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Stuck at Home – An Erotic Story

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica FETISH STORIES Free Sex Stories Kinky Sex  Stuck at Home – An Erotic Story

Day 1 of Isolation 

My relationship had always been pretty vanilla. The sex was always great, but we never really pushed any boundaries. It never felt lacking, but we were both busy people. Experimentation wasn’t really a priority.

BDSM BDSM STORIES Blog Erotica FETISH STORIES Free Sex Stories Kinky Sex  Stuck at Home – An Erotic Story

You could probably blame this on the boredom.

Being at home together was great, but doing nothing all day inspired me to get a little creative. Which is exactly what led to me being spread over his thighs, butt raised in the air and my skirt pulled up around my waist. I felt my heart race as I awaited my first spanking. 


The sting jolted me forward. I was surprised; it definitely stung. Soon the pain began to fade. It was tough to say if I liked it. Without warning, another blown landed on my other cheek.

I bit my lip. Did I want more? It had hurt, but I couldn’t deny that I also felt a twinge of something deep inside myself. A third strike. This time, the warmth I felt morphed into something more pleasurable. I could feel my body throbbing. With each blow, the pain mounted and mounted, until it… didn’t.

My toes curled into the carpet, and I readied myself for another smack. It came just as hard as before, and I jolted forward again. I bit my cheek to stop from rubbing my thighs together.

A soft whine escaped my lips. This time, I leaned in for more.

Day 7 of Isolation 

We make eye contact as I visibly gulp. This time, my wrists were pulled behind my back, tied to a chair while I sat breathlessly.

His gaze was piercing. Dark. Molten. Hungry. I nearly moaned at the sight of his bare chest, the muscles glinting in the moonlight. 

His fingers slowly unfasten the buttons on my shirt and brush it to the side. I can feel my nipples harden at the contact, as heat began to fill my body.  I lick my bottom lip, struggling for words.

He grips my thighs, and I shiver from the electric heat of his rough palms.  I can feel my pussy clench in anticipation. 

His knuckles brush against my jaw line lovingly before his hand grazes down my body to cup my wetness.

My staggering level of arousal shocked me; I had no control. His gaze descended, eyes going wide then narrowing intently. He smirked.

“So wet for me already?”

A blush stole my cheeks. Who was this? All this time together, I had never seen this side of him before. 

He gets on his knees and I can feel his breath on my slick folds. He spreads me with his fingers, and I gasp. Then came his tongue.

I groan, the urge to grab his head and pull him closer driving me mad. I tug my restraints and writhe forward. He grabs the curves of my ass and forces me closer to his mouth, tonguing me greedily. 

He adds a finger and starts pumping in and out of my core, making me breathless. Roughly he adds another, scissoring them and forcing out a moan. I feel the lightest graze of his teeth on my clit and scream.

My head goes blank. 

Day 28 of Isolation

The chains attached to my wrists jingled as I tried to keep my balance. I could only reach with the balls of my feet, arms outstretched above me while the length of satin around my eyes kept me from seeing anything around me.

I wanted to cry out, but with the ball gag in my mouth all I could do was whimper. I had been left here, naked, suspended from the ceiling by my wrists, and I was getting nervous. I could feel my arousal coating my legs and needed more.

The paddles to my backside had made my ass sting, and my entire body burned. I could feel the blood rushing through me. 

Goose bumps. Shivers. Panting. The anticipation kept building and my skin was incredibly sensitive being exposed like this. 

The vibrator attached to my clit continued to hum at a slow pace, the dull pressure keeping me right at the edge, not being quite enough to get me off but constantly reminding me of the need to be filled.

As I writhed around, the clamps around my nipples feeling even tighter, clamping down hard enough to make me want to scream. As it is, a breathy, strangled noise escapes me as I shift, trying to allow some friction between my thighs.

I ached for more.

The stimulations were constant, and I could feel myself getting closer. Hours? Days? I couldn’t tell how much time had passed with me hanging there. I strained against my confines, needing release, yet he continued to torment me. 

“Does my greedy girl want more?” I bobbed my head eagerly; I wasn’t sure how much longer I could wait.

Again, he drew away, depriving me of what I needed. Of his touch, his mouth, his sex.

In the darkness of my obscured vison, I finally felt him pressing against me from the back. The contact is almost too much. I let out a low, muffled moan. Just the tip rubs against me and my whole-body spasms. 

Every part of my body is hyper-sensitive. He wraps his arms around my waist and pushes deeper against me, coating his cock in my wetness. I can feel the drool dripping down my face as I try to force my way backwards, dying for penetration.

Abruptly I feel his teeth against my neck, pain shooting through my body mixing with the pleasure. I try to scream again as tears streamed down my face. I rocked against his hardness. Slowly, slowly… it’s not enough.

I feel a hearty chuckle rumble against his chest. He tilted his hips upwards and grinds me deeper against him. I’m losing my mind, begging, pleading for release.

With one powerful thrust, he enters me and my entire body screams for one thing. More. 

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