Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GAY MALE SEX STORIES LGBTQ  Paparazzi – A Gay Erotica Story

Paparazzi – A Gay Erotica Story

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GAY MALE SEX STORIES LGBTQ  Paparazzi – A Gay Erotica Story

Connor walked into the living room in black briefs and a sheer robe. He threw himself down on the ottoman and sighed dramatically.

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GAY MALE SEX STORIES LGBTQ  Paparazzi – A Gay Erotica Story

Lukas, seated snugly on the couch, glanced up from his laptop. His fingers flew over the keyboard as he reached out and nudged Connor’s calf with his foot. “What’s wrong with you?” he asked.

Connor rolled his eyes. “I don’t know. Maybe that you’re ignoring me.”

Lukas laughed. “I’m not ignoring you. I’m working.”

“I thought you were a photographer.”

“Is that why you’re dressed like that? You want me to get my camera?”

Connor sat up and glared at him. “Not everything I do is for your attention.”

Lukas grinned as he shut his laptop. “This is, though.” He exited the room, leaving Connor to stare after him. He could see him rummaging through his camera bag in the office, fiddling with lenses and filters. Lukas walked back with a camera hanging around his neck and said, “All right. Strike a pose.”

“Are you this bossy with all your models?”

“Far bossier.”

Connor smirked and then flinched when the flash went off.

“Gotta move, babe.”

Connor flipped him off. Another flash. He swung around to face Lukas and propped a leg up on the ottoman. He gave his best come-hither face and almost broke when Lukas laughed at him. He tilted his chin to the sky to show off his profile and let the robe slip down one alabaster shoulder.

“Sexier,” Lukas prompted, stepping forward.

Connor arched his back and let his hand float down his chest as the camera worked. Excitement thrummed through him as he thumbed the waistband of his briefs. He heard Lukas hum in approval, so he let his hand drop further, grabbing his crotch. Blood rushed downwards as he touched himself over the fabric and the camera clicked.

“You look so good, baby.” Lukas kneeled a few feet away, adjusting the camera’s zoom. Connor looked his way and he shook his head. “Don’t look at the camera. Focus on yourself.”

Connor groaned and slipped his hand inside his briefs. He gripped his shaft, moving slowly along the length as his arousal grew heated. He knew his cheeks must be flushed as he bit his lip and spread precome down his dick. He thought about seeing it played back later, the photos laid out in a row, displaying in stop-motion how quickly he lost control.

“Take it out,” Lukas whispered.

“We’re taking dick pics now?” But the joke fell flat on his tongue. The fabric felt confining, itchy, and Connor’s relief was palpable as he freed his cock. He moaned as he heard the click go off and gripped himself harder, wishing Lukas’ hands were on him instead. “Touch me.”

“You wanted the camera out.” Lukas’ voice shook and Connor took the small victory as he collapsed backwards. He saw Lukas stand to get the bird’s eye view as he continued to jerk off, heat building low in his gut as Lukas towered above him and the flash went off.


Lukas sighed, as if the whole thing inconvenienced him, and then dropped to straddle Connor’s thighs. Still clothed, he ground down on Connor’s hardened cock and Connor keened. He heard the click over his face – his vulnerability immortalized.

Lukas removed Connor’s hand from where it was wrapped around his dick and licked his fingers. “You taste so good, baby.” He took a picture of Connor’s palm, their fingers intertwined, before leaning down to kiss him. “You should do this for a living.”

Connor was sure Lukas intended to sit up again and take more pictures, so he didn’t give him the chance. He grasped the back of his neck and deepened the tentative, teasing kiss into something more. He bit Lukas’ bottom lip and then slipped in his tongue. As Lukas groaned, Connor threaded his fingers through his short hair and arched into his body.

Lukas pulled away after a minute, chuckling. “Trying to distract me from my job?”

“Thought I already was.” Connor tugged on the hem of Lukas’ shirt and started to pull it off. As he leaned up to do so, Lukas pushed his shoulder down and his shirt fell back into place. “Come on. I’m so hard for you.”

Lukas set the camera aside. “Thought you were hard for the paparazzi.”

Connor groaned, threw his head back, and when he was sure Lukas was off-guard, grabbed his hand off his shoulder and flipped him onto his back. He pinned both his hands and kissed him hard. “Shut up,” he whispered as he kissed his neck and collarbones. He pushed Lukas’ shirt up as he moved downwards; his fingers were ahead of his lips, tracing the curves of Lukas’ stomach and dipping to his belt buckle. He undid it in one quick movement, and pulled down his pants. He laved his tongue over Lukas’ boxers, sucking at his clothed, half-hard cock until Lukas moaned.

