Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part II

My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part II

Steve and Richard did keep coming up with ways to keep their harlot satisfied.

Richard took me to a clothing optional resort in Cancun for a swinger’s convention. I was shared around to so many different men and women that I lost count. While those resorts are normally a lifestyle choice where everybody participates, my behaviour even shocked them. I think that was the whole intention of Richard taking me to the clothes optional resort. I had no way to hide what I was. I thought it was a brilliant idea. It was thoroughly humiliating.

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife: Conclusion Part II

Richard introduced me as ‘Slut’. Nobody even knew my name. That was the way I was referred to by the other guests – ‘Slut’. I fucking loved it. Men would walk up to me and feel me up in front of the other guests without even asking, checking out my arse, pussy and tits. It was clear nothing was off limits. As swingers, their wives didn’t seem to mind. Some of them did the same to me. 

The word got around about me and I was in constant demand. There were often games around the pool. One was quoits, where you have to throw a quoit over a peg standing upright from a stand. To make the contest a bit juicier, and a bit more challenging, Richard offered me up to suck the cock of each player as they threw the quoits. This was all done in a pool area, packed with couples and staff. 

On one occasion we had all been doing shots and everybody was feeling a bit loose. At the request of one of the players I squatted over the quoits peg and lowered myself down until it was in my cunt. I then bobbed up and down while everybody cheered, allowing the peg to go deep inside me. The wet quoits peg certainly added to the game after that. 

When they played quoits, whoever won the game got to take me back to their room and fuck me. Fucking around the pool area was prohibited. I loved walking off naked, except for my stiletto’s, hand in hand with the man about to fuck me, in full display of everybody around the pool. They knew exactly what was going on. It made me feel like such a slut. I made sure we walked back hand in hand, just as we had left, with a big smile on my face, that just fucked look.

Blowjobs were not forbidden though. It was not unusual for a man to walk over to me while I was lying back on a pool lounge and request that I give him a blowjob. I always did so willingly, right there in the crowded pool area. I was a slut and they all knew it. I played up to it. 

When I was lying down sunbathing, I always had my legs spread, displaying my pussy and its piercings. Nobody else did it so brazenly. Richard loved applying sunscreen to my body with everybody watching. They knew he would finger me at the same time. Richard was very proud of having a sexy, much younger, slut on his arm. I think he was the envy of everybody.

While fucking around the pool was prohibited, there was no such prohibition at the evening events. I got fucked on the dance floor, over tables, and performed oral sex on men and women sitting around enjoying cocktails. I also discovered black cock. 

I couldn’t get enough of the black guys and they knew it. Their cocks were like nothing I had ever experienced in Australia. Sure, I had seen them while watching porn, but it’s not until you have one in your hand that you realise just how incredible they are. I sucked them and took them in my pussy with relish. They loved ganging me at events, so I would be sucking one while being fucked by another. I would often get dp’d, one in my cunt, one up my arse. Taking a big black cock up your arse is incredible. The guests loved watching. I loved doing it. When we got back to Australia Richard bought me two huge black dildos to remind me of those experiences. They always got me off.

Richard told me that a bunch of women wanted me to join them in a lesbian romp. How could I say no to that! What I didn’t know was that he had told them about my love of pissing games. I was their sex toy. I got fist fucked, had dildo’s up my cunt and arse, was forced to lick their arses, and each of them squatted over my face, made me lick them, and then pissed in my mouth. I loved licking their pussies clean after they had pissed in my mouth. There is something about the smell and taste of a woman that is just intoxicating. 

There was plenty of drinking going on during the session. I realised why in the end when they put me in the shower and gave me a piss bath. I was covered in it, from head to toe, six women having pissed all over me. There is something sexy about watching a woman piss. It always turned me on.  

On another occasion, back at home, Steve and I were sitting around talking about everything one night when he asked me if I had a special fantasy that had never been fulfilled, one that I sometimes thought about when having an orgasm. It was hard to believe that there was anything I had not experienced, but one immediately shot to mind. 

‘Sometimes, when I am being gangbanged, I fantasise about being taken by strangers in a strange place. It is always outdoors. Everything is silent. Nobody says a word. They just use me for their pleasure. I fantasise about being used and just left there afterwards with no thanks and with no goodbyes. It would be the ultimate in being used’. 

‘Leave it with me’, he said. A few weeks later Steve and Richard were fucking me in the dungeon when Steve whispered, ‘I’ve organised your fantasy slut, it will be tomorrow night’. I came as the words left his mouth. I didn’t know whether he could make that particular fantasy come true. He was going to.

