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That’s Life – An Erotic Story

One of the life’s comical by-products is ones rose-coloured recollection – aided by blurred hindsight, glossed-over claims of imaginary “todger” length/girth, recalling how many occasions one gave pleasure and the inevitable blatant lie as to how long one kept the marathon “quickie” going. The oral pleasure received from ladies who had a natural and insatiable desire to offer the most satisfying blow-jobs ever attempted!

Blog Erotica First Experience ROMANTIC STORIES  That’s Life – An Erotic Story

Our sexual prowess, bravado, knew no boundaries – no learning necessary apparently – everyone relying on street-corner chat from the local leader/good talker. 

Seen in reality – not truly identified at the time, typical examples would include one’s first recollection that pussy or cock wasn’t just to pee out of?

Identifying physical differences between boy/girl mannerisms, not identifying flirting, subtle changes in body signals, concern over hair-styles, pitch of voice, girls becoming animated [or not] when talking in a group, incessant giggling, boys showing off, silly talk leading to meetings, courting, noticing your sister or brother’s changing physique, the locking of both loo and bathroom doors due to a heightened sense of personal privacy and, as the years rolled bye – maybe meeting your “life partner”. 

Carol was a few years older than me, still a virgin [apparently] – I was her first real boyfriend – also a virgin. Several weeks after we’d started dating it was clear we wanted to fuck each other – a joint desire yes but how, what were condoms?, would I need one for a 2 minute session and would I induce the dreaded floppy-dick syndrome whilst attempting to “slip” one on? 

I fondly remember one night – we were mucking about in the front of my parents’ front garden without any thoughts of the pill, cap, withdrawing/ knowing when to stop? We started kissing and Carol started to run her hands under my shirt pulling me closer as the kiss progressed.

I slipped my hand underneath her dress and slowly worked my way south-west – my other hand eagerly went north searching for her now-engorged nipple buds – eventually squeezing harder on request. 

That felt good, really good so I lowered myself down and starting flipping my tongue and then alternated rubbing and sucking on them. Carol then started to rub her hand over my todger sending me wild with delight, “Go lower and play with my clit but take it slow accompanied by a deliberate but subtle widening/parting of both legs.

Don’t ask me how but we’d managed to find ourselves in the warmth of our shed – we deftly avoided garden forks, spades, lawn mower and nestled ourselves – uncomfortably – against a bale of straw destined for the guinea-pig’s bed.

Carol stood up momentarily and got really close against me, knelt down never taking her eyes off my aching cock – she slipped her hands deftly undoing my shorts and started playing, with remarkable expertise, firstly cupping my balls and then alternating long and short long strokes with her hand.

Never had I had such a memorable experience and it clearly turned Carol on as when I touched her clit she invited me to slip first one, then two and three fingers into her very warm and wet pussy – “That feels so good she gasped – how is it for you? – barely able to speak I practically shot my lot there and then before she said the magic words, “go on, deeper but use your cock, I’m protected” – I virtually melted in her hands and plunged my cock deeper, faster and infinitely more sexually satisfyingly. 

Doing my best to keep fairly quiet and not draw attention to ourselves, Carol then slipped both hands over my cock and eagerly thrust it into her mouth. Desperately – as she was going faster and harder – I was dangerously starting to get louder – fearing the worst we went inside the house, past bedrooms where I knew family were sleeping.

Somehow the fear of being discovered never entered one’s head and we quickly stripped our clothes off and I started to finger Carol again. My dick re-awoke and got really hard, quickly, Carol’s eager eyes wanted more cock – and they say size doesn’t matter? 

Nearly two hours later – it could have been four – we eventually stopped fucking and fingering each other as Carol wanted to be on top – cow-girl style – she got on top, nestled into position, my dick and her pussy perfectly aligned for easy entry. I started to slide my rock-hard cock into her slowly as she was starting to wilt – I knew I could go on for at least another hour.

Quickly realising I needed to offload – holding my screams under my breath, I asked Carol to lie on her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed. Making a “Shhh! sign by placing my forefinger over her mouth – I kept sliding Carol in position inching her head further and further allowing me to self-pleasure and cum over Carol’s tits – me pumping very pleasurably but so slowly. 

God, that was good I thought to myself, now totally knackered – not looking forward to starting the unenviable job of quietly letting the air out of Carol and re-packing it away before anyone was any the wiser!

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