A camera flash followed. Connor angled his eyes upwards to see Lukas’ camera back in hand, pointed down at him as he sucked. Laughing to himself, Connor pulled down the boxers and wrapped his lips around the tip of Lukas’ cock. Click. He spread his tongue along the bottom of his dick as he sucked to the rhythm of the camera’s clicks. He rolled Lukas’ balls in one hand, earning a second moan, and trailed his other hand up his chest to pinch a nipple.

Lukas bucked up unexpectedly and Connor placed a hand on his hip, easing him back down. “Sorry,” he whispered. “You just look really good like that.” He caressed Connor’s face, feeling his own erection through his cheek. Click. His hand buried in Connor’s hair as he propped himself up on an elbow for a better shot. Click.

When Lukas felt hard in his mouth and Connor was done ignoring his own painful arousal, he stood up. He discarded his briefs and Lukas sat up to take pictures of his ass as he walked away. He disappeared into the bathroom, grabbed a tube of lube from the counter, and held it up as he came back. Lukas lowered the camera curiously.

“What now?”

“Now,” Connor said as he approached, spreading lube on his fingers, “your camera gets to see how good I look riding your cock.”

Lukas tried to laugh but the sound choked off as Connor pushed him back on the ottoman and straddled him. Connor pushed a finger into himself, breathing through the stretch, and added a second with impatience. The angle was bad for hitting his prostate but great for watching Lukas’ awed face as he opened himself up. Lukas grasped Connor’s thigh to steady him and Connor batted him off. “I thought you were working.”

“I can’t take a break to fuck my boyfriend?”

Connor shook his head with a frown. As he took Lukas’ cock in hand, he said, “I don’t think that’s what coffee breaks are… f-for.” He lined up his dick with his hole and sank down slowly, losing the end of his sentence to a sharp exhale and a quiet moan.


Connor placed a hand on Lukas’ chest as he lifted himself up and down. He bit his bottom lip, his eyes half-closed to protect against the flash, and let himself be filled. He got the angle right and hit his prostrate as he groaned, a sound that Lukas echoed as his camera went off time and again.

“You have no damn right,” Lukas whispered, “looking this beautiful right now.”

Connor chuckled as he lowered himself. He tightened his ass and heard Lukas whimper. His finger shuddered over the button and he missed whatever shot he’d meant to take. Connor licked his lips as he looked down at Lukas, lying flat against the ottoman, camera blocking his face as he took sharp breaths. His arms shook as he held the camera up, his hips surprisingly still.

“You look amazing too.” Overwhelmed with soft affection, Connor pried the camera from Lukas’ fingers. Lukas turned his face away from the lens, blushing desperately, a grin spreading across his face. Connor zoomed out, stopping as he lowered onto his cock, and took a picture. “Just beautiful.”

“Shut up.” Lukas raised a hand to cover his face.

Connor took another shot. “Why? You look good.”

“I’m not supposed to look good.” He grabbed for the camera. “It’s why I’m behind the camera.”

Connor leaned back dangerously, trusting his core strength to keep him upright as he took the next picture. Lukas reached out to catch his hip and the movement blurred the shot. He took his camera back, setting it aside as he sat up and wrapped his arms around Connor’s lower back. He kissed the crook of Connor’s neck, sucking on the pulse point. “Back to the task at hand, please.”

Connor sighed, slung his arms around Lukas’ neck, and raised himself up again. This time, as he lowered himself, Lukas thrust up to meet him. He whimpered at the pressure. His cock rubbed between their chests as he moved and Lukas met his lips with his own. As the kiss deepened, Connor’s movements became more erratic as he chased the heat building in his lower belly. Lukas shushed him, his thrusts harder each time.

“Come for me,” Lukas whispered.

Connor groaned, unsure if he could make it happen until Lukas wrapped one hand around his shaft. The touch alone sent him spiralling over the edge and, in the aftershocks, Lukas flipped him onto the ottoman and started to fuck him in earnest. Heat flooded every nerve as Lukas pounded into him, chasing his own orgasm until he came as well. Lukas exhaled heavily as he pulled out, pressing kisses across Connor’s cheeks.

As Lukas rolled to the side, Connor reached for the camera. He raised it over them and whispered, “Say cheese.”

“You don’t take selfies with a three-thousand-dollar camera.”

Connor kissed his cheek. “Smile.” When he felt Lukas’ cheeks bunch upwards, he took the shot.

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