‘Richard and I will be there watching in privacy so that nobody can see us. It will just be you and the strangers, nobody that has ever had you before. How does that sound’ he said? ‘It sounds fucking amazing’ I mumbled around Steve’s cock, still cumming heavily as Richard ploughed his cock into my arse on the fucking bench. Steve then came in my mouth.

The night came around and Steve told me to dress in my sexiest G-string, a push up bra and stilettos, with a black see through negligee over the top. I also wore a wig and eye mask to disguise my appearance. He didn’t want anybody to be able to recognise me later. He also wanted to ensure that I could not see anything. He thought that made it seem all the naughtier and sexier. I wore my slut collar too. 

We drove for about 30 minutes before he pulled up the car. I could hear the gravel under the tyres on the last part of the trip. We were obviously off-road somewhere. He and Richard were in the front and I was in the back, being transported like some sort of merchandise. I had a few glasses of wine before we left for Dutch courage. While this was a fantasy I often had, it was a bit scary. I didn’t know where it would take place, how many men there would be, who they were, how they knew where to find me, or what they would do with me. Whilst I was very nervous, I was also very wet by the time we got there. My ultimate fantasy was about to be fulfilled.

Steve and Richard led me by the hand in the warm night air. There was not a sound, nothing, just an eerie silence. I couldn’t detect any door being opened so it was outside as per my fantasy. All I was told later was that I was in a smallish enclosure surrounded by trees somewhere. They sat me down on what seemed like a bench and Steve said, ‘enjoy sweetheart’.

I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, getting wetter and wetter, the anticipation driving me mad with desire. I wanted strangers to use me. What a slut! Eventually I heard a rustling sound coming from my right. I then heard footsteps. My heart was beating fast. The anticipation, and not knowing, was working a treat. I don’t remember being more turned on in my life. 

A hand touched my shoulder. It then went down to my breast. I felt the negligee being opened. I heard more footsteps. They seemed to be coming from every direction now. How many of them were there? A hand touched my breast to find a very erect nipple. My bra was pulled down below my breasts. Hands were all over me, massaging my exposed breasts, squeezing my nipples. A hand took my hand and next thing I knew I was holding a cock. I ran my hand along it. I wanted it. The same thing happened with my other hand. My neck was being kissed. My breasts were now being sucked. I was being devoured.

The negligee was removed and so was my bra. Hands went to my inner thighs and parted my legs. I felt my G-string being pulled to one side, exposing my vagina, my wet vagina. Fingers ran along my slit, then slowly and gently entered me. I spread my legs as wide as I could to take the invasion. I felt multiple hands working on my pussy. I was moaning in ecstasy. Still not a word was spoken. 

My head was turned to one side and I felt the head of a penis at my lips. I opened my mouth to take it. This was really happening. As I took the cock into my mouth, I had an orgasm, the first of many for the night. The thrill of the situation, the ministrations to my clitoris, the mouths on my nipples, the stranger’s cock in my mouth. It all pushed me over the edge.

I had multiple cocks using my mouth, as they turned my head from side to side to take them. I had tongues exploring my pussy. A cock came in my mouth. I had orgasm number 2. This was my absolute fantasy come true. More cocks came in my mouth as I sucked them. With no vision the taste of semen seemed almost divine. I devoured it all. Tongues kept working on my vagina.

I was then lifted from the bench. My G-string was removed. I was placed on all fours. I was about to be fucked. How I needed a cock inside me. How I needed to be filled with the cum of strangers. I felt it, at my vaginal entrance. It pushed forward; it was inside me. I was having my first stranger fuck for the night. It pumped vigorously in and out. It felt huge. It felt fucking awesome as it pierced me deeply. I could feel it in my womb. This man was opening me up for the cocks that would follow. I orgasmed again, with the cock deep inside me. I felt it fill my womb. The feeling was indescribable.

I had a cock then thrust into my mouth. I took it with relish. My arse was spanked. There were several hands doing it. I felt a whip across my back. My nipples were being squeezed. It was absolute heaven for a submissive slut like me. They made me their submissive plaything.

For the next hour or so I was fucked by more cocks than I could count, all in my pussy. My cunt was filled with copious quantities of stranger’s semen. At no stage was my mouth ever not being used, cock after cock spewing its load into my hungry throat. The spanking and whipping continued. I felt like a total whore. My fantasies had always revolved around being used. That is exactly what they were doing, using me for their pleasure. I was a whore at their total mercy.

