly. Then she put it back into her mouth.

In a few moments, Aysa came to her climax, and soon heard, from a distance, Ricardo growl. She looked back at him.

“I want you to cum all over me, all over my tits.”

She stroked faster and tighter. In a moment, his hips arched, and then a warmth splattered onto her chest.

She reveled in his juice and smeared it over her with her fingers.

“I love your cum,” she said.

Coming down from the excitement, she glanced over the fire escape. The goddess and Superman were looking up at her. They wave, and she waved back.

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