Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories SEX TOY STORIES  Puddles of Fun – An Erotic Story

Puddles of Fun – An Erotic Story

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories SEX TOY STORIES  Puddles of Fun – An Erotic Story

As Celest writhed under the blankets, her body swaddled within the sheets, dampness seeped from her pussy, activating a deep throbbing inside. Within their spoon she could feel his swollen member against her arse, teasing her anus with the tip of his well lubed cock.

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories SEX TOY STORIES  Puddles of Fun – An Erotic Story

She pressed herself into him, willing him to slide into her, but he held steady, barely penetrating the nerves within. Toying with her, she gasped the anticipation too much to bear, but he continued to control her pleasure channels. His strong arms slid roughly down her body, groping her flesh in short hard considered pinches, grabbing handfuls of her breasts whilst puling her nipple upwards between his fingers roughly arousing murmurs. She squirmed in heightened anticipation.

Her clitoris awakening, a deep throbbing inside her begging to be deliciously touched, she felt her pussy opening wet with juice as she prepared to drown herself in the eruption that was arising inside her. She licked her fingers and reached towards her clit rolling it with her fingers, sliding her other hand over her mound, extending her fingers inside teasing and touching herself, mm mm she mumbled in the lusciousness of it all.

As her eyes fluttered open, she found her fingers caressing the inside of her pussy realizing the illusion and that she was all alone. She found herself undeterred by the moment and that the salaciousness that had been building inside her needed to be rewarded. Desperate and determined she dipped her hand into the bedside jar of coconut oil and began to work it down her body, holding onto her breasts and pushing them up and down in circular motions, rubbing her nipples between her thumb and forefinger, then sliding her hands down the full length of her body, up and down gathering momentum.

She slid her hands over her hairy pussy, toying with the hairs and the tingling sensation that it gave her. She rubbed her hands inside her inner thighs, closing the gap to her clitoris, rubbing it in circular motions with one hand whilst reaching inside herself with the other starting with two fingers plunging her fingers deep inside herself and then curving her fingers and finding the soft sponginess of her G spot and stroking it gently.

As she pulled her fingers out she added a third and then a fourth finger to the momentum. Plunging her hand inside herself in hard tight strokes, she writhed against the building sensation, pushing her bottom off of the bed to embed her fingers deeper inside bridging her body she felt herself gush, she groaned.

Wanting more, feeling the waves building inside waiting for the release. As she pulled her hand out she reached to the bed side drawer finding the soft blue rabbit and dipping it in oil. She needed to slow herself before her body became a shower of squirty deliciousness.

She slowly pushed it into her arse, her nerves were tingling, changing modes her toy started to vibrate against her clitoris whilst the cock shaped part continued to push deep inside her arse. She bridged again shifting against the toy, unable to quiet the noises coming from deep within her. She omitted little pops of pleasure and deep guttural moans as she felt herself cum.

Plunging two fingers vigorously innermost again pushing into the softness of her G spot, she stroked her insides roughly and with need. She could feel the momentum building again. Rocking against herself and her toy she screamed as juice poured from her pussy. She removed her fingers as she felt the wave ready to make her burst. Biting her lip, she rubbed her hand over the outside of her pussy, her body riding in  desperation as her pussy erupted.

She projected showers of squirty goodness across the bed and over herself. Dripping and continuing to rub her clit, she continued to soak herself like a waterfall. She could barely scream because of the enormity of the orgasm.

Lying in a puddle of her own goodness, she found herself still wanting rolling onto her knees. She found her vibrating dildo and after relubing, ground herself against the toy, increasing the continuous vibration. She penetrated it deeper inside her very open and wet deliciousness. She groaned, grinding herself harder against the vibrator.

She closed her eyes, grinding her teeth as she felt the orgasm build. It was almost too much to bear. She cried out as if in pain, grinding the vibrations against her clit, sliding herself hard against the vibrations. She screamed again ‘Oh F***k, arrghh’ as delicious, milky cum smothered her toy, collapsing flat on the bed. Leaving the toy vibrating against her, she struggled for breath, exhausted from her deeply delicious desires.

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