I lost count of the number of orgasms I had. It was the most thrilling experience of my life. The best part, in my perverted mind, was when I heard clothes being put on and then footsteps walking away, leaving me there like a well-fucked whore without a word of acknowledgement. I was nothing to them other than the object of an arranged gangbang. I had no name, no voice, no identity. I was just a slut to be used as they pleased. That is what turned me on the most.

I stayed in position on all fours. I don’t know exactly why, but I just had a feeling that the night wasn’t over. I hoped it wasn’t over. I wanted to be used by more strangers. I wanted to let the slut in me run totally wild. This might never happen again. I stayed there for what seemed like a very long time. It was probably only about five minutes. I was panting with desire.

I then heard footsteps again. Maybe they were coming back for more. I wanted more; I wanted more cock. I was insatiable. I didn’t want the night to end. I wanted it to go on forever.

Sure enough, it all started again, multiple cocks fucking my cunt and multiple cocks fucking my mouth. I orgasmed quickly when the assault on my body recommenced. The thought of being left there for another group was exhilarating. This was the ultimate used-slut fantasy. Where did these men come from, what did they look like, how did Steve find them, what must they think of me? All these questions went through my head as I was used by the strangers. 

They had their way with me for what must have been another hour or so. I kept orgasming. The thought of the whole thing, of a second group of strangers’ coming to use me, sent me over the edge. It was so exciting. It was so deliciously humiliating.

Then without warning there were no cocks using me. I was still in position, but my holes were empty. Sperm gushed from me onto the ground. After I had finished emitting all the sperm I could from my open, wet cunt I heard movement and footsteps and then nothing. The second group were done with me. They just left me there as the first group had. How I loved that.

I stayed in position. Just in case there was another group I didn’t want to spoil things by getting up and putting my clothes back on. I wasn’t sure how I would find my clothes anyway as I had been instructed to leave the mask on for the entire evening. So, I waited, waited for whatever might happen next. I didn’t care. I was floating, having an almost out of body experience. This was the ultimate turn-on.

A noise, a rustling of feet through the grass. There was definitely more than one set of feet. I was about to be used gain. I wanted to be used again. There was no stopping me tonight. There was absolutely no resistance to whatever may still be in store. 

The footsteps got closer. They stopped. I heard a zip being pulled down. My fantasy was not done with yet. 

I then felt a cock at my arsehole. Thank god, I wanted to be fucked up the arse like a dirty slut. I had never felt dirtier. I needed a cock up my slut arse. Again, not a word, the cock just had its way with me before exploding inside me. I sucked another cock as my arse was used.

Another cock replaced the one that had just cum in my slut of an arse. It felt heavenly. I really loved anal sex. It made me feel dirtier and sluttier. It pounded away, plunging deep inside me. I felt the balls slapping against me. It exploded too. Another load in my arse. I had another orgasm.

I again heard footsteps walking away. I was left there with an arse full of semen. I didn’t move. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I was out of control. I don’t know how many men had used me, but it had to be in the 20’s all up. Talk about fulfilling a fantasy. Steve had organised it perfectly. I stayed in that position. I knew that Steve and Richard would be getting off on me just staying there, a slut in waiting, a slut in her rightful position, on all fours. I know I was.

I then heard footsteps again. ‘More cock, more stranger cock’, I thought. Then a voice – ‘well how was that my darling, did that fulfil your filthy fantasy’? It was Steve. ‘OMG, you have no idea’ was all I could say. It was over. I was disappointed in one way, but in another I was glad to have survived what could have been a very risky situation. I had put my body there to be used by complete strangers, and who knows what they could have done to me. They could have easily overpowered Richard and Steve if things got out of hand. I felt a warm feeling of contentment go through me at that point.

‘You looked so inviting with your legs spread and arse pointing upwards that Richard and I couldn’t help taking advantage of you too’ said Steve. It had been Richard and Steve who had fucked me up the arse in the end. What an appropriate ending to the realisation of a long-held fantasy.

I never did find out who the men were and how many of them there were. I never found out how Steve organised it. I only knew that Steve had never met the men before the gangbang, and that none of them had ever fucked me before. I also never found out where it all took place. My mask was not removed until we got home.

So, there you have it, the life of a well-used wife. I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey, my journey into total degradation, from a wife, and PA to a Law Firm CEO, to cheap slut and whore who spends most of her time being whipped or fucked in a dungeon. Richard, Steve and I had the life we all wanted. 

Forthwith, when I was at home, I spent many nights sleeping in the cage, always naked, often restrained by chains. It was a bit uncomfortable, but highly arousing. I was nothing more than a sex slave that they could release from the cage and do what they wanted with, anytime they wanted to. My desires were totally fulfilled.

The End! 

Slut Wife Lisa xx

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