Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories ROMANTIC STORIES  Study Break – An Erotic Story

Study Break – An Erotic Story

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories ROMANTIC STORIES  Study Break – An Erotic Story


R. and I were in all the same college classes and would drive home down the coast on weekends together. Mostly to see our families, but on a practical level, to pick up care packages and clean clothes that would see us through another week in school. The “studying”, while probably necessary if you’d seen my grades, was a very legitimate excuse for us to continue to be together.

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories ROMANTIC STORIES  Study Break – An Erotic Story

Her bedroom was a mixture of styles – little Japanese schoolgirl, proud parents “these are my daughter’s achievements” shrine of plaques on the wall and pictures on the dresser, an all-too-soft (and pink) bed, and a wardrobe bursting at the seams with a contrast of “school-uniform” clothes and 80’s KROQ-wear. The whole scene was intensely innocent and erotic all at the same time.

Erotic and illicit – as though there was something “taboo” that was about to be broken. We would begin to study sitting on her bed, books strewn around. Long, deep, kisses would be punctuated with pauses to listen for the “clink-clink” of tea-cups on a tray making their way down the hall. As the coast became clearer and the night wore on, our kisses would become less centered on the lips and make their way to the nose, the ears, the soft curve of the neck – that same centrifugal force beginning to tear at our clothes as we undressed each other in hushed haste.

Now both of us naked, I would kiss the top of her head and stroke the silky black mane of hair that draped her shoulders and all the way down to the small of her back. Lying face down, she would continue to feign study – her nose in a book, as my gentle kisses and probing tongue made their way down her back to caress the dimples above her glutes and down the firm outline of her outer thighs and cheeks.

Where the mounds of coffee ice-cream that were her ass met the sugar cones of the backs of her thighs, I would knead deftly with firm hands. Parting slowly the ever-moistening flesh between and savoring the Asian spice that was her pussy I would move my tongue back and forth over her outer lips as she began grinding her pussy into the bed.

Straddling her so as to face her feet, I would reach over and tease her toes with my mouth. All the while my hand stroking her inner thighs and occasionally pausing on her pussy to massage over and around her excited clit. I would move my fingers back and forth between her puckered but receptive butthole and her relaxed wet pussy that seemed to cry out for the insertion of even my finger tip.

She’s trying to stifle her uncontrollable moans and thrusts as my thumb now rests inside her pussy and finds the sweet pearl that lies deep in her oyster. My fingers curl around to the front and begin to feverishly rub her clit from the outside as my thumb presses down from the inside – her juices really begin to flow and I cannot resist a taste. My tongue finds the inside of her pussy and I begin to alternate “tongue fucking” with some intense suction over her clit. This is not pussy eating, this is pussy devouring !

Rolling over, she reaches up and grasps the thick shaft of my cock (I have been hard since I entered her house), guiding it into her hot mouth. I brush her long hair aside so I can look at her beautiful face and her expressions as she takes me deeply into her mouth. I have to stifle a moan too – are her parents asleep yet? Her tongue is in a thousand places at once – around the head of my cock, the shaft, sucking my balls and all the while one hand is stroking her pussy, the other is reaching under my nuts and strokes in-between my ass cheeks, intentionally finding the tip of a finger snaking in my ass and trying to massage my prostate. Drops of pre-cum drip from me as I feel my pleasure building.

I must be inside her. Hoisting her up, I gently lie her back down on the bed, legs spread apart, my hands holding her ankles, as I prepare to enter her. The tip of my cock rubs teasingly over her clit and slides easily between her wet lips and into her pussy. She tries to pull me closer and deeper, but I resist. This is going to be long and slow. I can feel the ridge that is the bottom of my glans rub against the firmness inside her I take to be her g-spot. She reaches up to open-mouth kiss me and to quiet a scream.

Slowly we rock back and forth. With each thrust I push my cock deeper, but on the return stroke almost pull it out completely. She is fucking the entire length of my cock and her wetness trickles down my shaft and onto my balls. The slow and controlled rhythm is hypnotic and we gaze deeply into each other’s eyes as we begin to cum. Her whole body quivers beneath mine and I feel her pussy tighten in spasms around my cock. I don’t need any further help to ignite my mounting explosion. I erupt, sending a fountain of cum deep inside her. As my stream slams into the wall that is her cervix, she lets out a little squeal…

Did her parents hear that? Are they really asleep next door? What was that noise?

We hurriedly dress and only just in time. The bedroom door opens and there’s her mother, tray in hand with cookies and (you guessed it) more tea. “I thought I heard you calling out to me” she said. “you must be tired after so much studying, why don’t you take a break”.

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